Samba holds off Benjamin in 400 meter hurdles duel | NBC Sports

  • Published: 18 May 2019
  • Abderrahman Samba wins a battle of two of the fastest men to ever compete in the 400 meter hurdles #NBCSports #AbderrahmanSamba #RaiBenjamin

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    Samba Holds off Benjamin in 400 Meter Hurdles Duel | NBC Sports
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Comments • 49

  • FileThis Information
    FileThis Information  3 months back

    The MELANIN-BODY wins again!

    • Ezzzy b
      Ezzzy b  5 months back

      In my opinion this is the hardest event in track and field. Fight on RAI ✌🏾

      • phaethon1988
        phaethon1988  5 months back

        Samba you're running out of room. Benjamin's just getting started.

        • Nate oliver
          Nate oliver  5 months back

          Bro. Ninjas acting like Benjamin ain't under the tutelage of some the best quartermiler and hurdle coaches of all time.

      • Neverland that Blinked Once

        It’s sad how the men’s hurdles 400m is faster than the women’s regular 400m😂

        • Mahal Kita
          Mahal Kita  3 weeks back

          Neverland that Blinked Once itz sad how yor funkshunal i q iz equal or lower 2 that uv that fool who occupiez the white house (donald tRump) 😱🤬

        • cutiexoxoxo1
          cutiexoxoxo1  5 months back

          Is that not how it's supposed to be ?? Male athletes are faster than female athletes...thats not a shocker

        • neosapiens
          neosapiens  5 months back

          Of COURSE it is!! LMFAO

        • tommy n
          tommy n  5 months back

          SamAnimations! equality 😪

        • SamAnimations!
          SamAnimations!  5 months back

          Because men are faster, plain and simple

      • JJ Birden Speaks
        JJ Birden Speaks  5 months back

        that's fast this early in the season

        • Weirdo Flow
          Weirdo Flow  5 months back

          Lol this boi just kissed the track and almost did a fortnite dance 😂😂

          • Devante Porter
            Devante Porter  5 months back

            Once again Benjamin used all his legs in the first 200 ms !! What a race though

            • Tae Djair
              Tae Djair  5 months back

              thats his racing style and he isnt in form....can he have a first race without yall thinking he should be in 46 shape already

          • J Gray
            J Gray  5 months back

            Benjamin will take him next few races

            • dale85300
              dale85300  5 months back

              @neosapiens did Rai break 47 sec yet because Samba has!!!!!

            • Anthony Watkins
              Anthony Watkins  5 months back

              @neosapiens We've already seen Samba win 12 of 12 races, 2017 to the present. We see Samba just now beat Benjamin by a half a second. Results... nobody cares about your wishful thinking. Lol!

            • neosapiens
              neosapiens  5 months back

              @Anthony Watkins

              LOL we will see. Their PBs are virtually identical. Rai hadn't done a 400mH in over a year.

            • Anthony Watkins
              Anthony Watkins  5 months back

              J Gray. No, he won't. Samba owns Benjamin.

          • MrTrackman100
            MrTrackman100  5 months back

            Can anyone explain the side numbers (9.3, etc.)? Meters per second pace??

            • Andre Suston
              Andre Suston  5 months back

              @MrTrackman100 Its distracting tryna watch the race but the #'s keep flashing round.

            • MrTrackman100
              MrTrackman100  5 months back

              Amazing that now they give the exact speed of every runner at every Milli-second of the race! Are we getting too technical and more than we need to know in track and field? @Tae Djair

            • Tae Djair
              Tae Djair  5 months back

              meters per second

          • Bruce Mc
            Bruce Mc  5 months back

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            • TDS
              TDS  5 months back

              All these guys trying to imitate Bolt after they win look stupid ....... Just win the race and congratulate the other finishers and act like you been there before ......... Bolt was Bolt- stop trying to act like him it just looks stupid ........

              • Mahal Kita
                Mahal Kita  3 weeks back

                WiZ itz not hiz genetics, we all havv the same geneticz he iz just LAZY 😱

              • Ryder Washington
                Ryder Washington  5 months back

                LMAO Carl lewis was the inspiration for everything, Donovan Bailey, all those old sprinters were the first to be like that. Bolt copies, chill out he's retired no need to keep riding him.

              • Andre Suston
                Andre Suston  5 months back

                Bolt was boring. Like an ugly tree running.

              • mike needham
                mike needham  5 months back

                I am impressed he has the energy to celebrate.  Hard, hard race!

              • SamAnimations!
                SamAnimations!  5 months back

                He’s literally the second fastest 400mh of all time... let him rock

            • Carl Morrow
              Carl Morrow  5 months back

              These two are gonna be medal winners at the world champs. Who knows who will win gold

              • Rick Pascual
                Rick Pascual  5 months back

                These 2 guys are gonna push each other past the WR.
                Fight On, Raj! ✌🏼

                • uknow who
                  uknow who  5 months back

                  NBC, there has to be a better way to make your video titles to sound interesting other than spoiling the entire race!

                • darrellid
                  darrellid  5 months back

                  Great race. Congrats to Samba. Benjamin seemed a bit awkward clearing the hurdles, especially down the final 100, but you know he will get that ironed out. Looking forward to this rivalry!

                  • darrellid
                    darrellid  5 months back

                    @Reggie Hampton He's run a lot more 400H than this one. It was his first _in a year_ and the rust showed, but I understand what you meant.

                  • Reggie Hampton
                    Reggie Hampton  5 months back

                    This was his first 400 hurdles race so he will get back on pace.

                • Big Boss
                  Big Boss  5 months back

                  The Hebrews Israelites representing world wide.

                • Jalen S
                  Jalen S  5 months back

                  I love when they post the full race AND intros!

                  • run Caz
                    run Caz  5 months back

                    Jalen S: And with great commentary to boot.

                • Shehd Alrubaiy
                  Shehd Alrubaiy  5 months back