Narvaez walks it off with solo HR in 10th | White Sox-Mariners Game Highlights 9/14/19

  • Published: 15 September 2019
  • Condensed Game: Omar Narvaez hit a walk-off home run off the top of the wall in the 10th inning to lift the Mariners past the White Sox

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Comments • 24

  • GiDD
    GiDD  1 months back

    Ichiro is the got damn *GOAT*

    • Jonathan George
      Jonathan George  1 months back

      I just realized how cool it is Omar hit a walkoff homer off the pitcher he was traded for. Colome was an amazing mariner. Miss that dude. He and Diaz were so unhittable last year

      • Sunglass Shinpan
        Sunglass Shinpan  1 months back

        That was A TOWERING shot!

        • GiDD
          GiDD  1 months back

          Sunglass Shinpan LoL yeah right.

      • Luke Griffith
        Luke Griffith  1 months back

        Ichiro was my favorite player when I was a 5 year old kid, in the early 2000's. I used to do that little sleeve tug, and tear around the house. He'll always be at the top for me.

        • MrBlackFabio
          MrBlackFabio  1 months back

          Sox should not have let it come down to a questionable call.

          • Nolan R Hager
            Nolan R Hager  1 months back

            When your catchers are your best offensive players...

            • Superdog 1038
              Superdog 1038  1 months back

              Go Mariners!

              • BaseballStar
                BaseballStar  1 months back

                Sub plz

                • Fire Tornado
                  Fire Tornado  1 months back

                  Announcer saying that not homer but if u see it closely ball hit the yellow strip line which makes it a homer

                  • Sean Gally
                    Sean Gally  1 months back

                    wrong lol

                  • brownthunder
                    brownthunder  1 months back

                    Not how it works, the fence is in play, it has to go over the yellow line and past the fence to be a homerun

                • rom-dealer
                  rom-dealer  1 months back

                  that's such an "ichiro" type of speech, to the point, quick, no nonsense. he's not ichiro suzuki, he's ichiro.

                  • 13th Exit
                    13th Exit  1 months back


                  • Mark Shelby
                    Mark Shelby  1 months back


                    • Calebe the beast (PC)
                      Calebe the beast (PC)  1 months back

                      Ichiro can speak english!!!!????

                      • Border Reiver
                        Border Reiver  1 months back

                        Ichiro is one great will sad to see him retire after such a brilliant career...that was one lucky ball to hit the top of the wall to walk it off..well done Mariners...

                        • Wo bushi68
                          Wo bushi68  1 months back

                          Good game for Mariners, they won at the 10th inning with a solo homerun. Good job Mariners

                          • CorzaGaming
                            CorzaGaming  1 months back

                            Ichiro segment better than the game ngl

                            • Daniel Berri
                              Daniel Berri  1 months back

                              it was a double dumbasses

                              • NotAsian
                                NotAsian  1 months back

                                Odd ending lmao

                                • NotAsian
                                  NotAsian  1 months back

                                  Ichiro 😭❤