Kobe Bryant a top-10 NBA player of all-time? | UNDISPUTED

  • Published: 19 December 2017
  • Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk about Kobe Bryant's legacy in the NBA. Is he one of the ten best players of all-time?

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    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

    Kobe Bryant a top-10 NBA player of all-time? | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Comments • 14 628

  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Do you agree with Chris Broussard?

    • Jeremy James
      Jeremy James  1 months back

      @Stanley H i like it Stanley H

    • Donnie Pate
      Donnie Pate  1 months back

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Lebron is not better than Bird

    • Donnie Pate
      Donnie Pate  1 months back

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED these guys need counseling there list sucks

    • Big Daddy Big Daddy
      Big Daddy Big Daddy  2 months back

      @Billy Hall they all need to be fired for there's list's 💯

    • Big Daddy Big Daddy
      Big Daddy Big Daddy  2 months back

      Absolutely not

  • 803 Jay
    803 Jay  23 hours back

    Shannon really had me dying when he started talking about his list 😂😂😂

    • Abdulnader Baguamama
      Abdulnader Baguamama  1 days back

      My list
      1. Michael Jordan
      2. Kobe Bryant
      3. Lebron James
      4. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
      5. Magic Johnson
      6. Shaquille O'neal
      7. Bill Russell
      8. Kevin Durant
      9. Larry Bird
      10. Steph Curry

      • Dope Boy
        Dope Boy  2 days back

        Shaq wasn’t even Shannon’s top 10 list

        • L_LKoolKid
          L_LKoolKid  2 days back

          Shaq over Kobe? Shaq was more dominant as a physical force that’s it. Kobe won rings on his own, shaq got carried by wade when he left

          • LoneWolf Titan1982
            LoneWolf Titan1982  3 days back

            Kobrick Bryant 🤣

            • James Evans
              James Evans  3 days back

              Regular season points Michael Jordan average 30 points 1 points a game Wilt Chamberlain averaged 30.1 points a game in the playoffs I forget Michael Jordan's number but his numbers always was higher in the playoffs Wilt Chamberlain's the numbers was lower his I know 22 points in a game his coach even take him out of games even though other teams that he was on

              • Aidan Dennis
                Aidan Dennis  3 days back

                The disrespecttttttt, Kobe is easily a top 10 player

                • Cameron Isam
                  Cameron Isam  5 days back

                  Shannon bad

                  Skip horrible

                  other guys was good

                  • FIRE SPARK
                    FIRE SPARK  7 days back

                    Kobe "The Black Mamba" Bryant is the best dynamic and most diverse basketball player of all time...the full package! Kobe was faster with the ball and could run circles around any NBA player in any era or generation of basketball. I think some people purposely want to forget Kobe's NBA accomplishments. Do NBA critics hate Kobe so much to forget when Kobe Bryant was drafted straight out of high school by the NBA when he was 17 years old, did the Kobe haters forget Kobe's 5× NBA Championship rings, NBA MVP's (2008), 2× NBA Finals MVP, 4× NBA All-Star Game MVP, 18× NBA All-Star, 2× NBA scoring champion, the youngest NBA Slam Dunk Champion at age 18, 2× Olympic gold medals? Kobe also scored 81 points in a single NBA game against the Toronto Raptors, he also scored 62 points against the Dallas Mavericks in 3 quarters. In Kobe's last game, he scored 60 points against Utah Jazz to win the game...being one of the oldest players in NBA history, he was scoring over 35 points consistently in his final years before retirement, plus he is the Lakers' all time leading scorer. And adding to Kobe's great accomplishments, he was the youngest to score 30,000 points in NBA history...Kobe Bryant has out scored and surpassed Jerry West and Michael Jordan with an NBA career high of 33,643 points. The NBA Commissioner, TNT, ESPN, The New York Times and Reuters News said, "he is one of the greatest players in NBA history, best player of his generation, has the most decorated career in the history of NBA and ranked the 2nd greatest shooting guard of all time and considered the most complete player in NBA history." Most NBA Championship players consider and have said, "Kobe Bryant is the best player of their generation!"
                    Kobe accomplished all this in the NBA and much more to mention without playing college basketball. So, why the disrespect and so much hate towards Kobe Bryant's legacy...what are we missing here?🤔🏀

                    • Bank of Werner
                      Bank of Werner  7 days back


                      • Nate Keller
                        Nate Keller  1 weeks back

                        Real list
                        1 LeBron James
                        2michael Jordan
                        3wilt Chamberlain
                        4kobe Bryant
                        5larry Bird
                        6kareem abduljabbar
                        7magic johnson
                        8tim Duncan
                        10 Pete marovic

                        • Abudu Saaka
                          Abudu Saaka  1 weeks back

                          1. Lebron
                          2. Mj
                          3. Kareem
                          4. Magic
                          5. Wilt
                          6. Shaq
                          7. Duncan
                          8. Bird
                          9. Kobe
                          10. Russell

                          • Abudu Saaka
                            Abudu Saaka  2 days back

                            Chris Paul ok

                          • Chris Paul
                            Chris Paul  3 days back

                            Abudu Saaka my opinion. Not saying your list was inaccurate

                          • Abudu Saaka
                            Abudu Saaka  3 days back

                            Chris Paul nope wrong

                          • Chris Paul
                            Chris Paul  3 days back

                            Abudu Saaka

                        • Ram Gonzales
                          Ram Gonzales  1 weeks back

                          If kobe is outside top 10 lebron has to be outside top 20.

                          • Trajce Mitevski
                            Trajce Mitevski  1 weeks back


                            • octye iltafi
                              octye iltafi  1 weeks back

                              Chris Broussard is a hypocrite. Man said that steph should of been the finals mvp. At the same time, downgrades Larry’s legacy by saying a bench player won finals mvp

                              • Redd Head
                                Redd Head  1 weeks back

                                And at much as y’all hate to admit it Lebrun championship was giving to him

                                • Redd Head
                                  Redd Head  1 weeks back

                                  Y’all mf just hate the truth They just hate to say Kobe is better foot work and everything better then cry baby James

                                  • Jobe
                                    Jobe  2 weeks back

                                    1. MJ
                                    2. LBJ
                                    3. Kobe
                                    Dont @ me

                                    • Jobe
                                      Jobe  2 weeks back

                                      The disrespect Kobe gets is unbelievable

                                      • Lucas Dougherty
                                        Lucas Dougherty  2 weeks back

                                        1. Michael Jordan
                                        2. LeBron James
                                        3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
                                        4. Magic Johnson
                                        5. Larry Bird
                                        6. Wilt Chamberlain
                                        7. Kobe Bryant
                                        8. Bill Russell
                                        9. Shaquille O’Neal
                                        10. Hakeem Olajuwon
                                        11. Tim Duncan
                                        12. Kevin Durant
                                        13. Oscar Robertson
                                        14. Steph Curry
                                        15. Julius Erving
                                        16. Karl Malone
                                        17. Dwyane Wade
                                        18. Moses Malone
                                        19. Dirk Nowitzki
                                        20. Jerry West
                                        21. Kawhi Leonard
                                        22. Isiah Thomas
                                        23. Kevin Garnett
                                        24. David Robinson
                                        25. Charles Barkley
                                        26. Scottie Pippen
                                        27. John Stockton
                                        28. Elgin Baylor
                                        29. Allen Iverson
                                        30. Steve Nash

                                        Honorable mentions: John Havlicek and James Harden

                                        • Lucas Dougherty
                                          Lucas Dougherty  7 days back

                                          Nate Keller you’re delusional if u think Steph doesn’t play any D. And what? It’s 2019 and retards are still saying Steph is only good at shooting? Please stop talking about basketball. His impact on the court is nearly unmatched. The only 3 players I would say are arguably better than Steph right now are Bron, KD, and Kawhi. Giannis and AD are statistically phenomenal, but not as impactful on the court as Steph. Also, Steph’s best playoff performances are VASTLY superior to the numbers or impact Giannis puts up in the playoffs. Did u even watch basketball this year? Jesus

                                        • Nate Keller
                                          Nate Keller  1 weeks back

                                          replace be with Steph

                                        • Nate Keller
                                          Nate Keller  1 weeks back

                                          No mention of Pete marovich wow and Steph curry is way to high he is a shooter but his D is almost non existent like come one he is great but he isn't better than kawai Anthony Davis or now giannas be is a shooter and statistically he is one of the most unclutch players actually

                                      • alpha omega
                                        alpha omega  2 weeks back

                                        Shannon hates on mike because mike to his girl back in the day at club. Mike took Robin Givins too same night

                                        • BingeFest1
                                          BingeFest1  2 weeks back

                                          Honorable Mentions: Tim Duncan, Julius Irving, Karl Malone, Moses Malone, Jerry West, Steph Curry, Dwyane Wade

                                          10. Oscar Robertson
                                          9. Hakeem Olujawon
                                          8. Shaquille O’Neal
                                          7. Larry Bird
                                          6. Wilt Chamberlain
                                          5. Bill Russell
                                          4. Magic Johnson
                                          3. LeBron James
                                          2. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
                                          1. Michael Jordan

                                          • Michael Costuna
                                            Michael Costuna  2 weeks back

                                            Most skilled player of all time:

                                            • Shaehaan Khaja
                                              Shaehaan Khaja  3 weeks back

                                              LeBron should not be considered a poor mans #23, that is pure disrespect

                                              • William Lau
                                                William Lau  3 weeks back

                                                1. MJ
                                                2. Kareem
                                                3. Lebron
                                                4. Magic
                                                5. Bill Russell
                                                6. Bird
                                                7. Shaq
                                                8. Wilt
                                                9. Duncan
                                                10. Hakeem
                                                11. Kobe
                                                12. Oscar Robertson

                                                • The Legendary One
                                                  The Legendary One  2 weeks back

                                                  Geat list except I have Chamberlain at 5th, Russell 7th and Shaq 8th.

                                              • Daniel Barea
                                                Daniel Barea  3 weeks back

                                                Top 10 stop playing my guy

                                                • roger johnson
                                                  roger johnson  3 weeks back

                                                  My top 10 players of all time in no specific order. I saw them all from Chamberlain to now. Russell was the greatest winner but not the among the greatest players.
                                                  K. Malone.
                                                  MY NEXT TEN
                                                  Harden is coming up.

                                                  • mso008
                                                    mso008  3 weeks back

                                                    1. MJ
                                                    2. Kobe Bryant

                                                    • Ken M23
                                                      Ken M23  3 hours back

                                                      mso008 you don’t watch basketball if you think that. Probably some 16 year old philipino kid that only watches YouTube.

                                                  • Hello Baby
                                                    Hello Baby  3 weeks back

                                                    Shannon got lebron as the GOAT now

                                                    • Edmon Lacsa
                                                      Edmon Lacsa  3 weeks back

                                                      mj is the greatest then kobe is the closest to mj (maybe just less -3%) but he is 7th? 😂

                                                      • Marlon Dietrich
                                                        Marlon Dietrich  3 weeks back

                                                        NO, def top 15 tho.

                                                        • TheMadVada
                                                          TheMadVada  3 weeks back

                                                          how is brian scalabrine not #1 in every list????

                                                          • Beatle Juice
                                                            Beatle Juice  3 weeks back

                                                            Mj bill Wilt Kareem Magic Bird Kobe Tim Shaq Lebron

                                                          • Mihai Marchidann
                                                            Mihai Marchidann  3 weeks back

                                                            Skip must use a lot of Botox before getting into these disputes, he straight face alrighty

                                                            • HELP ME REACH 1K SUBSCRIBERS WITHOUT VIDS

                                                              Magic and lebron is debatable but larry and lebron? Mygosh

                                                              • Top Kek
                                                                Top Kek  4 weeks back

                                                                Magic and Kareem are definitely better than lebron lmao, shannon mad

                                                                • Richie Meintel
                                                                  Richie Meintel  4 weeks back

                                                                  If magic himself says kobe’s the greatest laker ever than he’s the greatest laker ever.

                                                                  • BallinRiceBowl
                                                                    BallinRiceBowl  4 weeks back

                                                                    Skip on old school hall of famers “they’re just a bunch of white guys” dying 😂😂😂

                                                                    • Seth Foster
                                                                      Seth Foster  4 weeks back

                                                                      Jordan, Kobe, Shaq, Kareem,Magic

                                                                      • Nick N
                                                                        Nick N  4 weeks back

                                                                        1. Lbj 2. Kobe 3. Mj 4. Larry 5. Magic

                                                                        • shawn seawood
                                                                          shawn seawood  4 weeks back

                                                                          What about Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Gail Goodrich, Bob Mcadoo. It's so many great basketball players. I like old school basketball. New school basketball is different. But it's basketball. That's the NBA.

                                                                          • shawn seawood
                                                                            shawn seawood  4 weeks back

                                                                            Really lol. That's funny. They have jokes.

                                                                            • Ryuga Hanza
                                                                              Ryuga Hanza  4 weeks back

                                                                              Nobody seems to respect the mamba on this show ......

                                                                              • Stokey Junior
                                                                                Stokey Junior  4 weeks back

                                                                                The disrespect to Kobe here is unreal

                                                                                • 007
                                                                                  007  1 months back

                                                                                  Anybody who doesn't believe Kobe is a top ten all time player is a fool.

                                                                                  • Brik Grille
                                                                                    Brik Grille  1 months back

                                                                                    Kobe #2 only player better than him is Jordan, the only player got those jeans is KD

                                                                                    • Ka Kjj
                                                                                      Ka Kjj  4 weeks back

                                                                                      Brik Grille delusional Kobe is barely top 10. Kobe got carried by shaq for most of his championships

                                                                                  • Bb_ Miner
                                                                                    Bb_ Miner  1 months back

                                                                                    They are both clowns, Shannon doesn’t even put mj 1 and skip puts larry bird ahead of bron 😂🤡🤡