UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (01.03.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED

  • Published: 04 January 2019
  • Topics
    ► LeBron James (00:57)
    ► Dak Prescott vs. Russell Wilson (24:51)
    ► Antonio Brown (39:40)
    ► Lamar Jackson vs. Philip Rivers (51:03)
    ► Kawhi Leonard (1:02:07)
    ► Steelers drama (1:13:10)
    ► Lakers vs. Thunder (1:27:12)
    ► 2016 NBA Finals (1:37:46)
    ► Andrew Luck/Deshaun Watson (1:47:52)
    ► Anthony Davis (1:54:17)

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    About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

    UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (01.03.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED

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Comments • 29

  • Brandon the Great
    Brandon the Great  10 months back

    Dustin' ppl with the ole Orthopedics 😂😂😂

    • Brandon the Great
      Brandon the Great  10 months back

      Russell Wilson has 4 pro bowls and a ring. Dak has nothing. There's no way you can compare the 2. It's laughable 😂

      • Chris Moon
        Chris Moon  10 months back

        I 💕 this show...

        • Vok
          Vok  10 months back

          If Lebron scored and assisted on every bucket, grabbed every offensive and defensive rebound for his team, recorded 15 steals and 11 blocks in a game 7, Skip would still find a way to discredit him. I get it, MJ is the goat right now, but you gotta at least give the man credit for what he’s done

          • David Bailey
            David Bailey  9 months back


          • captainbrown05
            captainbrown05  9 months back

            Mannn you are not lying at all this guy skip bayless is the haters of allll haters, if the Chapelle show was still on and they did another hate hate hate skit skip bayless should have received the hate goat status award😂

        • John beason
          John beason  10 months back

          Watson > Luck

          • Le Saunier
            Le Saunier  10 months back

            Skip lost any credibility he could have choosing Dak over Russ. You can be a fan, but it shouldn't blind you.

            • DBangrz -
              DBangrz -  10 months back

              one of them pictures in the thumbnail is always LeBron lmfao what a coincidence

              • Brandon Royal
                Brandon Royal  10 months back

                I swear I fuxking hate skip how Jason kidd not a hall of Famer?

                • Poindexter Flex
                  Poindexter Flex  10 months back

                  This is actually even more hilarious to just listen to without looking at them.

                • Christopher Law
                  Christopher Law  10 months back

                  1:25:14 Both of these guys are hilarious 😂

                  • Jake Haseman
                    Jake Haseman  10 months back

                    How about we talk about Mitchell Trubisky?

                    • Rodney Mclin
                      Rodney Mclin  10 months back

                      I forgot skip knows all about basketball!. Lol, Mr. 1.8 ppg! I think they need jalen rose on again to remind skip about his basketball credibility!

                    • Dre2 Dee2
                      Dre2 Dee2  10 months back

                      Seriously, Jenny.... shut up. No one cares what you think, MY GOD lol

                      • Stone Heart
                        Stone Heart  10 months back

                        I'm pretty sure Ghangis Khan said I would rather have an army of donkeys led by a lion than an army of lions led by a donkey.

                        • Super19900991
                          Super19900991  10 months back

                          Run game equal not many 3 and 10's.....Jackson already beat Rivers. Ravens will win this 1

                          • STJ
                            STJ  10 months back

                            Wow, only two of Skips three favourite topics? Surely he squeeze Brady in here somewhere

                          • Samuel Wallace
                            Samuel Wallace  10 months back

                            Shannon sharpe 2019

                            • laitis vi
                              laitis vi  10 months back

                              Topic for the future: is Tom Brady still one of the greatest if he gets once or more again to the superbowl, but he does not win it? If he gets in this year and loses, he is 5 - 4 in those games, so Tom lost almost half in his superbowls. It would be interesting to hear that conversation with Skip and Shannon. It would start to look like Lebron and MJ topic.

                              • B West
                                B West  10 months back

                                But to be fair Tom played his career in the AFC east which is a very weak division

                              • B West
                                B West  10 months back

                                Tom would still be considered an all-time great because hes old af with a weak team surrounding him. Also Lebron was playing in the eastern conference, which was a cake walk getting to the finals during that whole era

                            • Holy City Window Film, LLC


                              • Texas Sports TV
                                Texas Sports TV  10 months back

                                Episode 2 of uncontested will be uploaded shortly.

                                • Manny Prunty
                                  Manny Prunty  10 months back

                                  Chris Ballard not Ryan Ballard, Shannon. Love the show! I disagree with Skip but to each their own