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  • Published: 08 May 2014
  • After her mother passes away, the filmmaker Judith Helfand struggles to pack up her things — figuring out what to keep and how to let go.

    Produced by: Judith Helfand

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    Love and Stuff | Op-Docs | The New York Times

Comments • 31

  • Jaime Edge
    Jaime Edge  3 months back

    One person and one daily ritual at a time. . .wow. So powerful.

    • HowSci
      HowSci  8 months back

      Jeez, she is a hoarder, and a compulsive shopper.

      • The Thundercool
        The Thundercool  8 months back

        "and then there were the elephants in the room..."
        Just when you thought, "oh, s**t, here come the hard and emotional stuff, better prepare myself", literal elephants on the room. Then, you relax. In that exact moment, the hard an emotional stuff comes to punch you in the face.

        • Andreas Ebbing
          Andreas Ebbing  1 years back

          Thank you for this beautiful video!

          • thandolwethu siziba
            thandolwethu siziba  1 years back

            Just beautiful. Thank you for touching our hearts.

            • rawrberrys
              rawrberrys  1 years back

              9 People have no heart.

              • JohnsRadios
                JohnsRadios  2 years back

                Nice story while being sad at the same time.

                • Kingston VEVO
                  Kingston VEVO  2 years back

                  Im not crying you are

                  • Karen Mae Cumbe
                    Karen Mae Cumbe  2 years back

                    Judy: How do you live without your mother?
                    Me: *cries*

                    • oogly troll
                      oogly troll  2 years back

                      This broke my heart

                      • Jebbie
                        Jebbie  2 years back

                        "How do you live without your Mother?"
                        <<----- 😭😭😭😭

                        • Valhalla
                          Valhalla  2 years back

                          omg my grandmother collects elephants too... is this just an old lady thing?

                          • Ahsoka Tano
                            Ahsoka Tano  1 years back

                            My mum buys ceramic elephants and she's from the west indies. I think when you hit a certain age, something clicks in women's brains that just says "elephants. I need 'em" 😂

                          • Donna Robinson
                            Donna Robinson  1 years back

                            Valhalla I heard elephants were for good luck

                        • blaine Tenwolde
                          blaine Tenwolde  2 years back

                          I'm crying, I know that one day I will have to do this and go through all of the memories, and I don't know how I'll be able to let things go and never see the little mementos again with all those memories just gone. Even though I'm young and don't need to worry about this for a long time, I can't help but to think about it. Thank you for share this beautiful story, and making me cry for the first time in a while.

                          • Victoria Y
                            Victoria Y  2 years back

                            I like how she’s Jewish but said “oh Jesus” 😂 when the Mezuzah didn’t come off lol

                            • elsa Grace
                              elsa Grace  2 years back

                              Well what are you going to do? Open a museum? What counts is people and the present and your breathe. Things are just symbols of memories. Not important.anyways it must be nice to have a mother with so much love shared. I do not know this feeling. How do you live without your mother? I always have.

                              • Luciela Yazawa
                                Luciela Yazawa  2 years back

                                I suppose when youre not living with your mother you should answer it yourself

                              • mickimicki
                                mickimicki  2 years back

                                People are different. Some of us get something lovely and deep out of those memories and symbols. Living for the present alone is just one choice.

                            • Alexandra Medina
                              Alexandra Medina  2 years back

                              I couldn’t watch it you should have listened to her and did what she asked of you Jesus wow.

                              • Valhalla
                                Valhalla  2 years back

                                yeah... for two years she kept asking? With cancer? It's a bit hard to feel sorry for the daughter.

                            • Ana Banana
                              Ana Banana  4 years back

                              Very nice tribute to your beloved mother. I was so moved when you held up her black and white skirt that you said that she wore to weddings and other milestones. You said, "You couldn't wear it" and then you proceeded to mourn even more. That was the most touching moment. It was all heart melting but, that part really got to me.

                              • Pepprina Malt
                                Pepprina Malt  4 years back

                                Thank you from Australia,  Judith for the beautiful video and memories of your mother. I know I will watch this over and over again.

                                • Emily hancock
                                  Emily hancock  6 years back

                                  This is so beautiful and moving

                                  • oldmoviemusic
                                    oldmoviemusic  6 years back

                                    That was very beautiful. Thank you for that. As a young woman, in her early twenties, with a mother in her sixties, I know I shall face this one day, sooner than I'd hope, and that makes me deeply sad. I have to turn my face away from the thought.
                                    But thank you again, this was a beautiful thought upon one of the most pivotal, and yet in a way ordinary, happenings we each go through in life.

                                    • Samantha Montgomery
                                      Samantha Montgomery  1 years back

                                      I too am in my twenties with a mother in her mid-sixties, I try not to think about what I know will come one day.

                                    • CocoaAndTea
                                      CocoaAndTea  2 years back

                                      oldmoviemusic I am in the same situation with my father. I a 19 and he is 67, his health is not so good even now. He has multiple heart stents and gad almost 100% blockage in one of his arteries. The thought of losing my father scares me so much and I cry about it a lot. I envy others whose parents had them much younger, those who get to have much more time with their parents then we could ever have. I don't know if I'll be able to handle and it really hit hard in the end when Judy asked her mother how she's supposed to cope with her lose. I hope we can both learn when the time comes and hope you are doing well

                                  • In Real Life - NY TV
                                    In Real Life - NY TV  6 years back

                                    Love and Stuff is Great !

                                    • Roberto Ornelas
                                      Roberto Ornelas  6 years back

                                      u.u me gusta mucho su trabajo

                                      • Andrew M
                                        Andrew M  2 years back

                                        In english it means "I like your work"

                                    • ghulam mustafa
                                      ghulam mustafa  6 years back