Shannon Sharpe wasn't impressed by Zion's performance in 2nd preseason game | NBA | UNDISPUTED

  • Published: 10 October 2019
  • Zion Williamson dominates in his 2nd preseason game scoring 29 points against the Chicago Bulls. Shannon Sharpe explains why he still isn't impressed by the Pelicans' rookie.

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    Shannon Sharpe wasn't impressed by Zion's performance in 2nd preseason game | NBA | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    What did you think of Zion’s performance in his second preseason game?

    • Dyrty Barstud
      Dyrty Barstud  2 weeks back

      @Webster Rollack injury will always be a problem for him, his body mechanics alone make that obvious. Other than that, much like larry, he will be a nightmare matchup and score pretty much at will.

    • Webster Rollack
      Webster Rollack  2 weeks back

      @Dyrty Barstud he hasnt even debuted yet... your comment didn't age well

    • Sinclair Gary
      Sinclair Gary  4 weeks back

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED I don’t see nothing special right now...only time will tell

    • RSG Classic
      RSG Classic  4 weeks back

      LeBronNotTop10 #3-6SZN #NoFootworkSZN lmfao!!

  • Julio César Febles
    Julio César Febles  2 weeks back

    On Zion's 2nd NBA game



    • loud wolf
      loud wolf  3 weeks back

      Shannon Hating Hard.

      • ESSJ333
        ESSJ333  3 weeks back

        Shannon hates Zion because he refused to pay his bills like LeBron is.

        • Daron Cannon
          Daron Cannon  4 weeks back

          What did Shaq do back in the day. Dunk, Dunk, Dunk, Dunk .....break the rim, Dunk

          • Kawaii Kawhi
            Kawaii Kawhi  4 weeks back

            If its that easy to make a layup then why arent the other players also recording the same numbers? Smh 2 points is 2 points

            • Incognito Burrito
              Incognito Burrito  4 weeks back

              "Lissun heyuh skeeyup"

              • Steve MT
                Steve MT  4 weeks back

                Just the type of player who is going to dominate in the regular season and get exposed in the playoffs just like the paper MVP this year.

                • Robert Rucker
                  Robert Rucker  4 weeks back

                  Uncle Shannon just doing his job right now for the ratings. His job is to downplay everything that young Zion does. Criticize his weight and say told you so if he young man gets hurt. All the way to ROY.

                  • TheDivine2007
                    TheDivine2007  4 weeks back

                    he is the new charlotte/n.o. hornets/pelicans larry johnson lol

                    • Down Hill
                      Down Hill  4 weeks back

                      shannon sharpe trying to do everything in his power to get fired. This man does realize he has a job on the line right? Speaking Zion's name in vain in only his 2nd preseason nba game is warrant enough to be fired.

                      • bjern757
                        bjern757  4 weeks back

                        I wanna see Zion do whatever he does well .. up to the defense to stop em and fore him to expand

                        • Eli Barkey
                          Eli Barkey  4 weeks back

                          They aren’t wide open layups and dunks. They are contested in the paint

                          • Velli Ellis
                            Velli Ellis  4 weeks back

                            Considering Shannon is a Bron rider, I'm shocked at his take on Zion

                            • Shyaka
                              Shyaka  4 weeks back

                              Never heard nobody say steph needs to shoot less 3’s

                              • Wade Jenkins free music

                                @ Shannon Sharpe.. Zion doing his Job if his game expands then yea it a be good but he the power forward

                                • Robert Williams
                                  Robert Williams  4 weeks back

                                  Shay know Zion coming from the "throne"...

                                  • Ryan Evans
                                    Ryan Evans  4 weeks back

                                    How can you not be impressed😂

                                    • Dilly Dilly
                                      Dilly Dilly  4 weeks back

                                      Why would you ask one of Lebron’s nutsacks if he was impressed by Zion?

                                      • Grayson Tucker
                                        Grayson Tucker  4 weeks back

                                        And I’m still pretty sure that’s 29 points against real players

                                        • Alan Espejel
                                          Alan Espejel  4 weeks back

                                          “We want him to expand” this MF is a ROOKIE!

                                          • J Rayez
                                            J Rayez  4 weeks back

                                            Kid scores 29 points in the NBA and you still bash him. Smh

                                            • Mark Derrick
                                              Mark Derrick  4 weeks back

                                              Why not do what works for him? I usually agree with everything you say, but not this point.

                                              • 3rdCoastAlliance
                                                3rdCoastAlliance  4 weeks back

                                                MJ would absolutely exploit his opponent's inability to stop him.

                                                Zion isn't required to show the depth of his game, if they can't stop him from scoring on the inside. The attributes of his body is unlike anyone else in the league right now. For his size...he's huge when it comes to basketball, and when you combine that with his explosiveness, you can't stop him.

                                                The season hasn't even started yet, and people are already assuming that Zion intends to have dunking be his "go to" when he's 8 years into the league.

                                                • Daman Rai
                                                  Daman Rai  4 weeks back

                                                  Very bad take by shannon

                                                  • Ali Ali
                                                    Ali Ali  4 weeks back

                                                    The game has revolved around shooting for the past 10+ years that we when finally get a generational player who can revolutionize the game back into the post.. we start hating. Smh. Man Zion keep dominating inside, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

                                                    • Humbler32
                                                      Humbler32  4 weeks back

                                                      By that accord Shannon you should be impressed with LeBron, 85% of his Field Goals are from 15ft away or closer. That & Zion has a better free throw percentage that LeBron does, this preseason. You are such a hypocrite Brother...

                                                      • Veno D313
                                                        Veno D313  4 weeks back

                                                        As i diehard LeBron fan. I refuse to act like a Kobist. We don't need to hate on Zion for being the next big thing, we are a different breed of fan who can appreciate the game from someone other than our favorite player. But i know how Fox and the media plays it.

                                                        • Imgoodphelps
                                                          Imgoodphelps  4 weeks back

                                                          What is your point the object is to score whether it's from long distance or close range what is your point Charles Barkley didn't have a jump shot when he first got into the league it was all layups and dunks Michael Jordan all layups and dunks Dominique Wilkins all lives and don't why do you hate this man so much it is crazy no Athlete on the planet can't really believe that Zion Williams won't be averaging over 20 points for a career in the NBA except you I don't throw the word hate around often but you talking about Zion Williams since he been at Duke sounds like a lot of hate if you not impressed with nothing this man has done Shannon Sharpe

                                                          • Bang Wit Da Sharp NBA2k

                                                            12/13 I don't care how bro get it stupid points is points he scoring efficient he played a Shaq type dominant inside scorer I love it

                                                            • Joe Janez
                                                              Joe Janez  4 weeks back

                                                              Shannon thinks getting a "lay-up" is so easy. It takes skill to be able to get to the rim and get a 'lay-up'.
                                                              whether Zion can get many 'lay-ups' in the play-off is another story where NBA opposing teams finally play defense. obviously a jump shot would a nice arsenal to have in the bag for an agile big man.

                                                              • tanner sleighter
                                                                tanner sleighter  4 weeks back

                                                                why does he need to change his game if it is currently successful for zion and the pelicans. this was a real stupid argument by shannon

                                                                • martovu
                                                                  martovu  4 weeks back

                                                                  sharpe hating on zion already cz he hyped mo than LBJ in his rookie year

                                                                  • bb kingme
                                                                    bb kingme  4 weeks back

                                                                    Shannon. Shut up. U hatin now. What u askin. Zion to stop scoring easy points and shoot steph curry style.

                                                                    • Ay Sae
                                                                      Ay Sae  4 weeks back

                                                                      29 points on dunks and layups... I'll take that every game!

                                                                      • BOOM BRO
                                                                        BOOM BRO  4 weeks back

                                                                        Bro Zion don’t need the three rn. He cn literally score all the 2-pointer for now and as he progresses he cn make some threes but he doesn’t need all these threes. That’s wut all the other shooters are for haha

                                                                        • Itzahk Pearlman
                                                                          Itzahk Pearlman  4 weeks back

                                                                          3pt goats

                                                                          • Itzahk Pearlman
                                                                            Itzahk Pearlman  4 weeks back

                                                                            I'm so confused. Layups mean he beat the defense.

                                                                            • Jeremy R
                                                                              Jeremy R  4 weeks back

                                                                              He's a fantastic athlete, however, without refining his footwork and IQ he is destined to be relevant for only a few years. I sincerely hope to see Zion at his full potential. The weight is an issue and his usage is and is going to be trash on the Pelicans. If Zion loses 15 lbs and is put into a higher motion system, the dude becomes a basketball God. He draws attention and can use that to create assists for teammates. If he studies post moves from Hakeem Olajuwon while understanding spacing to create a range game, the sky is the limit. His defense is already set. So interested to see Zion develop!

                                                                              • Dwayne L
                                                                                Dwayne L  4 weeks back

                                                                                5 days skip your mouth close about zion. Cause we gone throw it in your face, and watch you back peddle

                                                                                • TokyoTraveller
                                                                                  TokyoTraveller  4 weeks back

                                                                                  If LEBRON was 12 for 13, Shannon would want to cover him in GOLD...naw, naw, naw...Platinum!

                                                                                  • truble2sum
                                                                                    truble2sum  4 weeks back

                                                                                    Uncle shae you hating bruh

                                                                                    • sam56094
                                                                                      sam56094  4 weeks back


                                                                                      • henry manahan
                                                                                        henry manahan  4 weeks back

                                                                                        what if he never has to take a shot outside the restricted area??? what if he doesn't need to expand till he gets older slower fatter?????? MVP this year calling it

                                                                                        • Oscar Lopez
                                                                                          Oscar Lopez  4 weeks back

                                                                                          No Shannon YOU want him expand his game. If you know everyone knows he can dunk and layup why don't NBA players stop him. You never saw Shaq shoot jumpers and he dominated game. Zion needs to keep playing his game and not listen to the Shannon's of the world.

                                                                                          • Nick dominic
                                                                                            Nick dominic  4 weeks back

                                                                                            Since day 1 of this kid coming to hypebeast prominence this kid hasnt done anything but dunk the ball and jump high, I really and truly believe he is the medias first project to see if they can create a media superstar out of nothing really.

                                                                                            • Delta Joe
                                                                                              Delta Joe  4 weeks back

                                                                                              We get it if he got to 260 he could unlock his full potential . 285 is to heavy on a 6,6 frame , but to say you're not impressed K'Mon ??? This kids a straight up Monsta!!!

                                                                                              • David Lawal
                                                                                                David Lawal  4 weeks back

                                                                                                Uncle Sharpe.......I disagree hate it or love that’s good production