Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucks Game 6 Full Game Highlights | 2019 ECF | FreeDawkins

  • Published: 26 May 2019
  • May 25, 2019 | Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucks Game 6 Full Game Highlights | 2019 ECF | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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Comments • 260

  • Jalen Rose
    Jalen Rose  2 weeks back

    Kawhi adopted Giannis attemptafreethrow

    • frisco g
      frisco g  5 months back

      Dubs in 4

      • Dwain Wilson
        Dwain Wilson  5 months back

        Drake finally gets to see Curry in the finals!!!

        • Janice Schmitz
          Janice Schmitz  5 months back

          That kind of smile from kyle...iluvit...goraptorstakethering....

          • Cielito Niel Ramos
            Cielito Niel Ramos  5 months back

            Kyle Lowry was like: "Thank goodness, Bron got out of East!"

            • Angie Natoyn
              Angie Natoyn  4 months back

              Bron got out of the East when he heard that Kawhi was coming.

          • Agent SuperArgo
            Agent SuperArgo  5 months back

            Bucks: "We got this!"

            Raptors:"YOUR SOUL IS MINE!"


            • weny ochoa
              weny ochoa  5 months back

              Star player of bucks has no brain and play making.they deserved to lose.

              • Geo Quiroz
                Geo Quiroz  5 months back

                @11:17 drake bouta cry

                • Kicks rUs
                  Kicks rUs  5 months back

                  Kawhi!! let me scream for you!

                  • Александр Штучный

                    Кавай красавчик ничего не скажешь!!!!

                    • jesuisko letemppassepas
                      jesuisko letemppassepas  5 months back

                      Ho says raptor will win against warriors you know nothing about sport

                      • Daniel Belardo
                        Daniel Belardo  5 months back

                        10:57 poor Kawhi Leonard.

                        Great job Raptors!

                        • Phil Moore
                          Phil Moore  5 months back

                          I think a professional basketball team should have at least ONE offensive play set to run, damn. The Bucks looking like a high school team out there.

                          • Floyd Braziel
                            Floyd Braziel  5 months back

                            kawhi leonard mvp of 2019 he has brought more and worth more than harden and the greek freak to his team

                            • Kalu Abay
                              Kalu Abay  5 months back

                              I predicted during the off-season the raptors and warriors would be in the finals. I predicted that kawhi would be unstoppable in the East and said that Boston, Philly , Milwaukee, Indiana fans shouldn't be too happy cause now they gotta deal with kawhi after LeBron left. I had a few Boston and Philly fans say I was wrong and stupid for such a prediction. And here we are

                              • Kalu Abay
                                Kalu Abay  5 months back

                                How many times did Giannis get dunked on throughout the playoffs?

                                • Dimitrios Voukelatos
                                  Dimitrios Voukelatos  5 months back

                                  Giannis fan here but they were better, Bucks play is too static to make them champions. Kawhi a real leader this series !

                                  • Regie Alberca
                                    Regie Alberca  5 months back

                                    No kd no boogie, but still dangerous team should face in finals,I hope kawhi in good health up to game 6

                                    • Regie Alberca
                                      Regie Alberca  5 months back

                                      Good luck raptors,I don't know how to beat the most organized team in NBA and there are 5 calibers allstars

                                      • Angelo Leis
                                        Angelo Leis  5 months back

                                        Regie Alberca and your 5 all star team need to go 6 games to beat the clippers wthout any star

                                    • Wawol Cornbeef Wawol
                                      Wawol Cornbeef Wawol  5 months back

                                      4 consecutive wins? Wtf

                                      • brendan bwall
                                        brendan bwall  5 months back

                                        But Giannis is only 24 ....
                                        But Kawhi is only 27 & it’s his 3rd finals appearance 😂

                                        • llycib biking
                                          llycib biking  5 months back

                                          The klaw MVP

                                          • Yo
                                            Yo  5 months back

                                            I'm a spurs fan but I can't help but have a lot a sympathy for this team

                                            • blekkk
                                              blekkk  5 months back

                                              Canada deserved it

                                              • Albin Lapuz
                                                Albin Lapuz  5 months back

                                                May I say: No matter what will be the outcome of the Finals againts the Warriors, the Raptors with Kawhi had already made a history. We should be gratefull about that. But what a moment if they will beat the Warriors in game 7. The Lord bless Kawhi and his team.

                                                • broken hearted
                                                  broken hearted  5 months back

                                                  former thunder teamate ibaka and durant are facing in championship

                                                  • Tigerex966
                                                    Tigerex966  5 months back

                                                    Toronto got all the calls
                                                    No way bucks could win.
                                                    Leonard definitely was taking injury.
                                                    Still a good Dame even though Milwaukee was robbed of a game 7

                                                    • Haralds Joelis
                                                      Haralds Joelis  5 months back

                                                      Unbelievible! Happy for Raptors!

                                                      • felix bulacan
                                                        felix bulacan  5 months back

                                                        if kd can't play toronto will prevail up to game 6 only

                                                        • laxus 94
                                                          laxus 94  5 months back

                                                          With 3 seconds left u really need midorima

                                                          • III III
                                                            III III  5 months back

                                                            Jebacu vam mater picka li vam marerina kurve jedne pickarske

                                                            • apna jatt
                                                              apna jatt  5 months back

                                                              On a 59 degree night in Toronto with rain throughout the area..will miss you in the Finalz.... Marv...Albert you will be missed in the finalz...

                                                              • Real Jelo
                                                                Real Jelo  5 months back

                                                                The CLAW of RAPTORS 💕💕 ITS WAS REALLY MEANT TO BE

                                                                • clutch it out
                                                                  clutch it out  5 months back

                                                                  Derozan has left the chat

                                                                  • SPORT EDITTZ
                                                                    SPORT EDITTZ  5 months back

                                                                    So basically the 76ers are tougher than the bucks

                                                                    • Zaldy Santos
                                                                      Zaldy Santos  5 months back

                                                                      AMERICA VS Canada
                                                                      NBA FINALS
                                                                      WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

                                                                      • Rodney Dunner
                                                                        Rodney Dunner  5 months back

                                                                        Somebody needs to tape Demar Derozan to a chair pin his eyes open and have him every Toronto series this postseason.

                                                                        • THE DON
                                                                          THE DON  5 months back

                                                                          I knew they were going to close this out the right way. Despite the terrible officiating being one sided this series. They came out strong, four times in a row. Super proud. Shoutout to FVV & the bench. Big shout out to Kyle too. 🧡🧡🧡🧡 Kawhi also went beast mode towards the end.

                                                                          • Yellow Flash
                                                                            Yellow Flash  5 months back

                                                                            Giannis without shoot range and skills like fadeaway or something like that is the shittiest player in the NBA. He only know for attacking the rim from the paint, when he got blocked like this man, less than average player he becomes lol

                                                                            • joan janao
                                                                              joan janao  5 months back

                                                                              Oh my g! Wat a game, so excited. Its real fun to watch kids loveit too.

                                                                              • Omariuss
                                                                                Omariuss  5 months back

                                                                                Kawhi , its time to return to the Spurs alongside Aldridge and Derozan.

                                                                                • kian charles rivera
                                                                                  kian charles rivera  5 months back

                                                                                  If lebron is still in the east raptors can't make it to the finals

                                                                                  • Sebastian Barthez
                                                                                    Sebastian Barthez  5 months back

                                                                                    The GSW will win the champion

                                                                                    • iiFluxV2
                                                                                      iiFluxV2  5 months back

                                                                                      Dang... warriors in 5.

                                                                                      • Henry Soli
                                                                                        Henry Soli  5 months back

                                                                                        Kawhi is the real reason Lebron left the east

                                                                                      • Anh Pham
                                                                                        Anh Pham  5 months back

                                                                                        I LOVE KAWHI MENTALITY , HE BRINGS TO THIS TEAM ON HIS 1ST YEAR HERE. CONGRATS TO TORONTO TEAM

                                                                                      • Sherry Thompson
                                                                                        Sherry Thompson  5 months back

                                                                                        Kawhi is a beast he's a dog he will get you.

                                                                                        • SuperStrik9
                                                                                          SuperStrik9  5 months back

                                                                                          Knew Kawhi wouldn't let us lose this game. Go Raps!!!!