Chicago's Best 15 Year Old is Back! Amari Bailey Mac Irvin Fire AAU Highlights!

  • Published: 02 April 2019
  • Amari Bailey just turned 15 in February. The Chicago native is fresh off a California state basketball title with Sierra Canyon. Now he's back in Chicago playing AAU basketball with Mac Irvin Fire on the Nike Circuit. We caught Amari at Hoop Group's Chicago Jam Fest at Joy of the Game where both Mac Irvin Fire's 16U and 17U squad's picked up titles before entering EYBL play. You'll see Amari Bailey's in-game windmill dunk and well as the most vicious putback dunk we caught all weekend in Deerfield, IL near Chicago.
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Comments • 65

  • Sam Sule
    Sam Sule  5 months back


    • BooBoo Chase
      BooBoo Chase  6 months back

      Wait I thought he played for Sierra canyon sorry I’m v dumb

      • DC BUCKETS
        DC BUCKETS  6 months back

        The Amari Bailey I knew was a bitch now he acting hard that’s tough😭

        • Jordan Shoob
          Jordan Shoob  6 months back

          Rj Barret Jr. ?

          • Mr Prolific
            Mr Prolific  6 months back

            He needs to be playing 17U wtf is this

            • David Dixon
              David Dixon  7 months back

              PRO written all over him

              • Balenciiagas
                Balenciiagas  7 months back

                I feel like this nigga 20

                • Tony Rivera
                  Tony Rivera  7 months back

                  Much respect guy is least he ain’t one of these quadruple hold backs that are 17 year old freshman

                  • Victor Oladipo
                    Victor Oladipo  7 months back

                    No hate, but wasn’t he like the seventh man on Sierra canyon. Not trying to downplay his skill because canyon is a top tier basketball school, but why is he over here acting like he’s that nigga when he didn’t even start on his high school team????

                    • Eric Richardson
                      Eric Richardson  7 months back

                      his momma thickk asl lol

                      • Jay Harris
                        Jay Harris  7 months back

                        "Lil ass boy"2x😂😂😂😂

                        • SnapBackBoy1999
                          SnapBackBoy1999  7 months back

                          Damn Mari only 15 felt like I been watching this nigga forever

                          • supbape
                            supbape  7 months back

                            Totally not 15 but ok

                            • Wilvur Santo
                              Wilvur Santo  7 months back

                              Google it

                            • Drippy J
                              Drippy J  7 months back

                              supbape ik y they be lying about they age😂👎🏽

                          • Jalen Thorpe
                            Jalen Thorpe  7 months back


                            • Dontai Smith
                              Dontai Smith  7 months back

                              He kinda looks like tay-k 💀

                            • K Swa
                              K Swa  7 months back


                              • Jordan H
                                Jordan H  7 months back

                                See some DLo but with more bounce

                                • SypremeA 23
                                  SypremeA 23  7 months back

                                  Jordan H I’m getting DLo vibes as well

                              • The real Hoop talk
                                The real Hoop talk  7 months back

                                Rj barett

                                • The real Hoop talk
                                  The real Hoop talk  7 months back

                                  SypremeA 23 well he’s only 15 so I’m assuming he’ll grow

                                • SypremeA 23
                                  SypremeA 23  7 months back

                                  The real Hoop talk to short

                              • Nick Mays
                                Nick Mays  7 months back

                                “Bum ass boy.”😭

                                • Joey Kenna
                                  Joey Kenna  7 months back

                                  Mini jr smith

                                  • Jaylen Davison
                                    Jaylen Davison  7 months back

                                    I remember playing in this exact gym lmao that gym be litty

                                    • Tamon McClain
                                      Tamon McClain  7 months back

                                      Next Jason Tatum

                                    • YHB
                                      YHB  7 months back

                                      0:28 “Bum ass Boy “ 😂😂😂

                                      • Walter Wylie
                                        Walter Wylie  7 months back

                                        You a lil ass boy that’s that Chicago in him

                                        • YoungGeezer_
                                          YoungGeezer_  7 months back

                                          Walter Wylie I heard that too 😂

                                      • CLos Up
                                        CLos Up  7 months back

                                        Earl sweatshirt be ballin like that

                                        • Lit man
                                          Lit man  7 months back

                                          On God I thought the same thing

                                        • macklun
                                          macklun  7 months back


                                      • Nicco Lopez
                                        Nicco Lopez  7 months back

                                        Adam Miller & Amari Bailey tough but Mac Irvin needs to bring back nimari Burnett if they want a chance at peach jam

                                        • Kay Cee
                                          Kay Cee  7 months back

                                          They got players. Michael Foster is on the 17U. Don’t believe Bailey is playing 17U, I believe he’s playing 16U with Tre White, Jaylen Drane, and Anaman Bynum

                                        • Alexandre Brice Henry
                                          Alexandre Brice Henry  7 months back

                                          Tyler Kicks why not

                                        • Tyler Kicks
                                          Tyler Kicks  7 months back

                                          What aau team nimira Burnett on?

                                      • Zane Wavy
                                        Zane Wavy  7 months back


                                        • Ray Calonzo
                                          Ray Calonzo  7 months back

                                          You hardly saw him do this at Sierra Canyon. Was it the competition orr what held him back?

                                          • Justin Gilford
                                            Justin Gilford  7 months back

                                            Nightmare Nightmare yea at his high school he is. For his age group he’s an elite player. By the time he’s a junior or senior he will be the # 1 player in the country.

                                          • Nightmare Nightmare
                                            Nightmare Nightmare  7 months back

                                            @Justin Gilford so he's just an above average player.

                                          • datdude noah
                                            datdude noah  7 months back

                                            he plays for the gsw of hs

                                          • Tony Willaford
                                            Tony Willaford  7 months back

                                            This kid is going to be a star

                                          • SypremeA 23
                                            SypremeA 23  7 months back

                                            Ray Calonzo playing time

                                        • John Feeley
                                          John Feeley  7 months back

                                          Who’s better

                                          Like Amari Bailey

                                          Comment LaMelo Ball

                                        • John Feeley
                                          John Feeley  7 months back

                                          Who’s better

                                          Like Amari

                                          • Dee Martin
                                            Dee Martin  7 months back

                                            XXX tentacles

                                            • MGM 303030
                                              MGM 303030  7 months back