Skip and Shannon react to the Raptors’ 123-109 Game 3 win vs. the Warriors | NBA | UNDISPUTED

  • Published: 06 June 2019
  • Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss the Toronto Raptors 123-109 victory against the Golden State Warriors in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Hear Shannon commend the Raptors and especially Kyle Lowry's performance; while Skip explains being unimpressed by the Warriors.

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    About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

    Skip and Shannon react to the Raptors’ 123-109 Game 3 win vs. the Warriors | NBA | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Steph Curry or Raptors — Who was more impressive in Game 3?

    • trinispeed01
      trinispeed01  6 months back

      Raptors they won.

    • ToniM4A1
      ToniM4A1  6 months back

      Curry - 46 points
      Raptors - 123 points

      It's self-explanatory

    • MaShark Solutions
      MaShark Solutions  6 months back


    • Nice One
      Nice One  6 months back

      Steph putting up 47 points despite being double teamed the whole night. The Raptors beat a team missing 2 All-NBA players in KD and Klay plus another All-NBA caiber player coming off an injury in Cousins. And let's not forget Looney. So the Raptors beat a team missing 4 key players.

  • Yuhh 21
    Yuhh 21  2 months back

    I have never seen a guy who can hate on 3 great superstars helping thier team

    • Eddie P
      Eddie P  6 months back

      Impactless 47?😂

      • Leonard Fisher
        Leonard Fisher  6 months back


        • Doc Amaro
          Doc Amaro  6 months back

          Klay is a better player than curry

          • Pat Track
            Pat Track  6 months back

            Skips gone mad. Wonder how he reacts to this game 4 when they had both Klay and Steph. And quit calling him #2, it’s disrespectful.

            • B J
              B J  6 months back

              Curry is overrated. He can't carry a team. I've been saying it for years. NEVER should have been given a unanimous MVP award. Glad the Warriors are getting exposed.

              • John Sim
                John Sim  6 months back

                Skip is delusional how does anyone take him seriously?

                • Lebron James forgotten son

                  Shanon: » this is a team sport and you always want to make it about an individual »
                  That summarizes skip’s entire career

                  • Dame Dollaz
                    Dame Dollaz  6 months back

                    Skip wtf are you talking about 🤦🏾‍♂️

                    • Tiffany Moss
                      Tiffany Moss  6 months back

                      nobody is talking about how long Toronto and lateral movement on defenses they have. which is giving gs w fits. also the ball movement is on point . gsw need kd badly.

                      • ALVA 45k
                        ALVA 45k  6 months back

                        Each game makes these two more humble

                        • Ethan Geist
                          Ethan Geist  6 months back

                          So just because steph scored better in a different way he is not a good 🤔

                          • Chitalu Wilbroad Zimba
                            Chitalu Wilbroad Zimba  6 months back

                            SHANNON SNAAAAAAPED 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

                            • Stephen Napier
                              Stephen Napier  6 months back

                              I commend the great faith of these analysts. No matter what happens, they can't accept a north of the border expansion team winning the championship.

                              • Stephen Napier
                                Stephen Napier  6 months back

                                We saw Stef Curry with a playoff career high. We saw Stef Curry with a playoff career high low. It doesn't matter what anyone does, the Raptors are on a mission. Don't care what happens in the first half, it matters in the second.

                                • Ruth C
                                  Ruth C  6 months back

                                  I hope raptors win in 5 /6 so skip is wrong

                                  • CODeReDX
                                    CODeReDX  6 months back

                                    I agree with skip on steph needing klay

                                    • Omar Abualzenat
                                      Omar Abualzenat  6 months back

                                      Skip:he's a 3 point shooter it's what he dose but he only got 2 three pointer the rest were 2 pointers and fouls

                                      Me:so he's not allowed to shoot 2 pointers because u like seeing him shoot 3 pointers huhhhhh u cnat stop him from doing smthn u ain't his mama

                                      • Vittorio Fioravanti
                                        Vittorio Fioravanti  6 months back

                                        Talking about the Raps, win or lose, doesn't get ratings...

                                        • chris clark
                                          chris clark  6 months back

                                          That was probably the stupidest Skip has ever sounded- and that's saying a lot. The quietest 47pts? That's like saying the slowest 150mph. It's 47pts. His argument that he needed to hit 3s to get the crowd into is absurd. The crowd wasn't into it because despite Steph having a great night, the Raptors crushed the Warriors. If you hit a shot and you're still down double digits, it doesn't matter if it's a 2 or a 3, the crowd isn't going to be in a frenzy cos they know they're still getting it handed to them.

                                          • Forsaken
                                            Forsaken  6 months back

                                            Does Skip and Shannon consider themselves friends or foes and do the get along off camera? This episode got heated real quick. They both make good arguments though.

                                            • racegod09
                                              racegod09  6 months back

                                              They tried Jerebko and that was a nightmare match up for him lol

                                              • Joshua Howard
                                                Joshua Howard  6 months back

                                                Heated Shannon 👀👀

                                                • TimrodTV
                                                  TimrodTV  6 months back

                                                  I agree. they needed clay.

                                                  • Emanuel Teague
                                                    Emanuel Teague  6 months back

                                                    There is nothing quiet about 47 points. Stop it skip

                                                    • Giorgos Papadimitriou
                                                      Giorgos Papadimitriou  6 months back

                                                      Skip is crazy as always but come on if Kawhi is the mvp will be just on reputation. In the only game that he was by far the best they lost .In game one he was the 3rd best player behind siakam and gasol and in game 3 there were 5 guys on 20 points and ibaka had 6 blocks.Not to mention they were playing against steph draymond and a bag of potatoes

                                                      • Linda Morgan
                                                        Linda Morgan  6 months back

                                                        No KD NO RInGS

                                                        • Daniel Lopez
                                                          Daniel Lopez  6 months back

                                                          IF IT AINT A STEPH THREE, THEN THE POINTS DONT COUNT

                                                          • CBWAVY
                                                            CBWAVY  6 months back

                                                            It's annoying how they violently agree sometimes... like you guys are saying the same thing, why are you yelling at each other?

                                                            • JC Taylor
                                                              JC Taylor  6 months back

                                                              Honestly.... I've listened to a number of these and skip has, by far, the most biased, non-objective arguments which invalidates pretty much anything he says. Shannon makes sounds arguments. Skip sounds like he's bitterly complaining about an ex-spouse. Steph scored 47 and the man's actually complaining. LOL what a joke

                                                              • Wyatt Castro
                                                                Wyatt Castro  6 months back

                                                                SS: Don't start that
                                                                SB: IM STARTING IT!!!!

                                                                • D Mil
                                                                  D Mil  6 months back

                                                                  Raptors need to end this QUICK or it could get ugly

                                                                  • Sparring101
                                                                    Sparring101  6 months back

                                                                    Skip should definitely be fired

                                                                    • Ryan Deen
                                                                      Ryan Deen  6 months back

                                                                      Just talking about Kawhi gives Skip Heart pain he goes "mmm" "ahmm". He's becoming comical....

                                                                      • dwayne5800
                                                                        dwayne5800  6 months back

                                                                        Get'em Shannon, Skip is out of line with all of this blasphemous talk that's spewing from his mouth. Pew D real basketball hater.

                                                                        • Yav Tomar
                                                                          Yav Tomar  6 months back

                                                                          Oh come on Steph wasn't doing it all alone . He had two other all stars and one finals MVP. LeBron was alone in the real sense last year. Guess what.. LeBron had two all stars last year ( love and korver) and former 6th man of the year jr Smith.

                                                                          Draymond and demarcus wasn't all star this year and neither should they be considered especially if they air ball wide open threes

                                                                          • RoFran Francisco
                                                                            RoFran Francisco  6 months back

                                                                            Again Skip arguing like a wimp. he doesn't understand this is a team sport. He is still waiting for a superman to come save him and he is looking at this superman in sports. #getsportsman to talk about sports. Not wimps. Shannon needs his own show.

                                                                            • Karim Amin
                                                                              Karim Amin  6 months back

                                                                              Skip: I'm going to give #2 a C-. Wait? If, my guy is #1 and he is #2. What does that make your guy in LA? #3?

                                                                              • Hope
                                                                                Hope  6 months back

                                                                                Is skip taking advantage to take personal shots at Shannon? screaming and calling him bla bla bla is not professsional and i think shannon didn't like that.

                                                                                • Ohm Bettis
                                                                                  Ohm Bettis  6 months back

                                                                                  "A quiet 47" What Skip means is, when people look back at these finals 20 years from now and the Rapters win it (which I think is a long shot) then who's going to care he got 47 when they lost? When Iverson got his he didnt have any other all stars and won his game, albeit because of a turnover.

                                                                                  • coach nick
                                                                                    coach nick  6 months back

                                                                                    skip should be fined for his comments on this one

                                                                                    • coach nick
                                                                                      coach nick  6 months back

                                                                                      skip should be fined for his comments on this one

                                                                                      • D k
                                                                                        D k  6 months back

                                                                                        You'll touched a really interesting point, who is more valuable steff or clay, I think clay because he can score and defend.

                                                                                        • Cole Privott
                                                                                          Cole Privott  6 months back

                                                                                          This is one of skips worst takes QUIET 47!?

                                                                                          • KP
                                                                                            KP  6 months back

                                                                                            Why should anyone listen to anything Skip has to say. Clearly he is bias and hurt Kawhi left SA. None of his arguments are credible. He needs to retire already.

                                                                                            • Jeffrey Mcmillan
                                                                                              Jeffrey Mcmillan  6 months back

                                                                                              Lol I think skip is like man I can’t hate on kawhi.... who else can I hate on

                                                                                              • Shemar coombs
                                                                                                Shemar coombs  6 months back

                                                                                                Skip always has something bad to say about players like he can play basketball don’t criticize what you yourself can’t do suck you muma skip