Building a Sims House with a Developer - Now he knows our struggles!

  • Published: 12 February 2019
  • I decided to visit The Sims Studio and build a house with SimGuruRomeo so that he could see some of my struggles first hand!
    PART 2:

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  • James Turner
    James Turner   7 months back

    PART 2:
    And as a note for those saying I’m being bossy / back seat gaming, it does look that way - the initial video concept was for me to teach Romeo how to build and give him tips as we go. I changed the idea behind it after the fact and as such it has a different title and thumbnail. A better explanation is offered in Part 2 of this as well!

    • alexubel
      alexubel  2 days back

      @ember!! You don't know what Autism is do you? Because if you did, you wouldn't have used the word in this way.

    • pruna blue pepper
      pruna blue pepper  1 weeks back

      6 months late, but yes, definately frosted door. I never used this for exactely that reason. Also it is base game. I had that door long before I boughtr any extension packs or addons.

    • Kiera Lexijax
      Kiera Lexijax  1 months back

      @Le'Röy Füller531 you're*

    • Le'Röy Füller531
      Le'Röy Füller531  1 months back

      James Turner your fucking annoying.

    • Kino Cartoon
      Kino Cartoon  2 months back

      I took notes:

      * make it possible to access roof rooms without having to but in doors

      * fix the automatically placement of lamps at the outside on a corner if there is a lamp above it that is facing forward

      * make it possible to duplicate scaled objects

      * add more sliding doors because the existing ones don't match with any house.

      *add spiral stairs again to save some space

      *add glass floor tiles
      *glass walls for a glass house

      * an option to select where the sim is parking their car (ifwe can actually park a car at some point. maybe at a dlc. )

      *curved windows to fit more strange building forms (like a quarter circle).

      *fusing of windows for a interesting shape

      *more wooden wall themes

      *basic doors with other colors
      *why is the fire appartement door in the game if it looks like an already existing door just with less colors?

      Not all of it has to be fixed but if the stiff team is thinking about ideas what to work on at the game, this is a list to follow ^~^

  • Lizzie Miller
    Lizzie Miller  3 hours back

    I want this

    • Lizzie Miller
      Lizzie Miller  3 hours back

      Plz tell me this is on the gallery

      • Jorge L
        Jorge L  1 days back

        Question for the developer: what kind of storage system do the team working on Sims uses to store and share 3D models? I am working on a tiny project with some friends and we are struggling to keep consistency of our models library. Hope you could share some tips ~

        • Blonde Oddball
          Blonde Oddball  2 days back

          Try playing on console.

          • Erica Rose
            Erica Rose  3 days back

            I realize I'm late af for this, but you *can* duplicate the lights that have been shrunk down, by duplicating the entire room!

            • Doctor of Skillz
              Doctor of Skillz  3 days back


              • T. R.
                T. R.  4 days back

                Omg I waited for this video for lifetime

                • Naila Ruiz
                  Naila Ruiz  5 days back

                  Roof slider would be awesome

                  • Xeliiciøus
                    Xeliiciøus  5 days back

                    This makes me reconsider all my boring houses, yoooo :'))

                    • Hoodie Guy
                      Hoodie Guy  6 days back

                      When we'll add cars...😆😆😆😆😆

                      • Bewee BW
                        Bewee BW  6 days back

                        I am so overjoyed he is just as clueless as we are about the bugs in this damn game

                        • Sim Suzie
                          Sim Suzie  7 days back

                          I wanna be a Sim Guru!!!

                          • Void Byte
                            Void Byte  7 days back

                            You want to know why Sims 4 is so bad? See a dev that play his own game for about 25 min and explore many flaws and downsides. And this is just the build-mode. What will he explore if he would play live-mode? When he try to make food for the family and the whole family is grabbing fastfood off the fridge while the cook is cooking? When he discover that he have one dishwasher but 4 persons that immediatly grab her plates to fill it, wich leads to a dishwasher that wash one dish while 3 dishes stand around on a four head family. What if he will see that the whole family gather in the Bathroom with plates in their hands and eat.. because someone was using the WC and they run to him like total mad, just to social with him?!
                            Has he ever experienced the moment where you can't play your sim correctly because he is sad.. due to the fact that somebody died.. and nobody knows "WHO"?!
                            Speaking of dead people. Did you know that the ghost of "Claudia Something" is vanishing? Who, you ask? You and millions of players.. Every time a townie ghost is vanishing you will be spammed with massages. Even if you never have seen him.. dead or alive.
                            Or what will happen if he plays a freaking seven head family and try to manage the laundry.. With 3 Washing machines and 3 dryer. And litteraly everytime he try to use one of them it will burn. Or the sim put the wet clothes on the floor where he stand, becaue he NEED to make the "tired"-Animation. Break up the whole job and go to the whirlpool?!
                            Oh and tired Sims go to sleep. In a perfect world. In Sims 4 they take a nap on the bed.. instead of sleep in the bed. Why? .. Because noone ever played that game before they have released it.
                            What if he go to a dinner and his date is chatting with a guy in a bear costume on the parking lot in the rain while he tries to keep sitting and can't order for his date, because she is gone, after 5 hours of chatting in the rain with a total stranger.. And if that isn't enough.. he find out that he paid 500 Simoleons for a "normal" meal.
                            Has he ever celebrate Christmas in the sims 4, but haven't got a single christmas present, because Santa won't stop to play horseshoes in the neighbors garden?!
                            Celebrate a birthday. From Teenager to young adult and feel the pain when your nightclub don't have toys.. because the tasks for recieve gold match a child's birthday instead of a "You are old enough to drink and drive"-Party.
                            Maybe he will laugh about smaller things like your astronaut comes home from work in A SPACESUITE and freeze to death, because you haven't told him to go inside fast enough. Just to teach everyone who didn't know: A Spacesuite is made for keep people alive on temperatures in MINUS 270°C (-454°F).
                            I wonder how he would look if he read the trait description from "Webmaster". When he noticed that this it not even close to what a webmaster is doing.

                            I promise.. if this Dev would play live mode, he will feel like a victim of his own company. And then he noticed that the base game, still costs 55$ without a single AddOn. And this is the moment where he think: "Why in the hell would anyone pay so much money for this??"

                            Lack of Windows/Doors? Yah, thats a problem that sims 1 fans have already seen. Never been changed.
                            Also that 90% of EVERYTHING is classic furniture for gran'pa and his spouse is a thing, that we dont notice anymore because "Sims IS granny furniture". Most people have Mod Folders of 20 GB , just to fix that (there is a "No-Granny"-mod out there, that removes all the ancient furniture from the game so people don't need to see it everytime they open the build mode).

                            But the live mode, when you see that literally nothing works really good because the sim's needs and their addiction to social with everyone at all costs will break the whole game, thats the real challenge.

                            • Gamermaus86
                              Gamermaus86  1 weeks back

                              I smiled a lot at this and i love the idea of sharing thoughts directly with a developer :) Anyways: Am i the only one thinking how HARD it propably was for James to watch somebody else build a house soooo much slower then him? xD

                              • chaennel cнaennel
                                chaennel cнaennel  1 weeks back

                                this is another level 😮 I love it😍

                                • badbrad025
                                  badbrad025  1 weeks back

                                  Why don’t the use real words

                                  • confessionsofoncer
                                    confessionsofoncer  1 weeks back

                                    Megan Hardman development is really complicated. What seems like a “simple fix” has a ton of complicated code behind it that they have to rework. And the developers probably have a ton of red tape that they wouldn’t have if they were just at home putting something together for fun. Someone most likely tells them what things need to be done and then they create it within the time constraints given and based on what they can actually get the software to do. There’s probably budget constraints too. AND multiple projects they work on at the same time

                                    • Anna Piemont
                                      Anna Piemont  1 weeks back

                                      atm Im dw sims 4 again just cuz I wanna build this house

                                      • Megan Hardman
                                        Megan Hardman  2 weeks back

                                        James you sound pretty rude basically trying to blame this one employee for all the problems of the overall company.

                                        It's like getting mad at a concessions worker at a movie theater for the high prices of the popcorn. 🤷‍♀️

                                        • confessionsofoncer
                                          confessionsofoncer  1 weeks back

                                          Megan Hardman development is really complicated. What seems like a “simple fix” has a ton of complicated code behind it that they have to rework. And the developers probably have a ton of red tape that they wouldn’t have if they were just at home putting something together for fun. Someone most likely tells them what things need to be done and then they create it within the time constraints given and based on what they can actually get the software to do. There’s probably budget constraints too. AND multiple projects they work on at the same time

                                      • Erin Mcnicholl
                                        Erin Mcnicholl  2 weeks back

                                        How Do I find the Ivy?

                                        • Februauryful
                                          Februauryful  2 weeks back

                                          This is a video of my micro manager boss crushing all my creative freedom, and after I try to hide the tears in my cubical. 😅

                                          • Gregg Mc Farlane
                                            Gregg Mc Farlane  2 weeks back

                                            I really miss Cars! My Builds feel so naked without a Garage...
                                            But If I build one, it's Empty and Awkward.

                                            • Trude
                                              Trude  1 weeks back

                                              Gregg Mc Farlane make it a challenge. Build a van with what you got😂 would be a beautiful car😂 I agree though.. they were so pretty

                                          • Nom De Plume
                                            Nom De Plume  2 weeks back

                                            I cant fathom paying $400-$1,200+ for the entire game.... Imo thats the biggest issue with the game that needs to b3 fixed. If anyone wants to buy it for the very first time you're looking at $700 for just basics due to every effin expansion being ungodly expensive. Makes me miss the original SIMS when you didn't have to give a kidney and your first born son in order to play lol nay nay...

                                            • MikaeruDaiTenshi
                                              MikaeruDaiTenshi  2 weeks back

                                              Yep. The main-reason I change wall-height is to get certain doors or windows.

                                              • Sachin Sethi
                                                Sachin Sethi  2 weeks back

                                                He is a sim guru. There is no need to tell him about the sims.

                                                • rhiannon hammett
                                                  rhiannon hammett  2 weeks back

                                                  you look nothing lik i thought u would! sound doesnt match your looks whaaaat

                                                  • King Ninja
                                                    King Ninja  3 weeks back

                                                    idk anything about this game but i dont think the guy on the left does either

                                                    • IIXSIMBAAXII
                                                      IIXSIMBAAXII  3 weeks back

                                                      Couldn’t watch the full video, normally like James but in this video he made me feel so uncomfortable. He came across so rude and arrogant 🤮

                                                      • Fathnin Mathews
                                                        Fathnin Mathews  3 weeks back

                                                        this is actually really educational haha

                                                        • Lizzie P.
                                                          Lizzie P.  3 weeks back

                                                          “It shouldn’t require us to make a pack.”
                                                          Oh man, you guys have a threshold? :x I couldn’t tell, lmao.

                                                          • Dantescoria
                                                            Dantescoria  3 weeks back

                                                            show him whicked whims mod

                                                            • Niño Manugas
                                                              Niño Manugas  3 weeks back

                                                              *Me watching this video*
                                                              Also me: hmm I feel a competition here

                                                              • Ewa Biernat
                                                                Ewa Biernat  3 weeks back

                                                                It scares me how many bugs were randomly referenced in the video like they're aware of it but not planning to do anything about them. Saying "oh, this can only be fixed by bulldozing hours of work haha" is scary to me. And not knowing base mechanics is rather strange too for someone who is hired to know stuff about the game (being a Guru). No shade, just something that tugged on my nerves. I'm sure being a Guru is hard work and big props.

                                                                • Minitay
                                                                  Minitay  3 weeks back

                                                                  this video inspired me to build a house.
                                                                  except after i finished with all 3 floors i realized i FORGOT STAIRS SMH THIS IS WHY I NEVER BUILD ANYTHING

                                                                  • &&
                                                                    &&  3 weeks back

                                                                    This reminds me of when I was younger and I would play Sims with my older sister and she would always tell me what to do when I wanted to do my own thing and I would get so frustrated that I’d just throw the remote at her and cry in my room.

                                                                    • Lauren Lai
                                                                      Lauren Lai  3 weeks back

                                                                      Developer: Maybe we can do that
                                                                      James: No, I think this is nicer.
                                                                      Developer: Oh yeah! I like that!

                                                                      • mydogiscool
                                                                        mydogiscool  3 weeks back

                                                                        Damn that's creative.

                                                                        • 라sophie
                                                                          라sophie  3 weeks back

                                                                          This may sound real dumb but how do you make objects bigger or smaller

                                                                          • 8 8
                                                                            8 8  3 weeks back

                                                                            I see Steve Wll Do It decided to take a calmer approach to Youtube these days

                                                                            • Zareenah Ausaihn
                                                                              Zareenah Ausaihn  3 weeks back

                                                                              In the beginning i was having powerpuff girls vibes

                                                                              • Millan
                                                                                Millan  3 weeks back

                                                                                Adding glass walls to the game would making greenhouses so much easier

                                                                                • Elif KILIÇ
                                                                                  Elif KILIÇ  3 weeks back

                                                                                  We need walk freely on neighborhood and meet our neighbors

                                                                                  • Jason F.
                                                                                    Jason F.  3 weeks back

                                                                                    this jumping glitch 0:40 happens because of the walls,
                                                                                    this terrain has a leveling error that makes the walls get a "fake foundation".

                                                                                    when the camera goes over the walls the height sensor hits a foundation where it doesn't have it, then the camera "jumps" to the room level, but when the camera crosses the wall and the sensor measures the room floor level, the calculation shows that the foundation is not so high and returns to the real height of the room.
                                                                                    the only ways I can imagine fixing this are:
                                                                                    fix the ground level.
                                                                                    set another sensor for the camera, so this new sensor always measures the height relative to the terrain by adjusting the camera offset correctly.
                                                                                    another way to fix it is to make the walls not trigger the camera height sensors, so the calculation is only done when the sensor hits the floor of the room

                                                                                    • bgirl1201
                                                                                      bgirl1201  4 weeks back

                                                                                      The developer is cute

                                                                                      • lucyluna00
                                                                                        lucyluna00  4 weeks back

                                                                                        Wow that's cool! Is it uploaded on the gallery?

                                                                                        • drivethrupoet
                                                                                          drivethrupoet  4 weeks back

                                                                                          Is this guy still employed at EA? 🤣

                                                                                        • drivethrupoet
                                                                                          drivethrupoet  4 weeks back

                                                                                          Soooo Developers are writing code... Not playing the game. They get get fed work in little pieces and may not even understand why they're doing it.