Zimmerman's big game, Strasburg leads Nats | Nationals-Twins Game Highlights 9/11/19

  • Published: 12 September 2019
  • Condensed Game: Ryan Zimmerman belted a home run and drove in three runs, while Stephen Strasburg tossed six two-run innings in the win

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Comments • 20

  • California registered sex offender

    Did no one notice the WTC in the two teams lettering for the thumbnail?

    • Natee 95
      Natee 95  1 months back

      And the AL Central lead shrinks 😂

    • B skrillz
      B skrillz  1 months back

      thanks Washington Nationals

      • TheReal2TMHighlights
        TheReal2TMHighlights  1 months back

        Zimmerman need to be a Nat for life, until he retires, he can still go.

        • J P
          J P  1 months back

          I can't wait to watch the Nats play the Braves in the playoffs...

          • J P
            J P  1 months back

            @CKWE First off we can disagree on something without calling people names. Second I'm a Yankees fan, so I really don't care one way or the other. Also you're correct, the Braves have beating the Nationals 9 times this year. I still think is going to be interesting, therefor I'm going to watch it.


          • CKWE
            CKWE  1 months back

            @ JP. The braves are 9-7 against the nationals. Are you really that dumb? You will never get past the dodgers.

          • EpicChris
            EpicChris  1 months back

            @J P no kidding

          • J P
            J P  1 months back

            They've been very competitive all year long, I don't know what they outcome will be, but I'm sure is going to be a good match! The Nats have beating the braves 9 times this year, and the Braves beat the Nats 8 times... This weekend is going to be very interesting...

          • TheReal2TMHighlights
            TheReal2TMHighlights  1 months back

            braves are too much for them did you not watch last week?

        • caronson
          caronson  1 months back

          Dang that rosario miss was very costly

          • All You Need Is Jesus Christ

            that is a quiet ballpark did the temperature drop below 60 degrees F. so everyone stayed home ? looks like maybe 1000 people and the local leftist   sports page will tell me it was 40,000...

            • Tee Mobile
              Tee Mobile  1 months back

              Go nats!!

              • Ack
                Ack  1 months back

                Nats get that dub.

                • jazzalex22
                  jazzalex22  1 months back

                  Final score: Umps 6, Twins comeback 2

                  • Joseph G
                    Joseph G  1 months back

                    Wheres Bob been?

                    • Joseph G
                      Joseph G  1 months back

                      Michael Kirby that stinks. Get well soon Mrs. Carpenter.

                    • Michael Kirby
                      Michael Kirby  1 months back

                      His wife had to have some type of unexpected surgery.