The KING Of The Heavyweights

  • Published: 08 August 2018
  • Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder is being speculated for December, whilst Joshua and Povetkin are set for next month. With plenty of other names making big moves, who will be the king of the division?
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    Deontay Wilder claimed the need for there to be "one champion, one face and one name." Meaning for all the best fighters to come together and put it on the line. As we move closer to some of the biggest fights in the division - this time next year we could see exactly who is the king of the new heavyweight era. Enjoy the video!

    Narration: Jim Foster

    Tommee Profitt - Can't Hold Us Down
    Rap Beat Instrumental
    Beat Army - Infinity

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Comments • 758

  • Brendan Jackson
    Brendan Jackson  1 years back

    Motivedia's voice is KING of the heavyweights.

    • John Maddix
      John Maddix  12 months back

      John K Joy eew

    • Andre Thomas
      Andre Thomas  12 months back

      The Gospel preaching

    • John K Joy
      John K Joy  12 months back


    • TheTARANISh
      TheTARANISh  1 years back

      Motivideo's favorite is Tyson Fury and that's a fact 100% lol

    • Geordie Jerr
      Geordie Jerr  1 years back

      Incredible edits.. im obsessed with this channel 👀 & tyson fury will come back to rule HW 🤞🏼

  • Mimo Burns
    Mimo Burns  2 months back

    Very nice voice cool to watch. You deserve a million subs in the future more power to your channel more videos pls.

    • Cloud Taker
      Cloud Taker  2 months back

      The god of the heavyweight division is muhammad ali

      • Joshua DANO
        Joshua DANO  3 months back

        Andy Ruiz

        • Bastian Sundermann
          Bastian Sundermann  4 months back

          Love these vids, respect for such great kontent

          • Bashir Kiguli
            Bashir Kiguli  4 months back

            Ohh how things have changed since then

            • Dark Diaz
              Dark Diaz  4 months back

              Anthony Joshua is a bum

              • jose lopez
                jose lopez  5 months back


                • Pepsi Max
                  Pepsi Max  8 months back

                  I’m 6 and I could beat em all !

                  • Mohammad Ali
                    Mohammad Ali  8 months back

                    Dillain WHyte is a Bum, he choose money over the belts, he didn't realise he will have more money once he gets the belts, so in my opinion he was never interested in the belts anyway, if he were interested in the belts he would have took the opportunity, and now no one know when he will get the shot to fight AJ again.

                    • Mohammad Ali
                      Mohammad Ali  8 months back

                      i love motivedia Videos, Heavyweight Division is my favourite class in boxing. Who is the voice in the video?

                      • Watcher
                        Watcher  9 months back

                        This is edited so well

                        • Rowan Broekman
                          Rowan Broekman  9 months back

                          AJ is the champ, there is no doubt about that, Whyte is rank 2, Miller 3 Povetkin 4, Fury 5, and then the rest

                          • 10K Subs With No Videos
                            10K Subs With No Videos  10 months back

                            I think the big 3 could make heavyweight boxing back to the level it was at in the 90s but Fury is clearly the best boxer
                            The other two are bigger hitters but fury is so unorthodox and has such a high boxing intelligence I struggle to see him losing especially after that performance against Wilder after 3 years out where he ballooned up to 400 pounds and came back down

                            • 10K Subs With No Videos
                              10K Subs With No Videos  10 months back

                              Tyson Fury the gypsy king is the best atm

                              • Camilo Bautista
                                Camilo Bautista  10 months back

                                Fury will take them all...... all

                                • Im MXY
                                  Im MXY  10 months back

                                  So many yanks in this comment section going on about wilder? He can punch that’s it. No skill and not a boxer. Fury and aj would be a good fight but it would still be a schooling. Aj is too well rounded.

                                  • laldinsanga palian
                                    laldinsanga palian  10 months back

                                    Let AJ and wilder gets fight and the winner will fight Tyson fury then he will be the champ

                                    • Cliff Works
                                      Cliff Works  11 months back

                                      wonder how these guys would fare vs the heavyweights of yore, they don't look very impressive to me compared to Holyfield, Spinks, Mike Tyson, Ali, Foreman etc. educate me

                                      • nat turner
                                        nat turner  11 months back

                                        OOOOh shit

                                        • Stephen Joseph
                                          Stephen Joseph  11 months back

                                          People say Deonty never wanted to fight AJ, please let's be realistic why did it happen so easy between Wilder and Fury... I respect AJ but let's accept the bitter fact that he fears Wilder

                                          • Harry Christopher
                                            Harry Christopher  11 months back

                                            I won't respect Whyte until he stops ducking Ortiz

                                            • Bob Boba
                                              Bob Boba  11 months back

                                              Best boxing channel 🥊!!! Keep up the good work!!

                                              • Booster Chizela
                                                Booster Chizela  12 months back

                                                Every body shout "A.J!"

                                                • Alaswoe2u
                                                  Alaswoe2u  12 months back

                                                  Lets go! Big-Baby Miller!

                                                  • Anderson Greene
                                                    Anderson Greene  12 months back

                                                    Anderson green from barbados ' you see all that nonsence fury dose jabs cure all of that triple jag and then the atonice bomb the big left hand easy jag jag jab easy work as the king said' money him self

                                                    • Andre Thomas
                                                      Andre Thomas  12 months back

                                                      Top Gospel preaching 3018

                                                      • Omo Oba
                                                        Omo Oba  12 months back

                                                        Imagine having Joshua as a dad,Fury as a brother and Wilder as an uncle.....I'll literally be levitating in the air 🤣😂🙌🙏🙄👈

                                                        • Apenisa uluirewa
                                                          Apenisa uluirewa  12 months back

                                                          I WOULD SAY ANTHONY JOSHUA IS THE KING OF HEAVY WEIGHTS,, A HUMBLE HEART!

                                                          • Luke Bashian
                                                            Luke Bashian  12 months back

                                                            Fury at his best is better than any of these guys but atm id say it’s between Joshua and Wilder

                                                            • walter thairu
                                                              walter thairu  12 months back

                                                              Nyc compilation and man that commentary voice is jst awesome...

                                                              • Loyd Sevilla
                                                                Loyd Sevilla  12 months back

                                                                the heavyweight division is back..

                                                                • Carlos Vivani
                                                                  Carlos Vivani  12 months back

                                                                  What song are they playing

                                                                  • Frank Torres
                                                                    Frank Torres  1 years back

                                                                    0:39 bee man, piece of shit, you have a fake legacy

                                                                    • nagen shahi
                                                                      nagen shahi  1 years back

                                                                      If there is fight between Joshua and wilder I think wilder will win cause his right hand is so powerful no one can imagine though I love their great fight . I am not bias of any particular person.

                                                                      • prasad jadhav
                                                                        prasad jadhav  1 years back

                                                                        Just work and work don't forget the leg day ......stamina is a concern and please don't show ur swing it's not street.

                                                                        • Jay Jackson
                                                                          Jay Jackson  1 years back

                                                                          None of them can withstand Wilder’s right hand....

                                                                          • Ali Hassan
                                                                            Ali Hassan  1 years back

                                                                            The guy talking motivating me to start a boxing match with strangers 😆

                                                                            • Clen Jones
                                                                              Clen Jones  1 years back

                                                                              Ranking of HW:

                                                                              1 - Current Fury = Wilder
                                                                              2 - Joshua

                                                                              • King Hannibal
                                                                                King Hannibal  1 years back

                                                                                Boxing died when Mike Tyson left the building

                                                                                • j b
                                                                                  j b  1 years back

                                                                                  aj and wilder are head and shoulders above the rest

                                                                                  • XLilyWhiteVidsX
                                                                                    XLilyWhiteVidsX  1 years back

                                                                                    Joshua is the best 👏

                                                                                    • Bård Bråtelia
                                                                                      Bård Bråtelia  1 years back

                                                                                      sadly money willo decide the matchups and outcome of every macth until someone puts don the fuckn rat king 6 foot under , the cancer of boxing since the 70`s . ONLY when the hype has the potentinal to produce enough money will we see a propper fight with the actual 2 best in the game at this moment in time . duck and weave used to happend during the fights , now its befeore they even entered the ring.

                                                                                      • Qrit__91
                                                                                        Qrit__91  1 years back

                                                                                        Ive been following kickboxing since 99 and mma since 2006, boxing only since May-Mac, but damn it seems like i catched on on the right moment, amazing talent.

                                                                                        • aRaR MoralesRubia
                                                                                          aRaR MoralesRubia  1 years back

                                                                                          aj number one!

                                                                                          • Nurhayati Kasau
                                                                                            Nurhayati Kasau  1 years back

                                                                                            jadwual tinju dunia kls berat

                                                                                            • KINGSLEY AZIMI
                                                                                              KINGSLEY AZIMI  1 years back

                                                                                              Jerry miller will is most powerful

                                                                                              • CFC Star
                                                                                                CFC Star  1 years back

                                                                                                Clash of the Heavyweight Titans 👊👊💪Quality video👍