LaMelo Ball Talks TRASH To Julian Newman! Jaden Newman Is NERVOUS! Julian & His GF Break Up!?

  • Published: 01 June 2019
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    We got episode 9 of HELLO NEWMANS! In this episode, you'll see Julian face off against LaMelo Ball and Rocket Watts in the Grind Session All Star Game!

    The season may be over, but Julian still has to prove where he stands amongst the greats. Julian is just trying to have fun and mess around during the all star practice, but pops has something else in mind. Jamie is all over his son trying to get him focused.

    Jaden is chillen in this episode, but she's hella nervous to see Julian go against all these top players. Can Julian hold his own?

    BTW TOMORROW we're releasing a new show called RJ'S WORLD! It will document RJ Hampton's school year and everything that went into him turning PRO!! See you tomorrow.

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Comments • 4 857

  • Overtime
    Overtime   5 months back

    Make sure you check out RJ'S WORLD:

    • Uğur Yiğit
      Uğur Yiğit  5 months back

      Very Nice , Look My Channel Pls 🤗

    • AlphaLeetGaming
      AlphaLeetGaming  5 months back

      LMFAO u r not wrong, but u r wrong xD

    • Agustin Munoz
      Agustin Munoz  5 months back

      That sis is annoying af

    • László Szentes
      László Szentes  5 months back

      I Baterie auto Exide, Premium, 77ah, 760A, EA770 43m 😬👄👄

  • Troll Man
    Troll Man  11 hours back

    Newman’s dad: Show what you have

    Julian: 2:40 shows what he has

    Lamelo: 😂😂😭

    • Samuel Kung
      Samuel Kung  11 hours back

      Are we all just going to dismiss the fact no matter how hard he trains he’s just too damn short to have a career in the nba...

      • Connor Logan
        Connor Logan  22 hours back

        Bit late- as if his dad says he’s paying coaches to come to watch Julian. Not even coming because Julians good enough. Bruh

        • Kakashi Willy
          Kakashi Willy  1 days back

          At least they beat melo

          • MGDN *
            MGDN *  1 days back

            All this is his pops fault.
            His genetics are a bust😂

            • Tabetha Smith
              Tabetha Smith  1 days back

              Triple b all the way

              • Michael Escala
                Michael Escala  1 days back

                His brows on fleek

                • IVAN SANTOS
                  IVAN SANTOS  1 days back

                  Yo daddy ugly boy

                  • Sara Jamal
                    Sara Jamal  1 days back

                    His dad looks gay af

                    • Barış Ali Ateş
                      Barış Ali Ateş  3 days back

                      Aq fakiri az ye de git kendine masa al

                      • TTVFastboii_god1
                        TTVFastboii_god1  5 days back

                        Yo turn the caption at 4:21

                        • Robert Deberry
                          Robert Deberry  7 days back

                          9:52 double dribble

                          • Infinite IMO
                            Infinite IMO  1 weeks back

                            Newman’s dad needs to take it easy and calm his shit

                            • Les Pioquinto
                              Les Pioquinto  2 weeks back

                              That's why he doesn't grow. He lifts to much

                              • Rayyyders517
                                Rayyyders517  2 weeks back

                                why he training so hard he clearly not gonna make it He like 5’6

                                • Rayyyders517
                                  Rayyyders517  2 weeks back

                                  I feel like I’m hella short to play basketball and I’m 6’0

                              • ashykutcher
                                ashykutcher  2 weeks back

                                0:40 He just referred to himself as a "grown man" lmao. I guess everyone else is overgrown then?

                                • J G
                                  J G  3 weeks back

                                  Even though Dad is trash, he's right about the allstar game? Why are these kids acting like they're too good and delicate to compete? This ain't the NBA. Go and prove yourselves.

                                  • Will Logue
                                    Will Logue  3 weeks back

                                    3:35 julian trying to fit in lmao, but just comes off awkward AF

                                    • ChiRaq
                                      ChiRaq  3 weeks back

                                      He shoots from his waist...trash

                                      • Robert Brent jr
                                        Robert Brent jr  3 weeks back

                                        Nba gms and scouts? The 5 10 yr old white kids in the stands

                                        • Raymonkey8
                                          Raymonkey8  3 weeks back

                                          So we just gonna let him say nigga like that 4:20 "I need you to get your ass to bed "nigga""

                                          • Clashing with Dawg
                                            Clashing with Dawg  3 weeks back

                                            Like melo, comment julian

                                            • ramazan tanbi
                                              ramazan tanbi  3 weeks back

                                              dude!! i hate to give it to you but no College will ever recrute a 5 foot 7 player who cannot even touch the net.

                                              • Jay
                                                Jay  3 weeks back

                                                Ball family looks like a retarded family that got cured only a year ago

                                                • That chill Duck
                                                  That chill Duck  3 weeks back

                                                  Julian looks like a Spanish drug lord

                                                  • OnlyNoah Clutch
                                                    OnlyNoah Clutch  3 weeks back

                                                    *Julian’s teammate airballs*
                                                    Julian’s dad: “it’s ok just keep going”
                                                    *Julian’s shot rolls in and out*
                                                    Julian’s dad: “WTF STOP SHOOTING IF YOU CANT AND ITS SIMPLE TO MAKE A SHOT IMA BOUT TO DISOWN YOU”

                                                    • Benjamin Mason
                                                      Benjamin Mason  4 weeks back

                                                      That dad is a Lavar Ball try hard

                                                      • inspector 06
                                                        inspector 06  1 months back

                                                        Whose better

                                                        Like = juillian

                                                        • Trey Cox
                                                          Trey Cox  1 months back

                                                          Clickbait shit.

                                                          • michael stephen
                                                            michael stephen  1 months back

                                                            His dad a wierdo

                                                            • Shakespeare Rodriguez
                                                              Shakespeare Rodriguez  1 months back

                                                              How tall is this kid he’s so short

                                                              • Hale Echague
                                                                Hale Echague  1 months back

                                                                Tf that dad is has no talent on coaching

                                                                • Babbyis 44
                                                                  Babbyis 44  1 months back

                                                                  Lmao was that taco

                                                                  • Sweet Pea
                                                                    Sweet Pea  1 months back

                                                                    Heyy yooooo! I found out some shit y’all hear Julian’s dad telling him “you’re messing around....I’m paying....” he was about to say something cause he said “I’m paying” and then he said something else. Julian’s dad paid for julian to be in the all star game y’all 2:35

                                                                    • Hecthor YT
                                                                      Hecthor YT  1 months back

                                                                      Why julian is not using gloxi to grow tall

                                                                      • Antonin Gladu
                                                                        Antonin Gladu  1 months back

                                                                        Il dont fucking know why the kid thinks he actually got a chance bruh guy is 5ft 5 and has the worst shooting form ive ever seen the nba is impossible..... its not even an option for him bruh

                                                                        • Flip & Pitch Fishing
                                                                          Flip & Pitch Fishing  2 months back

                                                                          He might be worse than lavar

                                                                          • team yak
                                                                            team yak  2 months back

                                                                            You a grown ass man bro nigga like 15

                                                                            • rainbowcat playz
                                                                              rainbowcat playz  2 months back

                                                                              Boi I stayed up at 1:00 am watching than sh*t

                                                                              Not in a bad way I love this show

                                                                              • blue the husky
                                                                                blue the husky  2 months back

                                                                                Tell his dad to fucking shut up he ain't no coach

                                                                                • John Tomaso1488
                                                                                  John Tomaso1488  2 months back

                                                                                  The mom-just there
                                                                                  The dad-WACK WACK WACK

                                                                                  • John Tomaso1488
                                                                                    John Tomaso1488  2 months back

                                                                                    Ppl don’t like u because the way u act

                                                                                    • Gil Eagan
                                                                                      Gil Eagan  2 months back

                                                                                      This kid can't be a kid father living through his kids fake ass coach

                                                                                      • Abraham Tellez
                                                                                        Abraham Tellez  2 months back

                                                                                        I would clap Julian’s sis cheeks no 🧢

                                                                                        • Jen Kennedy
                                                                                          Jen Kennedy  2 months back

                                                                                          Julian Newman better get drafted to the 76ers

                                                                                          • post peel
                                                                                            post peel  2 months back

                                                                                            Putting a lot of pressure on the kid, just let him play

                                                                                            • 69 Touched me
                                                                                              69 Touched me  2 months back

                                                                                              Someone need to tell Julian's dad to chill out this man get mad if Julian miss a half court shot