Is Magic Johnson Hurting The Lakers?

  • Published: 21 May 2019
  • ‘Lakers Talk’ Show on ESPN LA 710 from Last Night…

    Is Magic Johnson hurting the Lakers Organization? What do you think of his comments on ‘First Take’ describing Rob Pelinka as a ‘Backstabber?’ Lakers fans react on last night’s LIVE Show on LA…Let me know what your thoughts on what unfolded yesterday...

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Comments • 188

  • Jun Espinosa
    Jun Espinosa  4 months back

    yes. he's the reason for most of the lakers' misfortunes these past two years. from the wasted trades, surrounding bron with the wrong players and up to kawhightmare.

    • Teetee
      Teetee  4 months back

      He fucked up so many times anyway. The moment his dumbass got the job he traded away lou williams. Then he went on a roll trading away all these good players. The last one being zubac going to clippers. Magic messed up the Lakers hands down. So yeah glad he left and stay out. He got his time as a player thats it.

      • Sebastian Romanowski
        Sebastian Romanowski  5 months back

        What ever happened to this allen guy and his moronic posts? What a joke

        • OllieBvlogging
          OllieBvlogging  5 months back

          Great stuff Allen

          • Robert Kho
            Robert Kho  5 months back

            Magic needed to go away! He is hurting everyone in the Lakers organization including Jeannie Buss!
            as if its only in the Lakers org. is having problems these are normal in a corporation you know what am saying? bullying, harassing, back stubbing, gossip? you've got ta be kidding me! so chill off..simmer the f...k down let the people do their job! you aint no Lakers anymore dude?

            • WL Huyler
              WL Huyler  5 months back

              Rob gained Jeanie's trust and remember Magic said, he felt Rob is capable. Rob is our guy, and now that his glaring character flaw has been exposed by Magic shedding light on it, I'm sure Rob will take care to be more honest in his dealings. Magic also pointed out other issues that will cause self reflection, We just got the Magic fix y'all

              • LAKER NATION 4 LIFE!
                LAKER NATION 4 LIFE!  5 months back

                You should be ashamed of yourself! You know damn well have those stories that are being reported on the lakers FO are lies! Magic didn't even know anything about any emails! The only beef he had was he felt like he didn't have any power! And I can name two different occasions were magic contradicted himself! Stop fueling the fire and talk about something positive for a change!

                • Charles Chang
                  Charles Chang  5 months back

                  Rob Parker suggested MJ's statue be covered with a wet blanket and announce him as a persona nongrada...

                  • Brainiac 5
                    Brainiac 5  5 months back

                    The Lakers are the Worst ran Franchise in the NBA at this moment.

                    • Brad Mason
                      Brad Mason  5 months back

                      Magic was on some BS. People all over the world goes through not being happy at work, having people come for their position etc and don’t resort to this non-sense. Then comes out after the interview and says he still talks to Rob etc 🤔. Magic is trash in BBall management, this is the 2nd time I saw with my own eyes., and gets too much credit for his management business skills. OK, good people person and connector of people = relationship builder ... that makes money, but not a leader in the 2000s! Any manager worth his/her salt will see the opposition, and reorganize their strategy to get the job done... welcome to the world where people don’t kiss your a$$ because of your name and people skills, and where you are judged by results and personally are under the microscope. Every failure is someone other than Magic’s fault 😞. Classic case of selfishness.

                      • Ham 1982
                        Ham 1982  5 months back

                        this is Magic´s way of taking revenge on all the lakers people who failed him including Lebron, Palinka, Jeanie.
                        he just described the Lakers as bad place right now, so no free agent would go there

                        • Liz Bannister
                          Liz Bannister  5 months back

                          Magic Johnson was a basketball player. Not a basketball manager. I knew this wasn’t last because he also bailed out as the Laker coach. Some of who he was coaching he also played with. Along with them and young players he couldn’t reach them. So this is nothing surprising. That is him. Smile for the cameras at some Laker charity event and then get lost back into the annals of time and the Hall Of Fame.

                          • Eric Lee
                            Eric Lee  5 months back

                            Why would agents want their players joining the Lakers. Their GM is going to be an agent again very soon, Lebron has his own agency. You run a very big risk of losing your client if they sign with the Lakers.

                            • Master Pierce
                              Master Pierce  5 months back

                              No he killing them

                              • RA Lavendia
                                RA Lavendia  5 months back

                                sabotaging Lakes for business reasons...

                                • mr. Mad man swiss
                                  mr. Mad man swiss  5 months back

                                  Magic can go to Hell!!!

                                  • A Rebel With A Cause
                                    A Rebel With A Cause  5 months back

                                    No he doesn't. But all the bootlicking and covering up for Magic's ineptitude is making me sick to my stomach

                                • george
                                  george  5 months back

                                  Mag could’ve been a good soldier and waited until after draft and free agency then said see ya

                                  • Seito Stockman
                                    Seito Stockman  5 months back

                                    Jeanie is taking heat because she hasn't bowed down to old man Bron @ caller Raymond got tricked by the media spin into thinking Jeanie is the problem. He hinks that she was in control during the Jim buss era too. The next caller also blames her. dummies

                                    • Berendo Ball Bomber
                                      Berendo Ball Bomber  5 months back

                                      This is Steven A. Smith and Max Kellerman recruitment interview on ex-Lakers President of Operations Magic Johnson for the New York Knicks to land Antony Davis for Owner James Dolan. Jeanie blindsided by Magic interview by ESPN declared War on Lakers in the battle over free Agents.

                                      • Brad T
                                        Brad T  5 months back

                                        Everybody is giving Magic a pass because of who he is but keep it real who would want someone in charge of their organization who is doing a half ass job. He admitted he wasn’t giving 100% to the team because of his other businesses. Then when he was hired he said he would put his businesses to the side to give 150% to the Lakers. So he is a liar. Even if what he said is all true if you care about the organization that much you sacrifice your rep for the good of the Lakers knowing how important this summer is for the team.

                                        • Berendo Ball Bomber
                                          Berendo Ball Bomber  5 months back

                                          On FS1 speak for yourself Jason Whitlock hit the nail on the head that these faces of power is super stars with egos. ESPN First Take blindsided Jeanie Buss on her poke at Magic Johnson's diminish of power in her franchise. Magic's poke at Pelinka blindsides Jeanie. Jeanie poked the wrong bear.

                                          • Jason Reyes
                                            Jason Reyes  5 months back

                                            You’re saying his name wrong. It’s perlinker.

                                            • Thai Tran
                                              Thai Tran  5 months back

                                              Basically, he's using his fame to pull some BS. So unprofessional. I use to have a lot of respect for Magic because he's a Lakers great. But nothing he has done has been magical. The Lakers were making a turn, maybe a slow one but still heading to a better place, then he quits like a teenager quitting a summer job. Then goes on TV and hangs up some dirty laundry. Pathetic.

                                            • A A Ron
                                              A A Ron  5 months back

                                              You know what they say truth Hurts, the reality is Johnson did not like Getting called out for not being a hard worker. He thought the job was gonna be easy in not really take a lot of time. Combine that with the fact that he was getting all the blame for how The season went down . You just couldn't take the heat so he got up out the kitchen

                                              • Tony Cento
                                                Tony Cento  5 months back

                                                So get rid of all those cooks in the kitchen !, and get one master chef !!!!

                                                • Exillens 2.0
                                                  Exillens 2.0  5 months back

                                                  Jeannie's bad at her role but Magic needs to stop using Rob as an excuse. He quit because
                                                  1. He realized he couldn't land another star to pair with LeBron
                                                  2. The D'Angelo Russell trade blew up in his face. Instead of getting rid of Swaggy P and the one or two other mediocre players beefing with Russell, who are all long gone anyway. He got rid of the 20yr old future allstar he should've developed and guided like other franchises do. Would've had Kuzma with the next pick anyway.
                                                  3. Drafting Ball over Fox and trying to throw the blame on Jeannie
                                                  4. Not trading for Paul George when he had the chance
                                                  5. If you're not showing up to work what else is Rob supposed to tell your boss whether he's a snake or not? Jeannie saw he was busy with other stuff too and that influenced how much power she gave him.
                                                  6. Why would a president want to help other players like Ben Simmons over those on his own team? Some he traded away
                                                  7. Magic was communicating with Rob days before this interview as if everything was cool. That makes him a snake too. No one in Lakers aired Magic's faults
                                                  8. If any player quit before a game without informing his coach or management, everyone would crucify him, yet Magic talking about maturity and leadership. Could've stepped down respectfully, spoke to Jeannie and Rob in private and not hurt the franchise. Give me a break🙄

                                                  • GabKoost
                                                    GabKoost  5 months back

                                                    Magic revealing internal confidential info is just wrong, unprofessional and disgusting.
                                                    Now i have Rob's back until further notice.
                                                    Someone capable to go on TV saying that he wasn't going to be fully committed, that he wanted to have fun, blaming everyone for everything and exposing inside affairs CANNOT be trusted.
                                                    And then he said he would jump at the chance to buy the Lakers. ALL THIS BEFORE AN IMPORTANT FREE AGENCY.
                                                    TBH, Jeannie should BAN HIM until further notice.
                                                    P.S. Maybe if he spent more time working people around him wouldn't feel the need nor have the time to look around for other voices and opinions.

                                                    • One Man
                                                      One Man  5 months back

                                                      Jeannie bus inability to lead and delegate (i.e. give them power and let them make their decisions and back them up) is hurting the Lakers. Sure the interview didn't help, but guess whose choice magic was? Oh yeah Jeannie. Once he was there she wouldn't allow the man to make decisions which causes problems. Pelinka is a guy ppl don't trust, whose choice was he? Oh yeah Jeannie. The Lakers were shit for years before magic got there but guess who was running things then? This crap all traces back to her. By the way magic is one of the reasons there is a great player on Deck and you still have a man slot. Keep pointing the finger everywhere else if you like but she keeps hiring Lakers and ppl related to Lakers as opposed to getting the best person available for the job in the market and you bitches enable it by blaming everyone she hires and the handicaps instead of pointing to the source. Y'all are your own problem cuz

                                                      • Carlos Cahue
                                                        Carlos Cahue  5 months back

                                                        Of course he’s hurting the Lakers, and intentionally too!! Come on, it’s very obvious he’s trying to make them look the worse. Let it go Magic, let it go! Lakers should just cast this dude to the side already!!!

                                                        • Sleepy Eye BI
                                                          Sleepy Eye BI  5 months back

                                                          Why don't you talk about all decision he's done? Randle, Russel, Lopez, Zubac? He actually had the nerves to bash a 21yold for not playing against the Warriors, which was coaching decision because GSW were playing small. HE IS NOT INVESTED, he talks gibberish and nothing substantial

                                                          • Benjie Lopez
                                                            Benjie Lopez  5 months back

                                                            lakers should be run by professionals and not by family friends if they want to get back to their winning ways.

                                                            • Sleepy Eye BI
                                                              Sleepy Eye BI  5 months back

                                                              Magic is an embarassement, no matter how much he trashes on Rob, Rob actually was in the office and was doing the work, Magic acts like a little sensitive girl about it, it's hillarious, he's a grown ass man.., his interview is full of self-contradictions, why was it needed? what was his goal? He made himself look like a fool. He's a legend and celebrity but not a manager/coach/president etc. As far as I am concerned he needs to be temporarily banned from the club.

                                                            • DeAndre Page
                                                              DeAndre Page  5 months back

                                                              It's WIN-NOW MODE & that means competing for a starting spot.
                                                              Lakers played a dirty game of eliminating all competition.
                                                              Telling yourself you are a good player doesn't mean JACK if you were just handed a starting spot on a silver platter without having to compete for that spot.
                                                              Going against quality NBA Players in practice uplifts both teammates.

                                                              • Julian
                                                                Julian  5 months back

                                                                I think Magic is NOT ruining the organization BUT he's forcing the Lakers to do something. He just put them on blast on national TV and the interwebs. Magic sent a big ass message to Lakers, fix it! The organization is fucking up at the top and the first step to fixing it is acknowledging the problem. Step 1 complete.

                                                                • Sebastian Romanowski
                                                                  Sebastian Romanowski  5 months back

                                                                  Another super duper question by my fav YouTube dumbass congrats allen. Schools paying off

                                                                  • nellymacc91
                                                                    nellymacc91  5 months back

                                                                    If they want to get players, Kobe will have to be in these meetings

                                                                    • metaphorical tactics
                                                                      metaphorical tactics  5 months back

                                                                      Hey Allen, shout out to you and all the Lakers fan base which includes myself. My take on this whole thing: I'm glad Magic resigned. I don't mean that in a bad way, I'm a huge Magic fan, but after hearing most of his ESPN interview, it was obvious to me that Magic was just a figurehead and didn't have the power that he thought he had. If he couldn't fire the coach, then isn't that obvious? Whether Jeannie didn't trust him enough or didn't believe in him or whatever the reason, but there's something that needs to be said that hasn't been said, or at least I haven't heard it. Jeannie needs to have a staff meeting ASAP if she hasn't already and let everyone know that their CAN'T be any backstabbing moving forward and if any of them have a major problem with any other staff member, either tell them to their face or have a mandatory staff meeting to air things out and solve it. In other words use the Magic/rob situation as a teachable moment. On a more positive note, Lakers fans shouldn't fret as far as the product on the floor. The Lakers proved to me that they're good enough to make the playoffs with the team they have now if they can stay healthy and their young core will be a year older, more experienced and probably better. I say keep Lebron and the young core together and when they make the playoffs, they'll be that much more attractive to free agents thinking about coming here. Ignore the media narrative that if the Lakers don't get a big name free agent they're a failure. It depends on how they do this coming regular season.

                                                                      • Tunez650
                                                                        Tunez650  5 months back

                                                                        Too much Magic Johnson bootlicking. Each pro Magic argument is prefaced with the history and glory days, that has nothing to do with him being the president of basketball operations for the Lakers, you reflect on the time as a player, he sucks as an executive.

                                                                        • A Thomas
                                                                          A Thomas  5 months back

                                                                          This whole Brook Lopez to the Bucks thing is killing me. Hindsight is 20/20. Brook Lopez was exceptionally bad as a Laker. He only really played well last month or so of the season. Why does everyone think hes an all star all of the sudden? Lets not do this revisionist history stuff. Let it go.

                                                                          • Rio G
                                                                            Rio G  5 months back

                                                                            The answer to your Post/video question is, NO!

                                                                            • Ramon Hope
                                                                              Ramon Hope  5 months back

                                                                              Wether he was wrong for doing that interview or not, the fact of the matter is that Magic threw a bone to the Lakers a month ago when he quit & he first mentioned about backstabing rumors, i asumed from that moment it was Rob Pelinca, he gave Jeanie the opportunity to make it right fire Pelinca & get a respected GM to start getting things on the right track, we have been hearing that GM's & agents aren't making bussines with the Lakers because of Pelinca why would you keep the man, i understand that's Kobe's guy but if he's hendering your bussines why Keep him, if the Lakers don't do good on this free agency it's Jeanie's fault not Magic. She should do what Robert Kraft did hire great basketball people to do basketball related activities & just sign the checks, stop listening to Linda Rambis, a unsuccesfull coach as Kurt Rambis & definetly Phill Jackson the GM.

                                                                              To me Magic threw another bone in that interview so that she can do things better from now on.

                                                                              • Ramon Hope
                                                                                Ramon Hope  5 months back

                                                                                @GabKoost if you think so that's your problem. The only thing i can say if the reports about managers & Gm's not wanting to work with Pelinca are true, Magic gave Jeanie the oportunity of making things right by letting that man go & getting somebody that's capable of doing a great job in that front office.

                                                                              • GabKoost
                                                                                GabKoost  5 months back

                                                                                Why is Pelinka a backstabber?
                                                                                Because he was complaining that Magic was never around, wasnt invested in his job and wanted all the power without doing anything but managing his business?
                                                                                Pelinka is right. Get the lazy Magic OUT and bring in people who are 100% in.

                                                                            • Marcus Gibson
                                                                              Marcus Gibson  5 months back

                                                                              Magic Johnson is not hurting the Lakers by airing out Rob Pelinka. When and where is it ok to talk shit behind Magic back? especially when he was supposed to be a partner in the whole situation. All in all Lavar Ball was right about this situation when he spoke about it a few months ago.

                                                                              • anzatzi
                                                                                anzatzi  5 months back

                                                                                Magic revealed himself as a feckless interloper. BA=BYE

                                                                                • Howard Hill
                                                                                  Howard Hill  5 months back

                                                                                  Magic is the honest one. Rob Polenka should have been fired for the backstabbing, & Magic should have had full authority to fire Luke.

                                                                                  • JFK 51
                                                                                    JFK 51  5 months back

                                                                                    Magic should have confronted Pelinka about things being said behind his back, which he even admitted was true. Not quit his job like a little emotional kid. Luke Walton should have been fired in November.

                                                                                • Josh Ringer
                                                                                  Josh Ringer  5 months back

                                                                                  Can Jeannie man up and at least give a statement ?????

                                                                                • Josh Ringer
                                                                                  Josh Ringer  5 months back

                                                                                  For all Lakers fans of which I am not I hope there is a coup and the team changes hands

                                                                                  • Apollo Ape
                                                                                    Apollo Ape  5 months back

                                                                                    Screw the organization, my reputation is on the line! AD’s on the way 🎶

                                                                                    • Josh Ringer
                                                                                      Josh Ringer  5 months back

                                                                                      What about this: Jeannie chose Rob over Magic and Earv is broken hearted. He’s acting like a hurt ex