Undisputed | Chris Broussard REACT to Durant returning for Finals end up hurting Warriors chances?

  • Published: 27 May 2019
  • Undisputed | Chris Broussard REACT to Durant returning for Finals end up hurting the Warriors chances?
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Comments • 51

  • Edward Rosso
    Edward Rosso  6 months back

    Oh, shoot Skip is now rooting for Golden State, we might be in trouble.

    • lancelot wilson
      lancelot wilson  6 months back

      All of the "Ifs and maybes" will be answered when this final begins. Toranto is NOT like the Blazers-they have shown that they are a good come-back team. The warriors are going to need KD and Cousins for these Finals.

      • thejajaera
        thejajaera  6 months back

        If KD don’t play raps in 6 y’all heard it here first 💯

      • letsgetsocialinfo
        letsgetsocialinfo  6 months back

        How could you have the warriors in 6 when the clippers took them to 6 and the raptors has a better starting 5 and a better defense and bench than the clippers...the raptors could shock Golden State in 6

        • Kip Painter
          Kip Painter  6 months back

          If No kd, RAPTORS IN 7. Remember the comment. Thank me later

          • Terrence PERKINS
            Terrence PERKINS  6 months back

            Wait a minute kd a season mvp 4 x scored title been to the finals 2012 & he cant led his on team yall crazy.
            All time great .. & kd cant knock
            some 1 out there spot
            1. Mj
            2 . Kareem
            3. Bird
            4 wilt
            5 . Lbj
            6. Magic
            7. Hakeem
            8. Shaq
            9. Kobe
            10 . A I.
            KD is coming

            • RP
              RP  6 months back

              all this drama, because draymond slapped bron's nuts

              • Arman Bayot
                Arman Bayot  6 months back

                All these media guys they taught they're Nostradamus.
                They think they are genius but they are the dumbest.

                • Douglas Williams
                  Douglas Williams  6 months back

                  Somebody Punch Skip in his Nose..... 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

                  • Michael Thompson
                    Michael Thompson  6 months back

                    This bubble bout to get popped! Let me just say this, if KD is gone this whole series the Dubs will lose! Straight goods!

                    • tmroadrunner
                      tmroadrunner  6 months back

                      Lmao how many times do they have to school your ass before you learn? You'll be whining that it's not fair after they win in 6.

                  • Giovanni Pina
                    Giovanni Pina  6 months back

                    KD is a ball hoger he gets hot and klay and steph take a step back and don’t shoot 3 so that kD gets his shine for his egoe

                    • Thomas Latraille
                      Thomas Latraille  6 months back

                      I was thinking, Kawhi locked up Jimmy and Greek Frizzle, the Warriors are different without KD, I don't imagine him chasing around the Splash Bros, so this may be a perfect match up for the Warriors

                      • Giovanni Pina
                        Giovanni Pina  6 months back

                        KD needed the warriors to win since he could not do that at okc the warriors don’t need him we should replace kD with Anthony Davis

                        • apollo1
                          apollo1  6 months back

                          I hope ya'll see what I see, Skip is making all kind of excuses for GS and promoting KD, he only does this
                          because Labron is still in the back of his mind. KD don't even like this dud and Skip still talks him up
                          that how strong his hate is for Labron. trust me he dont hate kawi that's fake, but he truly hates LeBron. easy to see.

                          • Dre Handy
                            Dre Handy  6 months back

                            Broussard was Wrong! Kryie and Love was injured the 1st Finals against GS. 2nd Finals Cleveland won, the 3rd Finals(KD’s 1st Time) GS won. The 4th Finals(Cleveland vs GS) Kyrie was on the Celtics!

                            • ben 25
                              ben 25  6 months back

                              He said Kyrie is as one of the years

                          • Marvin Amankwa-Dei
                            Marvin Amankwa-Dei  6 months back

                            Warriors only won one chip without KD and they barely won the first one with Kyrie and Love being out and it going to game 6 with Lebron and delvadova.

                            • - TTMTBWF
                              - TTMTBWF  6 months back

                              Skip Bayless does have burner accounts lmaoo he got exposed for it 😂

                              • JRT 4JUSTICE
                                JRT 4JUSTICE  6 months back

                                Collins...KD is the best because hes playing with other stars on the team. On another team with no star support, KDs skills and numbers will dimish.

                                • Florida boi941
                                  Florida boi941  6 months back

                                  Wrong what happened when he was with Russ!! Russ is good but not a super star not in top ten plus Curry better then kd so is number 2

                                • Thurman Melus
                                  Thurman Melus  6 months back

                                  That was stupid you put KD on another team with no other stars his number will improve greatly because there's no one else to defer too

                              • QuisTheGreat
                                QuisTheGreat  6 months back

                                They beat OKC with KD ... fuck KD

                                • Koolkac
                                  Koolkac  6 months back

                                  Goat Broussard

                                  • Oyedokun Adeoye
                                    Oyedokun Adeoye  6 months back

                                    Like Uncle Shannon said! Warriors are a great team without KD! But KD makes them unbeatable!!

                                    • BK Moves
                                      BK Moves  6 months back

                                      Skip is smoking hater

                                      • Kevin Heung
                                        Kevin Heung  6 months back

                                        Everyone's talking like KD has been out for most of the season. Steph is less beat up and able to perform well in later rounds because we had KD in the regular season and earlier rounds. We can't just assume everything would of played out the exact same way if we didn't have KD.

                                        • j jones
                                          j jones  6 months back

                                          Kevin Heung i agree. Warriors in 6!

                                      • David Sayimright
                                        David Sayimright  6 months back

                                        Idk why people aren’t talking about Kyle Lowry. He will struggle like he always do

                                        • Ian Russell
                                          Ian Russell  6 months back

                                          @David Sayimright People have been hating on him and this team since game 1 of the first round. Every analyst picked them to lose last round and get swept this round. They'll just keep proving the haters wrong.

                                          Yeah, they may not be the favourites, but you'd better believe they've got more heart than anybody else. Look at how they came back from behind through so many games this postseason. Battled hard and believed in their abilities, and look where it's lead them.

                                          Lowry is the heart and soul of this team and look what they've done so far. He isn't going anywhere now that he's made it to the Finals for the first time in his career. He'll seize the opportunity and continue leading this squad. Whatever happens, Canada's got his back. You're the man, Kyle.

                                        • David Sayimright
                                          David Sayimright  6 months back

                                          Ian Russell trust me he will go missing again. Starting game 1

                                        • Ian Russell
                                          Ian Russell  6 months back

                                          Because he hasn't struggled. He's been amazing.

                                      • Chris O'Reilly
                                        Chris O'Reilly  6 months back

                                        Jenny: That's interesting. You're right.

                                        • Tax-bitchass biyatch
                                          Tax-bitchass biyatch  6 months back

                                          media wants to break up warriors so bad but why?

                                          • Tax-bitchass biyatch
                                            Tax-bitchass biyatch  6 months back

                                            @Kaveh Agest ot everyone basketball lover....dont ovee generalize.things...no ome wants to watch certaim markets...Golden state majority fans want them to stay together because they play a different non slow nom center exciting basket ball...

                                          • What Up Gangstaaa
                                            What Up Gangstaaa  6 months back

                                            Same reason they wanted Kobe/Shaq to break up

                                          • Kaveh Agest
                                            Kaveh Agest  6 months back

                                            almost every basketball Lover wants GSW to break up, its not shocking. everyone Hate super teams and before anyone say Lebron teams, i hated them too. i want a new team to win, team that dose not have 3,4 or 5 all star in it

                                          • bep 2
                                            bep 2  6 months back

                                            i already know he should have went to philly or houston

                                          • cstanberry5
                                            cstanberry5  6 months back

                                            @bep 2 shit not happening lol

                                        • Marcus Smith
                                          Marcus Smith  6 months back

                                          I agree w/ Chris & Uncle Shannon, the warriors are as equal dominant with or without KD because whether they win with or without KD, they’re still great. You would just have to switch the narrative that the warriors don’t need him, just go somewhere his services are need like a team like the Knicks, Clippers, Nets, etc

                                          • bep 2
                                            bep 2  6 months back

                                            @Xavier Tinnon i was talking about if they dint have durant for the series houton would have won

                                          • Xavier Tinnon
                                            Xavier Tinnon  6 months back

                                            @bep 2 Houston. Last and only chance to beat the warriors was last year

                                          • bep 2
                                            bep 2  6 months back

                                            @Marcus Smith nope fuck nigga im just saying that they can beat gs without kd

                                          • Marcus Smith
                                            Marcus Smith  6 months back

                                            bep 2 sound like a hurt Houston fan lmao. Last year it was “analytics, officials, & CP3 was hurt” cry me a river of excuses you could make as to why the rockets could NEVER beat GS. GS has ALWAYS dominated Houston in the playoffs go do your research & in the past 2 years when the games were on the line, GS always came on top goofy. With KD, it makes the warriors unbeatable & a guaranteed favorite to win series why you think these analysts mentions that when they bring up KD & what he brings to the table idiot. It would be different if the warriors were struggling without him after his injury but they’re are 5-0 since he went down & are now 34-4 without him so tell me who needs who. Now one can argue if the warriors were to have lost one or maybe a couple of games without him when he went down & he came back & helped them win a series as Chris Broussard mentioned then you can say okay maybe they do need him; but to say they’re are better without him you can’t say that because they’re as equally as great if KD was or not on the court

                                          • bep 2
                                            bep 2  6 months back

                                            for the whole series

                                        • ok2313
                                          ok2313  6 months back

                                          Two weeks ago everyone was saying the Bucks would beat Warriors with are without KD. Raptors just beat the Bucks 4 straight. But same people saying Raptors have no chances. Clippers won 2 games against Warriors.

                                          • GILMOURRR
                                            GILMOURRR  6 months back

                                            ok2313 facts
                                            Toronto has a really good shot to take the chip