Buzzfeed Hates Men

  • Published: 17 December 2016
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    The Return of Prank Invasion --

    Buzzfeed brings us a new masterpiece "Women Try Manspreading For A Week"

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  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones  3 minutes back

    It's not OK to do that but it's OK to breastfeed in public?!

    • Geoffrey Ellis
      Geoffrey Ellis  1 hours back

      As an Australian.

      Fuck Tan.

      • Darius Matthews
        Darius Matthews  2 hours back

        Wwwwe need a right activist

        • Darius Matthews
          Darius Matthews  2 hours back

          Sssssssstfu New York please...shut....up (I’m from ny) all you have to do is...can you please give me some room THATS IT
          I was 2min in got past the 3rd min mark and I’m convinced she is what she eats
          8min mark she taking up a row by CHOICE..
          Girls are beatiful or weird yeah your gonna get looks*sigh* deserve public spacing? It’s space for the public!

          • JJ K
            JJ K  2 hours back

            FUUUUUUUCK Americans are bored.... is this really whats bothering women these days? Pathetic honestly.

            • mixwell1983
              mixwell1983  3 hours back

              I have seen females in pants sit with their legs open and honestly nobody glares or cares.. Your pursesplaining is a problem. Unless you're wearing a dress then spread your legs and if you want show off your panties then well im sure men wont complain.

              • rockyblacksmith
                rockyblacksmith  5 hours back

                Here's a very simple rule of thumb:
                The minimal space a guy HAS to take up is his shoulder width. Can't be narrower than that.
                If the knees aren't spread further than that, there is not even a hint of an argument to be had on the matter.

                • niyahh
                  niyahh  7 hours back

                  1:57 look at the literal difference in the female trying to exaggerate manspreading and the man beside her . they don’t open their legs that much

                  • Hector Hector
                    Hector Hector  7 hours back

                    I’m not Surprised
                    The World is still Sexist ,Racist, & discrimination. Especially in the U.S.

                    • Giraffe Gamer 2k19
                      Giraffe Gamer 2k19  7 hours back

                      They could just ask us tht they need space

                      • Paul Putter
                        Paul Putter  9 hours back

                        Its amazing to see these feminazis who hates men trying so hard to look like men.

                        • Vicky C
                          Vicky C  9 hours back

                          BuzzFeed is now putting this kind of shit in India also

                          • Moldy Bread
                            Moldy Bread  9 hours back

                            I bet all the guys they filmed are soy boy employees from buzzfeed

                            • Adam Thew
                              Adam Thew  10 hours back

                              It's funny, these women with their legs spread, makes me think they have a penis.

                              • Skyler Woods
                                Skyler Woods  10 hours back

                                Tan looks like a fucking man anyway.

                                • Josh Hepple
                                  Josh Hepple  11 hours back

                                  2:56 he has bags in between his legs , hmm women take notes

                                  • Chowder and Mung Dal
                                    Chowder and Mung Dal  12 hours back

                                    It is literally impossible for guys like me not to take up space, I'm 6'7 have huge shoulders and long legs, its literally one of the most uncomfortable things for us (or just like me) the bus chairs where I live are kinda low and I dont have anywhere for my legs to go.

                                    • Marshall J
                                      Marshall J  12 hours back

                                      idk I don't have a problem closing my legs but it depends like if my shit is hanging out then I won't do it, cuz I'm consider if my shit is Visibley out now I hate when guy wants u to basically look at they shit. I mean idk if balls is the issue cuz plenty of men sit with one leg over the other, which is less room then closed legs. also it's probably cuz of leg fat then your nuts

                                      • I make bad content
                                        I make bad content  12 hours back

                                        In literally half of the pictures they show, the men are only taking up one seat.

                                        • Fredrick Jeffson
                                          Fredrick Jeffson  12 hours back

                                          On behalf of the whole entire Australian country we don’t claim tan. America can take her (;

                                          • like really
                                            like really  14 hours back

                                            As a women I manspread all the time I didn't even know this was a thing tell like last year I see women, men, kids, all ages doing this and it does not bother me at all if I want to sit down I just politely ask can I sit next to you and they move a little so I can fit never once have I seen them taking up 2 to 3 seats that is just stupid it is only woman I see taking up all the space with there bags (not saying men never take up more then one seat). I think us woman need to stop Bagspreading and take into consideration that men have different body parts then us. Feminists now days are just a disgrace and need to end this all this nonsense they keep making up and exaggerating not all men look at you not all men only think about sex I have three brother's and they never talk about a womens butt or boobs or any thing like that as. Women we should stand up for men not put them down how do you think little boys feel when other girls in there school or on TV are saying how terrible men are it could really effect them. Feminist your lies and stupidity has gone on for to long and its time to STOP!

                                            • HyperDanny
                                              HyperDanny  14 hours back

                                              Love how we should treat women more respectful than men, but we should treat them the same as men *R/GenderEqualityIsConfusing*

                                              • Stacy Tanner
                                                Stacy Tanner  15 hours back

                                                Yall are just a bunch of whiny pussy bitches! I've NEVER been a "victim " of man spreading! I've never even noticed it.

                                                • As Arturas
                                                  As Arturas  16 hours back

                                                  5:23 if that bitch would try to sit like this in our public transport, she would get her ass beat up by other women, ridiculed, pointed and laughed at, and thrown out of the bus.

                                                  • Camille Underwood
                                                    Camille Underwood  18 hours back

                                                    6:59 ear rape warning

                                                    • Liam Partner of death
                                                      Liam Partner of death  19 hours back

                                                      I feel like they should have put a fake dick where one would be put on them then told them to try and manspread and see what they say then lmao

                                                      • BOTFrosty
                                                        BOTFrosty  19 hours back

                                                        You know, the entire universe, even with different opinions and perspectives could reach a consensus that buzzfeed is fucking stupid

                                                        • Angel The Mage
                                                          Angel The Mage  21 hours back

                                                          Fun fact: men have smaller pelvises, which means that we physically need to spread our legs

                                                          • ElotesMan Juan
                                                            ElotesMan Juan  21 hours back

                                                            I thought that first clip was just a random dude manspreading and I immediately thought, "What a douche"
                                                            Then I found out that it was a women

                                                            • John Smith
                                                              John Smith  21 hours back

                                                              Men have completely different hips because we are not child-bearers, and not even accounting for having the twig 'n' berries, the naturally resting place for my legs is about a 40-45 degree angle. Any less than that and my hips will quite literally be sore during and after transport.

                                                              • L Y X E E
                                                                L Y X E E  21 hours back

                                                                7,5 thousand dislikes from agry femmiNazis

                                                                • James Chapin
                                                                  James Chapin  22 hours back

                                                                  I feel like the only way I’d stop sitting like that, is if they tried to sit next to me. I’d just leave tho. Literally Almost every guy on my bus does it, and I feel we can all agree, it hurts like absolute HELL. Screw feminists honestly

                                                                  • Jose Diaz
                                                                    Jose Diaz  22 hours back

                                                                    Buzzfeed wack

                                                                    • Nessu
                                                                      Nessu  1 days back

                                                                      Feminists were made by men im not sexist i just thought about it

                                                                      • Reich Palabrica
                                                                        Reich Palabrica  1 days back

                                                                        Hope you ladies grow ballsacks then tell me about manspreading

                                                                        • Jamesy Lynn
                                                                          Jamesy Lynn  1 days back

                                                                          They have BALLS BETWEEN THEIR LEGSSSSSSS

                                                                          • Bar Gross
                                                                            Bar Gross  1 days back

                                                                            It's either manspreading or adjusting my junk every few minutes

                                                                            • OmegaPyron
                                                                              OmegaPyron  1 days back

                                                                              If they really have a problem with that one guy in the back that is too oblivious to notice your presence, just ask him to move. 98% of men are conditioned to listen to every single thing a female says, and if he's one of those hoodlums, chances are some other guy will overhear and take over for you or just give you his seat for FREE. If I were to be like "bruh, scoot your busted ass legs over" or even say it nicer, we'd still have a good chance of fighting to the death or disaggreeing. EVEN IN THIS CATERGORY WOMEN STILL HAVE THE ADVANTAGE! Recruit difficulty is their hard mode, so much so they have to create movies in their head to try their hardest to make their lives SLIGHTLY more difficult. Most of these things in this man-made world are made to make women's lives easier, like these small chairs on busses, airplanes, etc. Who suffers more in these tiny seats? The woman who oops, accidently got touched by the guy trying to avoid getting cramps from not budging an inch because he doesn't even fit, or the guy, who is basically dying the entire trip trying to bend his larger frame inwards? Oh no, the AIR CONDITIONING is making you cold, so you have to wear an extra layer so you don't get as many free passes from guys gawking you? Boo was probably made so you don't look like a grisly man and start sweating. All you have to do is not say yes to every guy asking you out and lay down during sex! How is that hard? God gave you one trial: giving birth. Men made that easier by making themselves easily available to widen it! And I'm not even religious! No, you don't even have to spend a dime on make-up; guys will still fall in line, hence why man-hati ng feminists still have boyfriends. Yes, you could be a man-hating psychopathic sociopath, and STILL not adjust the difficulty scale. What happens when you play on easy? You get BORED, hence western women living in their movies today.

                                                                              • jondough7777777
                                                                                jondough7777777  1 days back

                                                                                I think if people would simple mind their own business, a lot of this silliness could be eliminated

                                                                                • The Savior
                                                                                  The Savior  1 days back

                                                                                  talking about pas
                                                                                  ha biceps calling his wife my friend, while ethan is out here calling hila "dude" 10 times in every vid

                                                                                  • Kona Latu
                                                                                    Kona Latu  1 days back

                                                                                    CLOSE YA LEGS TAN!!!!!😂

                                                                                    • j.
                                                                                      j.  1 days back

                                                                                      tbh every time i'm on public transportation and a guy is "manspreading", i just ask them and they always move aside so i can pass through, or make enough space for me to sit next to them. and the women's purses thing is dumb, just ask them if you can sit down and they'll put their purse on their lap or under their seat. if they're being obnoxious, that's that person's problem.

                                                                                      • Well that's creepy
                                                                                        Well that's creepy  1 days back

                                                                                        Tan should be deported to Saudi Arabia man spreading will be the least of her worries

                                                                                        • CalmAndCollected
                                                                                          CalmAndCollected  1 days back

                                                                                          The problem is rude people who are unreasonable

                                                                                          • Shaun Mantell
                                                                                            Shaun Mantell  1 days back

                                                                                            They have got no idea of the dangers of sitting down and crossing you're legs.....These "woman" in the vid are possibly left wing liberal political activists.Buzzfeed are guilty of Wokespreading......I'm sorry girls but we are not the same as you.

                                                                                            • Corrupted_Sniper 72
                                                                                              Corrupted_Sniper 72  1 days back

                                                                                              They turned of comments on there video cuz they were all getting roasted hella hard😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭

                                                                                              • The Lucid Dolphin
                                                                                                The Lucid Dolphin  2 days back


                                                                                                • Gavin Heimann
                                                                                                  Gavin Heimann  2 days back

                                                                                                  God damm womanbagging