• Published: 09 June 2019
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Comments • 28 744

  • Charlie Lintott
    Charlie Lintott  5 minutes back

    17:46 JJ got roasted

    • Jack turner
      Jack turner  53 minutes back

      Hang on how did vik age two years from the first one to the second?

      • Kackja Aka. Mama
        Kackja Aka. Mama  1 hours back


        • Jesse Theunissen
          Jesse Theunissen  1 hours back

          Ethan and Charlotte could be a really cute couple

          • Emil
            Emil  2 hours back

            "go fck yourself" 18:00

            • Re Ksa
              Re Ksa  2 hours back


              • Magma Fang
                Magma Fang  3 hours back

                My house takes up the hole street . How short the street

                • Phantom
                  Phantom  3 hours back


                  • NaLLe
                    NaLLe  3 hours back

                    Wait aren’t Simon the real one from inbetweeners

                    • Master Cheif
                      Master Cheif  4 hours back

                      The 2nd girl chose all the bbc

                      • Dawit Alemu Berhanu
                        Dawit Alemu Berhanu  4 hours back

                        18:34 savage level 💯%

                        • Darren Tupman
                          Darren Tupman  4 hours back

                          Seeing people think ksi is pretending to be rich just annoys me they missing out 😂

                          • Baraa Elniz
                            Baraa Elniz  4 hours back

                            And 18:02

                            • Reece Stevens
                              Reece Stevens  4 hours back

                              Best vid they post in ages

                              • ok
                                ok  4 hours back

                                Okay, that's the Bulgarian flag

                                • Baraa Elniz
                                  Baraa Elniz  4 hours back

                                  4:12 tho XD

                                  • Ibrahim Sheikh
                                    Ibrahim Sheikh  5 hours back

                                    No one: ...

                                    Absolutely Nobody: ...

                                    Random Girl: I’M fRoM HErTFoRdSHiReeeee

                                    • Chip M
                                      Chip M  5 hours back

                                      Well, I think they can consider this a banger. 15 mil views daaaamnnnn 🔝🔝

                                      • BCWC
                                        BCWC  5 hours back

                                        Just me or do they look similar 15:34

                                        • CrySys Beast
                                          CrySys Beast  5 hours back

                                          Vikk's age goes down in the vid lol... 25, 24, 23

                                          • John M
                                            John M  5 hours back

                                            Did anyone notice the first persons shoes is it me or are they very small

                                            • Dat419 boi
                                              Dat419 boi  5 hours back

                                              so lemme get this straight, the hottest ring girl from the weller fight messaged him, and he didn't reply......

                                              • 77 Under Pro
                                                77 Under Pro  5 hours back

                                                Vik said 23 then 25 wtf

                                                • Sam Wensley
                                                  Sam Wensley  6 hours back

                                                  caecilius est in horto means caesiius is in the garden

                                                  • Whiterun Guard
                                                    Whiterun Guard  6 hours back

                                                    Anyone got Hazels @?

                                                    • Elinam Kudiabor
                                                      Elinam Kudiabor  6 hours back

                                                      KSI is so conceited 🙄🙄

                                                      • XxxZyncXxxTM
                                                        XxxZyncXxxTM  6 hours back

                                                        What did Ethan show on his phone

                                                        • Gerry Gold
                                                          Gerry Gold  6 hours back

                                                          Lucky they're rich

                                                          • Drax The destroyer
                                                            Drax The destroyer  6 hours back

                                                            13:50 wtf

                                                            • NicksCool
                                                              NicksCool  6 hours back

                                                              Whats the versace shirt jj is wearing

                                                              • xd BestBeast
                                                                xd BestBeast  7 hours back

                                                                Part 2 pls

                                                                • omg
                                                                  omg  7 hours back

                                                                  hey? i thought ksi left? i don’t understand

                                                                  • Fabinho ,
                                                                    Fabinho ,  7 hours back

                                                                    Is it just me or does Charlie in this video look like the Guy in FIFA the Journey ???

                                                                    • Gentonic _
                                                                      Gentonic _  8 hours back

                                                                      This is how many times ksi said I am rich.

                                                                      • k-nan stephens
                                                                        k-nan stephens  8 hours back

                                                                        Hi my name’s Harry cause my balls are😂

                                                                        • Campo
                                                                          Campo  8 hours back

                                                                          OMG that video was class

                                                                          • Anirudh Bhat
                                                                            Anirudh Bhat  8 hours back

                                                                            Damn the girl at 11:15 is the ring girl in Joe vs KSI fight.....wwwooooo savage🔥🔥🔥🔥

                                                                            • Serena Casaus
                                                                              Serena Casaus  8 hours back

                                                                              Bro when they brought out the dude I died 😂💀

                                                                              • Eoin Coffey
                                                                                Eoin Coffey  8 hours back

                                                                                What was she talking about at 27:49

                                                                                • Jasiel Alvarez
                                                                                  Jasiel Alvarez  9 hours back

                                                                                  Stop vikk abused 12:06 "your to short"

                                                                                  • Sandra Pohleven Ticic
                                                                                    Sandra Pohleven Ticic  9 hours back

                                                                                    This is the time jj realy has to shredd again

                                                                                    • King Brent_0
                                                                                      King Brent_0  10 hours back

                                                                                      More of this

                                                                                      • Mark Amanya
                                                                                        Mark Amanya  10 hours back

                                                                                        look at tobi at 11;25

                                                                                        • Sophia Grange
                                                                                          Sophia Grange  10 hours back

                                                                                          Vik looks like the guy from 5 feet apart that dies

                                                                                          • Sophia Grange
                                                                                            Sophia Grange  10 hours back

                                                                                            I woulda swiped right for Harry and Simon

                                                                                            • Homewrecker7100 Gamings
                                                                                              Homewrecker7100 Gamings  11 hours back

                                                                                              I love how Ethan got picked out once and that was by the guy

                                                                                              • MaxLiam Logar
                                                                                                MaxLiam Logar  11 hours back

                                                                                                Please part 2

                                                                                                • Kareem Abumaizer
                                                                                                  Kareem Abumaizer  11 hours back

                                                                                                  So like are they not gonna share any of these chick’s instagrams?