[Free Match] Kris Statlander vs. Matthew Justice | Beyond Wrestling (Intergender Mixed AEW NXT GCW)

  • Published: 14 November 2019
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Comments • 29

  • Oliver Wood
    Oliver Wood  3 weeks back

    Both stopped wrestling half way through?? Why,

    • A illegal Bad Hombre from Tijuana

      Matthew Justice, aslo know as the Body double
      of Jason Momoa

      • Donald Simmons
        Donald Simmons  3 weeks back

        Finally!, but it would have been better with out Kimber lee coming to the ring.

        • TNT Plumbing
          TNT Plumbing  3 weeks back

          Do the video of kris Statlander vs Nick gage

          • TNT Plumbing
            TNT Plumbing  3 weeks back

            8:06 Lol “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE”

            • Timmy Turner
              Timmy Turner  3 weeks back


              • Mark Michel
                Mark Michel  3 weeks back

                She debuted on AEW dark last night

                • Louis Jost
                  Louis Jost  3 weeks back

                  Matthew Justice at 2:23 though 😂🤣

                • Neo Cloudmarts
                  Neo Cloudmarts  3 weeks back

                  Amazing athletes great match

                  • Jack Warner
                    Jack Warner  3 weeks back

                    Extremely crappy wrestling

                    • Jack Warner
                      Jack Warner  4 days back

                      @Elangovan no they are top because sex sells. And they do ball busting fetish shit. People are getting sick of it. Thats why they are having low attendence now. And no they dont intergender anymore. They do mix tag which is different

                    • Elangovan
                      Elangovan  4 days back

                      @Jack Warner WWE entertainment is top, because they not conducting intergender match... They doing in equal measure of contenders between two contenders..

                    • Jack Warner
                      Jack Warner  3 weeks back

                      @Elangovan wwe is crap. Is nothing but fetish and soft porn

                    • Jack Warner
                      Jack Warner  3 weeks back

                      @Andrew Rodriguez no it doesnt. Its just this match that sucks

                    • Elangovan
                      Elangovan  3 weeks back

                      Mostly wrestling entertainment has done with some logic and realistic movement in order to believe audience...But here how a women can overcome strong men..?Even kids can laugh at this.. intergender wrestling is totally conducting without logic and realistic... That's why WWE entertainment is top most entertaining in the world...
                      Just stop intergender match..
                      Concentrate on same gender wrestling, develope your company like WWE...
                      Intergender wrestling looks like comedy show..Don't do this

                  • George Page
                    George Page  3 weeks back

                    Kimber Lee and Kris Statlander are going to have a Recking.

                    • JJ Hart
                      JJ Hart  3 weeks back

                      How I try to block this unrealistic garbage but it still seems to find its way into my feed. Just say no to Feminazi Fantasy Island and the soft porn they are turning wrestling into.

                      • Andrew Rodriguez
                        Andrew Rodriguez  3 weeks back

                        I agree and her Tombstone Piledriver looks absolutely f****** retarded

                    • Taylor Alison Swift Is Sexy

                      Matthew Justice Wins.

                    • The Kiosk
                      The Kiosk  3 weeks back

                      AREA 451!

                      • شيلات ZX RED X
                        شيلات ZX RED X  3 weeks back


                        • شيلات ZX RED X
                          شيلات ZX RED X  3 weeks back


                          • L
                            L  3 weeks back

                            Kimber Lee has turned heel
                            Bayley has turned Heel
                            Balor us heel

                            But the most shocking
                            MJF being a tweener for more than 5 seconds in AEW