Tim Legler reacts to Bucks loss to Raptors Game 4; Series tied 2-2

  • Published: 22 May 2019
  • Tim Legler reacts to Bucks loss to Raptors Game 4; Series tied 2-2
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  • Thomas Curtis
    Thomas Curtis  5 months back

    I sow this coming😂👏👏👏... I was disappointed at how ESPN wrote off the Raptors... These guys are fighters and won with a limping kawhi... when Stephen.A was talking his rubbish I was like... I can't wait for Raptors to prove him wrong... it's sad Kawhi is injured otherwise I would have taken them to win the series

    • mike Ion
      mike Ion  5 months back

      Bucks stole game 1, raps could been up 3-1, but ESPN doesn't bother to mention. All they mention is Raptors got lucky in game 3.

  • M M
    M M  5 months back

    Raptors made bucks look like ass tonight

    • ExNoobzy
      ExNoobzy  5 months back

      Thats why u dont criticized someone or team when the series is not over .

      • Michael McAlister
        Michael McAlister  5 months back

        Game 5 is gonna be epic

        • Animex Reaper
          Animex Reaper  5 months back

          Who shot ya - HBD Big

          • Warda Turalba
            Warda Turalba  5 months back

            OK kawhi pingers large

            • cche16
              cche16  5 months back

              raps should be up 3-2. need to steal one in milwaukee.

            • Jarvis Manning
              Jarvis Manning  5 months back

              Stu Scott would be proud of that man with the Biggie Small's references.

              • Doppelganger399
                Doppelganger399  5 months back

                Rap fan here, does anyone want Drake?Maybe the next Laker president? Canada will pay for the plane ticket Jeanie, call the Prime Minster to arrange it.

                • Bernard Delos Santos
                  Bernard Delos Santos  5 months back

                  drake is the curse of the raps. look everytime he trolls and mocks opponents of raps, raps gets the karma for him

                • Hand down manDown
                  Hand down manDown  5 months back

                  nah drake is the man

                • cche16
                  cche16  5 months back

                  shut up dummy. don't speak for us. i'd offer you but no one wants you.

                • mengyue ZHAO
                  mengyue ZHAO  5 months back

                  We love drake

                • Herro Stfu
                  Herro Stfu  5 months back

                  Kapables fuck drake