Stupid Things People Put in Cars

  • Published: 21 May 2019
  • Stupid Things People Put in Cars, DIY and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Stupid people doing stupid things to cars. Stupid car designs to stay away from. Dumb car mods that manufacturers are putting on to increase gas mileage. Why modern technology like stop/start in car engines and cylinder deactivation will cause early car failure. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer   5 months back

    Hey I’m trying out this new video segment which would be every afternoon since I have a lot of questions leftover from the live streams. But I don’t have the time to add pictures for three videos a day, so let me know how you feel about an afternoon video every day but without pictures like the other videos, thanks for the support!

    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:
    1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:
    2. Cheap Scan Tool:
    3. Basic Mechanic Tool Set:
    4. Professional Socket Set:
    5. Ratcheting Wrench Set:
    6. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter:
    7. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter:

    ⬇️ Things used in this video:
    1. Common Sense
    2. 4k Camera:
    3. Camera Microphone:
    4. Camera Tripod:
    5. My computer for editing / uploading:

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    • John Sluder
      John Sluder  4 months back

      This is all common sense if you grew up not brainwashed

    • Jonathan Suhy
      Jonathan Suhy  5 months back

      @Enchantress S13 for sure, the s-chassis is a way better platform than the Subaru based GT86 because its cheap as hell to fix and is a tiny bit longer, resulting in you spinning out less, also the engines frkm the s1e and s14 are plug and play basically, you can swap an SR20DET from an S14 Kouki into a KA24 S13 Hatch with little to no hassle, the GT86 is still a new car compared to the S-chassis cars so the aftermarket for a GT86 isnt nearly as big as the aftermarket for an S13

    • Mr Fantastic92
      Mr Fantastic92  5 months back

      Anybody can answer. What's the best/most reliable suv and why?

    • James F
      James F  5 months back

      Enchantress the Nissan

    • Pat D
      Pat D  5 months back

      Love the pics but love the info more!

  • jgarrison1309
    jgarrison1309  2 months back

    Check out 3:05 ... this is what Scotty would look like scolding you if he was your dad and you were on a date and you were out too late with his car.

    • Nick Alberici
      Nick Alberici  3 months back

      Scotty serious question, I've heard that before that most wear comes from start up, but isnt that just cold start ups and warm up cycle? My thinking is when the starter engages its just like revving up the engine to 1200-ish rpm, if anything it probably wears out the starter faster, and maybe even the teeth a little but, just a little. Side note, give GM/Buick alittle more credit, I cant drive more than 5 miles without seeing a buick century/ lesebre, those things run forever, with dented bumpers and peeling paint, they are incredible reliable. (other than the L36 plastic intake XD). I love your videos though, keep it up!

      • Car and Truck Kid
        Car and Truck Kid  3 months back

        Ohh it's the things we didn't have in our old F-250 and F-150

        • PhazonXL Productions
          PhazonXL Productions  4 months back

          That start/stop thing is stupid. People think it's like a hybrid car. It's not even close to the same mechanism.

          • rubies200
            rubies200  4 months back

            How can you tell if the odometer has been tampered with, in a 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis?

            • NWdude
              NWdude  4 months back

              The 2.7 I4 in the Tacoma is one of the best engines Toyota ever made.

              • NWdude
                NWdude  4 months back

                Scotty: rev up your engines!
                Me: don't tell me how to live my life.

                • Shock Foxx
                  Shock Foxx  5 months back

                  I can attest to the v6 tacoma being expensive. Mine was 9500 for an 04 tacoma off road.

                  • buster bloodvessel
                    buster bloodvessel  5 months back

                    Here ,what's wrong with push button start,got one in my Honda,better than turning a friggin key,

                    • salvationship
                      salvationship  5 months back

                      Alien cat pillows are TIGHT

                      • David Houlden
                        David Houlden  5 months back

                        Don't forget how much the batteries and starter motors cost on STOP START double!

                        • Chas Stack
                          Chas Stack  5 months back

                          I heard a car shut off at a light and my first thought was that has to be bad for the starter

                          • dindog22
                            dindog22  5 months back

                            why do NASCAR drivers turn the engine off and on to save fuel during the caution laps?

                            • Jim F
                              Jim F  5 months back

                              Could have something to do with the army of mechanics on hand awaiting any problem, wrenches at the ready. Gas in a race is precious. Wear and tear, not so much.

                          • Dennis Kirk
                            Dennis Kirk  5 months back

                            Rev Up Your CAFE Regulations!

                            • Kayvon Khorsh
                              Kayvon Khorsh  5 months back

                              I fuckin love you Scotty you’re the man

                              • toonmag50
                                toonmag50  5 months back

                                The second most stupid thing in the UK and Europe is putting diesel into a petrol engine and vice versa.
                                The stupidest thing is simply driving in an overpopulated dense build European city.
                                Get a train.

                                • joseph martinez
                                  joseph martinez  5 months back

                                  trying to imitate electric car, but will never work in a internal combustion engine car.

                                  • MotorcycleFairies
                                    MotorcycleFairies  5 months back

                                    Hey Scotty - Yes I prefered the little pictures - ok they were a bit corny sometimes but were part of the Scotty-Charm.. Keep it up Chummy!

                                    • Fancy Potato9
                                      Fancy Potato9  5 months back

                                      Why would anyone dislike this video? He’s trying to HELP you.

                                      • Aldo Felipe
                                        Aldo Felipe  5 months back

                                        Hyundai or Vw...? I know Toyota.

                                        • Mark C
                                          Mark C  5 months back

                                          No! Bad Scotty! No Powerstrokes! Powerstrokes are of the devil! And new ford trucks are a pain to work on.....

                                          • Todd m
                                            Todd m  5 months back

                                            I have a 12 tacoma 2.7 4x4 with a 115,000 miles n tow about 2500 routinely and it has zero issues. It is a slow truck empty, i will def admit it only get slower, but it handles it just fine n its the perfect truck for me. I chnage the oil every 5000k n i use mobile one full syn high mileage n either k & n filter or mobile one filter but always k & n filter in the winter. Any ither filter in the winter n i notice is knocks hard (toyota knock if u will) in the morning on cold days here in pa while the oil is warming up but doesnt at all with a k&n oil filter so it worth it to me.

                                            • Jeremy Acevedo
                                              Jeremy Acevedo  5 months back

                                              -Sees thumbnail...
                                              - goes to eBay and cancels order

                                              • Lawrence Fearon
                                                Lawrence Fearon  5 months back

                                                Auto-start stop, automatic-brake hold and automatic cylinder deactivation kept many buyers out of modern cars. Just a control thing we gotta have.

                                                • Tanny N
                                                  Tanny N  5 months back

                                                  Pictures are fun, but for an extra video, no problem not having them. Making YT videos is a lot of work and harder than it looks. Appreciate all your efforts. 👍💪

                                                  • Team Jesus
                                                    Team Jesus  5 months back

                                                    No pictures are necessary. Your hand and arm movements are entertaining enough. I love your videos.

                                                    • ebox008
                                                      ebox008  5 months back

                                                      Let's rip people off!!!! With miracle gas saving carsss!!!. 😉 If you really want to save gas just walk.... 😂

                                                      • Steve Zander
                                                        Steve Zander  5 months back

                                                        Hey Scotty I see quite a few performance cars with cambered out rear wheels for better handling.I cant help but think the inside of the tire will wear out faster. (Like a lot) Do these people realize what they are doing? Or are they buying tires with extremely soft sidewalls?

                                                        • starlitopensky1
                                                          starlitopensky1  5 months back

                                                          People should not buy anything vehicles that are not what they want. I don't want these technologies.

                                                          • starlitopensky1
                                                            starlitopensky1  5 months back

                                                            The cost of repairs for parts that increase mpg are probably much more than just having lower mpg.

                                                            • Hobo Hacker
                                                              Hobo Hacker  5 months back

                                                              The stupidest thing to put in a car is Scotty Shillmer.

                                                              • Craig Jones
                                                                Craig Jones  5 months back

                                                                Man do you like Fords cause I never hear you say anything about their piece of stuff

                                                                • Barry Ervin
                                                                  Barry Ervin  5 months back

                                                                  Chrysler claims their cylinder deactivation reduces fuel consumption by 4%. Based on a typical mileage of 25 mpg for a car of that type, that means a 1 mpg improvement. Does anybody really think all that complexity is worth 1 mpg? It's all for Chrysler' benefit (raising their corporate average mpg), not for the customer who's paying for it.

                                                                  • SoulAwakened
                                                                    SoulAwakened  5 months back

                                                                    I hate custom number plates. They are tacky, douchey and a completely waste of money. In addition, nine times out of ten, they are much easier to memorise for random weirdos as well as the cops unlike the randomly generated generic ones.

                                                                    • WARLORD op
                                                                      WARLORD op  5 months back

                                                                      I like the start/stop. Rather keep
                                                                      My whip clean then have all those scratch marks around the key hole. It’s also easier and much more relaxing.

                                                                      • michael hernandez
                                                                        michael hernandez  5 months back


                                                                        • Daron Quinones
                                                                          Daron Quinones  5 months back

                                                                          Scotty what is your take on oil separators that attach to pcv?

                                                                          • Bobby Ling
                                                                            Bobby Ling  5 months back

                                                                            stop start the worst feature of a modern car

                                                                            • Red DragonX87
                                                                              Red DragonX87  5 months back

                                                                              Scotty Kilmer I have a 91 Honda Civic hatchback and every time i try starting it up it takes a while to turn on any opinion what could it be?

                                                                              • Adrian Jose Sobremonte
                                                                                Adrian Jose Sobremonte  5 months back

                                                                                The cat pillow at the back looks so 😎 cool 😂.

                                                                                • u666sa
                                                                                  u666sa  5 months back

                                                                                  Hey Scotty, in 90s Russia during fuel shortage crisis, people used start and stop feature in their cars. They'd turn off the key when stuck in traffic, and turn it back on when it's time to go. ))

                                                                                  • Roger Gustafsson
                                                                                    Roger Gustafsson  5 months back

                                                                                    Have a Volkswagen at work with start stop and ultra (supposedly) low friction eco engine. They ALL take oil! The worst are at around a litre/1000km. Still VW claims it's normal fuel consumption. I wonder how burning motor oil can be ecological...

                                                                                    • chief tp
                                                                                      chief tp  5 months back

                                                                                      I've seen vehicles with that auto start/stop crap pull up to the street to exit a parking lot. the car shut off and started back up again a half second later when they exited the lot. this is hideously stupid. mean while, a dozen cop cars sit in construction zones and idle OUR cars 24/7.

                                                                                      • Muhammad Sajid Luqman
                                                                                        Muhammad Sajid Luqman  5 months back

                                                                                        Hey Scotty How are you. I have Daihatsu Mira Cocoa 2014, It has an idle engine RPM around 1700 when I start the engine and after some time it settle down to 1200 which is high from normal. What could be the problem?

                                                                                        • Allabout TheWoodrows
                                                                                          Allabout TheWoodrows  5 months back

                                                                                          Scotty I have a 1980 corvette I want to wire the ignition for push to start but I don’t want extra switches for pumps ect how can I go about this without buying another column

                                                                                          • Matt Olsack
                                                                                            Matt Olsack  5 months back

                                                                                            Those Buick Centurys had the 3100 v6, not the greatest engine. It had those plastic intake manifold gaskets that got eaten away by that dexkill coolant gm sells. Was my first car, ended up selling it and bought an f150 after 6 months of driving it.