Toronto Raptors had Kawhi Leonard’s back in Game 4 – Kyle Lowry | 2019 NBA Playoffs

  • Published: 22 May 2019
  • Kyle Lowry addresses the media after the Toronto Raptors even the series at 2-2 with a balanced attack in a 120-102 victory. Lowry talks about the Raptors playing for Kawhi Leonard, who was battling an injury in Game 4 and wasn’t at 100%. He also discusses taking care of home court and what the Raptors need to do in Game 5 in Milwaukee.

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Comments • 88

  • manguy2000
    manguy2000  5 months back

    There are two KLs on this team. Both are equally important to its success. One is the head of the team the other is the heart.

    • Jay Senathi
      Jay Senathi  5 months back

      I love that his hat's shade is covering his eyes. He looks like a villain.

      • Snicky G
        Snicky G  5 months back

        Why is this such a big deal when Kawhi has carried the entire season?!

        • cute dog
          cute dog  5 months back

          Good job Lowry, you're doing very well this series.

          • Veer Chasm
            Veer Chasm  5 months back

            As long as you fu*** keep talking about Kawhi and the Raptors as separate entities you can kiss his ass goodbye after the season is over. They win as a team or lose as a team

            • Joseph Moore
              Joseph Moore  5 months back

              i cringe everytime i hear eric koreen talk🤮🤮🤮🤮

              • Chairofthebored
                Chairofthebored  5 months back

                "Hey Kawhi, it's the bench, can you hear me?"

                "..Bench mob?"

                "On your left."

                • Chairofthebored
                  Chairofthebored  5 months back


                • Famossambo
                  Famossambo  5 months back

                  Someone’s gotta make a clip of that

              • Gustavo Garcia
                Gustavo Garcia  5 months back

                DeMar punching air lol

                • Matt R
                  Matt R  5 months back

                  I guarantee you anyone who slanders this man has never actually watched Raptors games consistently. They are just box score junkies who base their opinions purely off stats. There's a reason why he constantly is leading our team in +/-, even when he has a bad shooting game. Y'all base shooting efficiency and points scored as the only determining factor as to whether he plays well, but refuse to acknowledge the pestering defense, unmatched hustle and his outstanding ability as a floor general. This guy is the toughest point guard in the NBA.

                  • Matt R
                    Matt R  5 months back

                    ERIC L not really. Drays only care in the world is winning basketball games. I’d take that on my team any day of the week.

                  • ERIC L
                    ERIC L  5 months back

                    You want Kyle Lowry to be Kyle Lowry and not Draymond Green. He shows up as Draymond Green one too many nights. You get what I am saying?

                • Ajayan Thirulingam Arunasalam

                  This is what we needed keep it up !!!!

                  • Ibrahim Mokero
                    Ibrahim Mokero  5 months back

                    @TrustNotMyHeart bro you said "extend, extend, fight, fight" on that poll asking who was winning game 4. Bro it'll mean everything for either team if they make it to the Finals seeing how both teams haven't done that in their franchise history. GSW will likely win the Finals but what can you do? Its stacked in their favor.

                    • Willie Luv_ 267
                      Willie Luv_ 267  5 months back

                      Baby dinosaurs won't win bucks in 6 for sure!!!!

                      • Michael c
                        Michael c  5 months back

                        Jesse Swarbrick lol yeah true

                      • Jesse Swarbrick
                        Jesse Swarbrick  5 months back

                        Yesterday you were probably saying bucks 5....before that bucks in 4....If they win game 5, you will say bucks in 7 lol

                    • Agent365
                      Agent365  5 months back

                      Kyle Lowry is someone who I'd go to battle with any day. Love this guy. He's all heart and hustle.

                      • miopera40
                        miopera40  5 months back

                        He is been showing top 3 point guard caliber in the playoffs while lot of the big names on networks mouth CHOKE

                    • j d p hl
                      j d p hl  5 months back

                      There is one difference between Rebron and kawhi.
                      Both are good players but one player said im leader you guys should follow me but the other one said nothing and teammates said we have to help him

                      • Flvmo music
                        Flvmo music  5 months back

                        믿는사람jpd saying that one line is what made him the best player in the game for the last decade.

                    • Diviñe Beaüty
                      Diviñe Beaüty  5 months back

                      Just don't let them win on y'all home court. Fight like y'all want it🙅

                      • Edward Yamada
                        Edward Yamada  5 months back

                        Funny how Kawhi plays hard and well while injured with Toronto but he wouldn’t play with a sore quad with the Spurs.

                        • ERIC L
                          ERIC L  5 months back

                          because he wanted to show the Spurs that "if you give me what I ask for I will give you 110% effort."

                        • scott
                          scott  5 months back

                          @Sins Kawhi doesn't have instagram dummy

                        • Kapables
                          Kapables  5 months back

                          Edward Yamada like Ali said , “suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion “

                        • Kapables
                          Kapables  5 months back

                          Edward Yamada different situations , he clearly wanted out of the Spurs now he has a new team and they’re in the ECF , what you work for all year is literally right in front of you why would anybody quit

                        • Flvmo music
                          Flvmo music  5 months back

                          Why stay with a team you don’t like? Money ain’t everything bro.

                      • 1010 10
                        1010 10  5 months back

                        I'm a Kyle hater but if he plays like this Raps will win this. Kyle and Kawhi have a good relationship they are both banged up but hopefully they can gut one out in Milwaukee

                      • Gene Gu
                        Gene Gu  5 months back

                        Great series! However sadly whoever wins it's gonna be warriors in 5 in the finals

                        • Me ImCalm
                          Me ImCalm  5 months back

                          It's about time cos kawhi been backing up the whole team this whole series! He can't do it alone!

                          • francescogeo
                            francescogeo  5 months back

                            Do you IMAGINE D Rose together with Kyle...just imagine:)

                            • Stilez
                              Stilez  5 months back

                              Y'all better put some respect on Lowry's name.
                              Stop this BS narrative that he chokes in the playoffs. He has 1 or 2 bad games & y'all act like he's standing around doing nothing. There's a reason why he's a 5x Allstar & coaches love him, cause He's the biggest hustler on the court.

                              • Drew Filson
                                Drew Filson  5 months back

                                The Lakers clearly respect Lowry if they're interested in acquiring him.

                              • DefoliateSpy0
                                DefoliateSpy0  5 months back

                                K .Aranui wtf are you smoking. Idk what playoffs you’ve been watching.

                              • K .Aranui
                                K .Aranui  5 months back

                                Lowry has had like 10 or 11 bad games in the playoffs in his career

                                He’s average and mediocre asf in the playoffs
                                There’s almost a 50/50 chance he comes out and gives you a pathetic performance or an average performance

                              • EasyMoney Sniper
                                EasyMoney Sniper  5 months back

                                How about Bledsoe? He is more of a choker

                            • A K
                              A K  5 months back

                              Kyle's demeanor is way different since playing with Kawhi & not in a positive way . Especially being a captain.

                              • ERIC L
                                ERIC L  5 months back

                                it's call maturing, I hated it when him and DeRozan used to laugh and joke around every time they have a big win. Now he keeps the same composure whether they win or lose.

                              • Andreas Tsangaris
                                Andreas Tsangaris  5 months back

                                Whatless post

                              • MrReality Chec
                                MrReality Chec  5 months back

                                It’s not in a positive way? They trying to win, he said they could do better everyone getting excited he focus he wants his team to focus. It’s good sportsmanship

                              • Ike's Lions Den
                                Ike's Lions Den  5 months back

                                Its about winning

                            • Alex Smith
                              Alex Smith  5 months back

                              The raptors can actually win this series.. WOW.. The winner of this series might not have enough left in the tank to compete with the warriors.

                              • Ezra Przytyk
                                Ezra Przytyk  5 months back

                                @Alex Smith not after last night.

                              • Alex Smith
                                Alex Smith  5 months back

                                @Ivan Klimenko i guess leonard's significant leg injury isnt a concern.

                              • Ivan Klimenko
                                Ivan Klimenko  5 months back

                                if the raptors get past the bucks its over for the warriors

                              • Julius Pareja
                                Julius Pareja  5 months back

                                are you sure??

                              • Young Legend
                                Young Legend  5 months back

                                They weren’t winning anyway😂😂😂

                            • Justin Liu
                              Justin Liu  5 months back

                              Yall slander this man way too much

                              • cute dog
                                cute dog  5 months back

                                Nope, he deserves the hate when he plays like crap but also deserves the praise when he plays good.

                            • DeMarvelous DeChosen
                              DeMarvelous DeChosen  5 months back

                              Proud to have Kyle Wowry as my franchise point guard.

                              • scott
                                scott  5 months back

                                @Charles appalachia You are one dumb fuck lol you don't watch raptors games

                              • Charles appalachia
                                Charles appalachia  5 months back

                                @Michael cmy bad, you're right he put the raptors on his back and won them the Sixers series and the reason they have 2 wins against the bucks.

                              • Michael c
                                Michael c  5 months back

                                Charles appalachia game 1 he had 30 points he averaging 20 in this series so stfu

                              • Charles appalachia
                                Charles appalachia  5 months back

                                @Jesse Swarbrick im not saying hes trash but he is one of the main reasons that they were swept last year and went to a seven game series with the Sixers this year.

                              • Jesse Swarbrick
                                Jesse Swarbrick  5 months back

                                @Charles appalachia man do you ever sound dumb...He is playing great this series but you can't acknowledge that becuase it doesn't fit your narrative about how trash he is

                            • UnderFunded inc.
                              UnderFunded inc.  5 months back

                              Great teamwork tonight. Made my fucking day! Let’s go Raps!!

                              • Wobblez
                                Wobblez  5 months back

                                Kyle is the most important player in Raptors history. He's not the best player in Raptors history but he is the straw that stirs the drink.

                                • Ezra Przytyk
                                  Ezra Przytyk  5 months back

                                  Bruh I agree but he's also NO DOUBT the best. He's the best player in the league and the best two way player OF ALL TIME even Jordan implied that. He's the best no one near him in raptors history. Importance wise or skill

                                • Veer Chasm
                                  Veer Chasm  5 months back

                                  True that

                                • Scalene Toast
                                  Scalene Toast  5 months back

                                  GasStation Most Wanted Theft you bum! Lowry isn’t as overrated as Westbrook and Harden 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

                                • Mr. Mike
                                  Mr. Mike  5 months back

                                  That's exactly it and outsiders don't get it. I've seen every Raptor game in the last 5 years and he is the #1 reason they have won the most games in the NBA in that time. He also has helped them win a ton of playoff games and the only one ever able to stop him has been Lebron.

                                • Raps United
                                  Raps United  5 months back

                                  @Subhaan Khan Steph is literally the only PG with more playoff wins over the last 5 years

                              • David M
                                David M  5 months back

                                Kawhi told his teammates if you don't step up now I'm taking all your rings with me when I get the championship.

                              • Baljinder M
                                Baljinder M  5 months back

                                kyle wowry