Deadliest Job in the World - Australian Snake Milker!

  • Published: 23 November 2019
  • On this episode of On Location, Coyote and the crew are on location at the Australian Reptile Park! Coyote even assists in milking the 3 most DEADLY snakes in the WORLD! Get ready to learn about one of the deadliest jobs in the world -- the Australian Snake Milker!

    We want to thank the Australian Reptile Park, their fearless supervisor Zac Bower, and spider venom expert Kate Christensen for all the work they do in helping to create the life-saving anti-venom! Visit their website for more information and to plan a visit to the reptile park:

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Comments • 13 004

  • Crazy KSP
    Crazy KSP  1 hours back

    Not an expert.
    But, why can't they wear something protective so the snake can't inject venom into someone's body??

    • Lennox Leidig
      Lennox Leidig  2 hours back


      • Sam Dilworth
        Sam Dilworth  3 hours back

        2:40 does that mean a couple thousand people die a year from these bites? He said 3 to 5 thousand people get bite and 300 400 have their lives saved by anti venom.

        • Chloé Passion
          Chloé Passion  4 hours back

          Pauvres serpents😭vous les énerver et après vous dites qu'ils sont méchants !!

          • Senad Abazovic
            Senad Abazovic  6 hours back

            I’ve been to this park and watched the spider being milked and it was so cool yet so scary

            • Sujith Kumar
              Sujith Kumar  6 hours back

              Try the Indian cobra

              • H 3:10
                H 3:10  7 hours back


                • m fiqri indra sentana
                  m fiqri indra sentana  7 hours back

                  Please come to Indonesian and collabs with Panji petualang.
                  He have a giant huge king cobra

                  • Metro
                    Metro  8 hours back

                    i live in australia and ive been to that place with another famous wildlife expert like u but i forgot their name

                    • Bill king
                      Bill king  8 hours back

                      Hehe... He said *danger noodle*

                      • Bjorn B.
                        Bjorn B.  8 hours back

                        Nope, NOPE and N O P E.

                        • Roshan Rakesh
                          Roshan Rakesh  9 hours back

                          I would prefer living in Somalia rather than Australia.... OMG

                          • Ava Vidotto
                            Ava Vidotto  10 hours back

                            He was literally crushing its lil head to get the venom. I feel bad for the lil noodle

                            • Ava Vidotto
                              Ava Vidotto  10 hours back

                              Him: Deadliest snake in the world.
                              My mum when guests are coming in an hour: Am I a joke to you?

                              • Tisriani Tisriani
                                Tisriani Tisriani  12 hours back

                                Apa cuma gua ni yang indo, yang indo like dong

                                • Adam Porter
                                  Adam Porter  12 hours back

                                  Down under starts blasting

                                  • Rio Gamerz
                                    Rio Gamerz  12 hours back

                                    Like Ya

                                    • Peter Vartelas
                                      Peter Vartelas  13 hours back


                                      • MasterCookie
                                        MasterCookie  13 hours back

                                        With only being a normal Australian you are already doing a deadly work

                                        • Usodi
                                          Usodi  13 hours back

                                          Imma Just Drink Some Of it See what Happens

                                          • sirmeris
                                            sirmeris  14 hours back

                                            "Most dangerous snake in the world"

                                            Let's put him on the top shelf!

                                            • Jaxon Castillo
                                              Jaxon Castillo  14 hours back

                                              This is were lazarbeam went

                                              • LIZETH MARIANA VARGAS RODRÍGUEZ

                                                OMG 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

                                                • Burkley Boo 2
                                                  Burkley Boo 2  16 hours back

                                                  Is everyone ignoring the fact that this man is risking his life every time he goes to work!!?? And it is to save people like you and me!

                                                  • Alma V
                                                    Alma V  16 hours back

                                                    My brain : Owh... Now they going to drink it ?
                                                    Me : Nooooo they going to make an experience
                                                    My brain
                                                    My brain : I mean it's in a cup...

                                                    • hello there
                                                      hello there  16 hours back

                                                      I’m Coyote Peterson, and today, I will enter the radiation zone with a recently exploded nuclear silo.

                                                      • KGB EqUiNoX
                                                        KGB EqUiNoX  17 hours back

                                                        What are the snakes in this cause his accent was very strong and I couldn’t understand that well lol

                                                        • Kei&Dev Reactions
                                                          Kei&Dev Reactions  17 hours back

                                                          “Deadliest snake in the world”

                                                          *KD has entered the chat*

                                                          • Ced Cuddi
                                                            Ced Cuddi  17 hours back

                                                            Do a black mamba next 😂

                                                            • Preston playz landon
                                                              Preston playz landon  17 hours back

                                                              "Deadliest room in the world"

                                                              Me: have you heard of a classroom

                                                              • Joe Swanson
                                                                Joe Swanson  18 hours back

                                                                **deadliest snake in the world**

                                                                Coyote: danger noodle

                                                                • mason x
                                                                  mason x  18 hours back

                                                                  Deadliest snake in the world
                                                                  :me ever heard of a black mamba

                                                                  • April W
                                                                    April W  18 hours back

                                                                    YOU WERE MAKING THE SNAKES MOUTHS BLEED!!!!😭😭😭😣😣😤😤😤💔💔💔

                                                                    • XxX Lavender Rain XxX
                                                                      XxX Lavender Rain XxX  19 hours back

                                                                      Your hurting the snakes :C!

                                                                      • O .S9693
                                                                        O .S9693  19 hours back

                                                                        Coyote you look thin man, hope you’re well

                                                                        • Bagdat Yolcu
                                                                          Bagdat Yolcu  19 hours back

                                                                          Snake no!

                                                                          • GOD OF FORTNITE447
                                                                            GOD OF FORTNITE447  20 hours back

                                                                            If anyone watches lazarbeam that’s the reptile park he went to in the vlog just before he got ruined by fortnite

                                                                            • IVAN ALONSO TAPIA GARCIA
                                                                              IVAN ALONSO TAPIA GARCIA  21 hours back

                                                                              When they extrac the venom the snake bleeds sing that they hurt the snake sad we are humans cruelity

                                                                              • Silent Human
                                                                                Silent Human  21 hours back

                                                                                Wouldn’t consider this to be the most dangerous job, ever but Ight

                                                                                • lucia ventura
                                                                                  lucia ventura  22 hours back

                                                                                  velho machucou a boca dela afff

                                                                                  • Kim Allie
                                                                                    Kim Allie  22 hours back

                                                                                    I feel sad for the snake i went :((

                                                                                    • Fadi Aziez
                                                                                      Fadi Aziez  22 hours back


                                                                                      • Karolina O
                                                                                        Karolina O  24 hours back

                                                                                        This is not funny and nice the Snake is dangerous, but this is a animal not toy! I'm crying

                                                                                        • Douae Ezzoumiti
                                                                                          Douae Ezzoumiti  24 hours back

                                                                                          Ciao sono un commento italiano

                                                                                          • izzy peters
                                                                                            izzy peters  1 days back

                                                                                            Move like a snake

                                                                                            • Lol Lol
                                                                                              Lol Lol  1 days back


                                                                                              • sai s
                                                                                                sai s  1 days back

                                                                                                What they r doing?

                                                                                                • Chubbz 3.0
                                                                                                  Chubbz 3.0  1 days back

                                                                                                  Chayote Peterson: deadliest snake in the world
                                                                                                  Also cayote peterson: dangernoodle