Chris Broussard: 'I think KD has played his last game as a Warrior,' talks Giannis | NBA | THE HERD

  • Published: 27 May 2019
  • Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to discuss the status of Kevin Durant, and Giannis Antetokounmpo performance in the Eastern Conference Finals. Hear why he thinks KD played his last game with Golden State and will leave during NBA free agency.

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    Chris Broussard: 'I think KD has played his last game as a Warrior,' talks Giannis | NBA | THE HERD

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Where will Kevin Durant play next season?

    • MyWigStudio
      MyWigStudio  6 months back

      The Herd with Colin Cowherd the snakeland

    • labels
      labels  6 months back

      lol Knicks the  NY reporters will tear him up he is sooooo sensitive lol idiot and when NY doesn't get anywere  we will laugh at him BIG

    • f oakley
      f oakley  6 months back

      Surf Surfing Is that you KD?

    • steamroller72
      steamroller72  6 months back

      Better be the Knicks!

    • Ra'jin'703
      Ra'jin'703  6 months back


  • Lashorna Washington
    Lashorna Washington  6 months back

    I only dating causing brothers now I know who sent this it's over don't send anything to my channel againor it's harrassment

    • Blake Derby
      Blake Derby  6 months back

      The Miami Heat were only the third team to win the NBA Finals after dropping the first two games and your telling me D-Wade didn't deal with adversity. He had to average 34 points a game to get that championship.

      • JVCKPOT
        JVCKPOT  6 months back

        Kd comes back game 3

        • justSaying
          justSaying  6 months back

          KD is needed in GS. Why Draymond recruited him.

          • demond word
            demond word  6 months back

            News flash..i think the warriors need him now lol ijs

            • Christinson Sunny
              Christinson Sunny  6 months back

              I wonder if Broussard and the other guy buy shirts from the same shop together.

              • The Future Is Here
                The Future Is Here  6 months back

                0:25 Colin doesn't have the sac to predict Raptors
                But he'll spin it in 2 weeks so it sounds like he did beforehand

                • eastside johnnywalker
                  eastside johnnywalker  6 months back

                  He forgot 2004 Lakers

                  • Matthew Sawczyn
                    Matthew Sawczyn  6 months back

                    I'm just glad to hear Dirk's name every once in a while. Guy's a legend

                    • essentialeugene
                      essentialeugene  6 months back

                      Kevin Durant has said he plans on retiring at 35.

                      • qhamarii0
                        qhamarii0  6 months back

                        You should never try to prove yourself to anyone chasing others validation always leads to unhappiness

                        • labels
                          labels  6 months back

                          lol Knicks the  NY reporters will tear him up he is sooooo sensitive lol idiot and when NY doesn't get anywere  we will laugh at him BIG

                          • AKTINODIAGNOSI BACKUP
                            AKTINODIAGNOSI BACKUP  6 months back

                            who else thinks Colin spits a lot when he talks??

                            • Midknight1124
                              Midknight1124  6 months back

                              If GS wins without KD, it diminishes his other rings and for sure tarnishes this run for him. Elevates Steph though

                              • Isaac Barrow
                                Isaac Barrow  6 months back

                                Chris is gonna take all his PTO if KD stays

                                • Aniekeme Udoko
                                  Aniekeme Udoko  6 months back

                                  KD stated next question? next question? next question ? Are you doing thank you

                                  • Aniekeme Udoko
                                    Aniekeme Udoko  6 months back

                                    Kawhi joing the Warriors.... lol like Donald trump joining Putin Hoax.... that would be crazy for NBA fans...

                                    • Aniekeme Udoko
                                      Aniekeme Udoko  6 months back

                                      Atlanta Hawks

                                      • WhatsWongNow
                                        WhatsWongNow  6 months back

                                        Broussard's line of reasoning is ludicrous. Without KD, the Ws wouldn't have made it this far. If Steph, Klay, and Draymond had to carry the Ws through 82 regular season games + 20 playoff games, they'd be on empty for the Finals. They are only as good as they are now because KD has shouldered so much of the load, not just during the regular season but also in the early part of the playoffs.

                                        Just a few weeks ago, the talking heads were saying Durant was the most important guy on the team. Now they don't even need him. Bull.

                                        Don't take the bait, KD. These guys are full of [email protected]

                                        • PutÖkien LeaEstÖÖ
                                          PutÖkien LeaEstÖÖ  6 months back

                                          This just hit me ...
                                          Everybody says GS doesn’t need KD
                                          We all seem to forget
                                          Why they brought KD To GS
                                          Was to beat LeBron James
                                          So LeBron in not in the playoffs
                                          That’s why it seems they don’t need KD
                                          But what will happen if the Lakers land 1 or 2 top free agents
                                          Don’t you think GS will need KD?

                                          • Adrian F
                                            Adrian F  6 months back

                                            Warriors did need kd to beat lebron and kyrie. They would of lost the first one if kyrie didn't get hurt... they just don't need him this year

                                            • Tye Calloway
                                              Tye Calloway  6 months back

                                              Chris “I’m only slightly relevant during free agency period because of my fake sources” Broussard.

                                              • RepublicAllegiance
                                                RepublicAllegiance  6 months back

                                                sadly Nurkic is done.

                                                • David Girten
                                                  David Girten  6 months back

                                                  I agree with Chris, the biggest difference is the time they played together.

                                                  • Julio Maldonado
                                                    Julio Maldonado  6 months back

                                                    "Diagnoseas" - The Great Hater Broussard

                                                    • Find Jerm Frm Oceanview
                                                      Find Jerm Frm Oceanview  6 months back

                                                      Playoffs big rigged

                                                      • krnboyxjin
                                                        krnboyxjin  6 months back

                                                        What are these fools talking about? KD joined a championship team like a snake. Why do you think he will leave?

                                                        • Trent Middlebrough
                                                          Trent Middlebrough  6 months back

                                                          The fact that they’re the favorites without kd just shows they don’t need him

                                                          • Presley Waller
                                                            Presley Waller  6 months back

                                                            “Things happen in threes”

                                                            • Jason Nam
                                                              Jason Nam  6 months back

                                                              How is this new opinion? We knew the day the news broke that kd left okc to gsw

                                                              • money game
                                                                money game  6 months back

                                                                K.D. is a" nice guy". Westbrook is a "GOON"..KEVIN :TWEETY "DURANT...

                                                                • Travis Poindexter
                                                                  Travis Poindexter  6 months back

                                                                  KD warriors for ever

                                                                  • Mathobela Mmakau
                                                                    Mathobela Mmakau  6 months back

                                                                    Chris is gonna be the reason KD stay in Golden State smh

                                                                    • savemelofi
                                                                      savemelofi  6 months back

                                                                      I hate it when people say "Wade had Shaq". Shaq was still solid in Miami but he was aeons away from being the player he was during is tenure with the Lakers.

                                                                      • bjtgaming
                                                                        bjtgaming  6 months back

                                                                        Looks like there going to be VERY WRONG about KD for a THIRD time!

                                                                        • Marvin Santana
                                                                          Marvin Santana  6 months back

                                                                          Chris Brousard: "I hope, pray, WISH that KD has played his last game as a Warrior, because LeBron will never come close to winning anything again as long as KD is in San Francisco."


                                                                          • couth elle
                                                                            couth elle  6 months back

                                                                            The "We don't need you narrative" is just a media narrative.

                                                                            • Scotts Freeny
                                                                              Scotts Freeny  6 months back

                                                                              KD is not playing in this finals, he is trying tobshed his snake reputation.Lol

                                                                              • Cedric Barrey
                                                                                Cedric Barrey  6 months back

                                                                                Leading a team to The championship all by himself ? KD won't certainly do that in New York .

                                                                                • Cedric Barrey
                                                                                  Cedric Barrey  6 months back

                                                                                  Correction : there was 2 superstars in Dallas : Jason Kidd and Dirk nowitzki . Mr Cowherd .

                                                                                  • Kevin Young II
                                                                                    Kevin Young II  6 months back

                                                                                    Durant’s stays in with Golden State!

                                                                                    • Stephen S
                                                                                      Stephen S  6 months back

                                                                                      The NBA has become the most predictable and boring sport ever

                                                                                      • Troy
                                                                                        Troy  6 months back

                                                                                        At the start of the year you predicted bucks and blazers going to conference finals lmao? Wtf you talking about

                                                                                    • Mo L
                                                                                      Mo L  6 months back

                                                                                      Chris: Kevin might have played his last game as a Warrior
                                                                                      Colin: What a bad way to end his career

                                                                                      His career is far from over🤣🤣🤣 he won 3 championships the media really takes the human element out of sports. What more do u want from him

                                                                                      • james lachs
                                                                                        james lachs  6 months back

                                                                                        If Durant doesn't play, I believe the Raptors will win their first ring. If you look at the individual match-ups, GS doesn't have the advantage most people believe they do. Lowry isn't as good as Curry but he's still a top PG. Leonard can guard 3 positions very well. If Thompson gets hot, he'll be all over him like glue. If necessary, he'll guard Curry. Down low, especially if Cousins doesn't play or isn't at full strength, the Raptors are a much bigger team and should own the boards. Gasol needs to hit 3s because he'll be wide open all series. I hope we see as many games as possible if I'm right or wrong.

                                                                                        • Curtis Tisberger
                                                                                          Curtis Tisberger  6 months back

                                                                                          COLIN THE JEW COWARD

                                                                                          • LaCin. Vro
                                                                                            LaCin. Vro  6 months back


                                                                                            • Santa Claus
                                                                                              Santa Claus  6 months back

                                                                                              KD bout to be ready for game 5 but warriors finna sweep lmao