How far & fast can Teslas really go?

  • Published: 10 September 2019
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    Kyle Conner wanted to beat Alex Roy's NY to LA Record but when Ed Bolian beat it in 2013, he set his sights on a different idea. As Tesla gained notoriety and built out their supercharger network, the possibility of an Electric Vehicle Cannonball became possible. Check out Kyle's channel here - Photos provided by @tipsymedia on Instagram.

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Comments • 386

  • Johnnie Lloyd
    Johnnie Lloyd  2 months back

    Why are so many of these guests absolute douches

    • Prince Bytor Frunobulax
      Prince Bytor Frunobulax  2 months back

      Least testicular story, ever.
      (when I heard Barstow/Yermo, at least my mind went right to hookers and blow)

      • Stephen Whittier
        Stephen Whittier  2 months back

        Another liberal idiot that doesn’t understand that it takes fossil fuels to produce electricity for the most part and, just where in hell does he think the minerals to produce the batteries comes from... land strip mines. Not so educated idiots !

        • Aaron Forward
          Aaron Forward  2 months back

          I wonder if ev's are going to *spark* their own cannonball.

          • Robinson Harvey
            Robinson Harvey  2 months back

            In the ev cannon ball is it legal to carry a generator in the vehicle?
            I would think of it as a fuel cell in the trunk for a gas vehicle or would it make the vehicle a hybrid?

            • keala hau
              keala hau  2 months back

              The intro let s me think you had a shitty moment....

              • DriftKingNL
                DriftKingNL  3 months back

                When you can't set a record in a real car, just resort to setting it in a bumpercar.

                • Matt Arnold
                  Matt Arnold  3 months back

                  The answer is here:

                  • showmethedammovie
                    showmethedammovie  3 months back

                    1.25 x fast. Makes a lot better video.

                    • SLID Tossed Pissed Elemental Into Bleu Cheese Salad

                      Now thats... what I call a SHIT SHOW!

                      • Bill Loman
                        Bill Loman  3 months back

                        Oh man, you guys drove through here (Indianapolis) on the weekend they shut all the highways down? That sucks, man. You should do it again and come through when the roads are actually working

                        • James Garrison
                          James Garrison  3 months back

                          How did you not get pulled over

                          • Maximus Decimus Meridius
                            Maximus Decimus Meridius  3 months back

                            I'm disappointed in this video, not one time were the words "shrewd negotiator" used....

                            • Deplorable Dave
                              Deplorable Dave  3 months back

                              The Ticket Clinic ad looks like the start of a very good, or very bad porno. Truth.

                              • Rider Made
                                Rider Made  3 months back


                                • Tre'von Cowen
                                  Tre'von Cowen  3 months back

                                  Why would he got from Indy to Ohio if he’s goin west

                                  • L J Sanchez
                                    L J Sanchez  3 months back

                                    Electric Septic.

                                    • Mr. Blonde
                                      Mr. Blonde  3 months back

                                      " he says, no way you can fit that up your keister, bro.."
                                      vinwiki music starts playing

                                      • Dallin Coyle
                                        Dallin Coyle  3 months back

                                        “I’m not one of those save the environment people” hits bird with electric car

                                        • JAG
                                          JAG  3 months back

                                          People will continue to attempt to break any and all of the Cannonball records until someone gets killed. Chances are the victim will not be one of the participants. It will be some poor unsuspecting motorist who will become collateral damage in the name of extreme, wasteful extravagance. That will be the end of it. To continue will result in felony charges and imprisonment. Its not the 70's any longer. Persist as it is at your peril.

                                        • sighheinrich
                                          sighheinrich  3 months back

                                          Weirdest intro ever! Is that shit (literaly) going to get me to continue the story? Hell no.

                                          • Christian Lemon
                                            Christian Lemon  3 months back

                                            "I'm not someone to do anythings that's not safe." Then tells a store of being mid-air over train tracks when the lights come on.

                                            Yep. Perfectly safe.

                                            Just own it, man. You drove like an idiot across country. This is a safe space.

                                            • Gomez Adams
                                              Gomez Adams  3 months back

                                              Over my time of watching about every single video on Vinwiki, I've always enjoyed the Canonball stories in all of their iterations. But because of the fractal nature of the stories from all, the rules or guidelines confuse me.

                                              There have been illusions to different starting and ending points and traditional vs alternate ending points. The attempts have covered many years and the way that an attempt's time and the way that it can be confirmed has likely changed.

                                              My question is:
                                              If somebody were to attempt this feat tomorrow, what would they need to do to avoid being called a liar or cheater or at least having some sort of astrick as part of my attempt for not following the original Yates unwritten model?

                                              • out here
                                                out here  3 months back

                                                Does anyone know his record time?

                                                • Original Wolf
                                                  Original Wolf  3 months back

                                                  not burning fossil fuels.... chances are the energy you're charging up with was produced by burning fossil fuels... or generated with a stinky diesel generator standing next to the charging stations for your tesla

                                                  • Keith Smith
                                                    Keith Smith  3 months back

                                                    Nooooo not electric cars on VinWiki 😭😭😭 it’s truly becoming the end of petrol heads/car enthusiast

                                                    • keen
                                                      keen  2 months back

                                                      whats the problem? a video on a car channel about a car and you are calling the end to car enthusiasts?

                                                  • MB
                                                    MB  3 months back

                                                    Great and fun story, the guys mowing in the background the entire time didn't spoil it. I salute this dude for doing this, I'd likely not even try to make a trip that long in an EV.

                                                    • s michael
                                                      s michael  3 months back

                                                      The new set u guys record is at the house right? Cuz it sounds like the landscaping company showed up at 10:05. But then again they probably been there a while already and they happened to be finished with the far side of the house and were doing final cleanup on the near side to the set cuz it doesny sound like a lawn mower or a weed wacker. It more sounds like the leaf blower actually. Especially the way the power acceleration rises and falls. And lawn mower power doesn't work that way. A weed wacker does but the motor sounds different as well as it has a different type of exhaust long w/ the exhaust sound is loud enough to mix with the sound of the weed wacker cutting. So u hear both. And a leaf blower motor is nowhere near the sound of the air intake and the expended <<<(rt word?) 🤷🏽🤷🏽 >>>> expended blower air sound so u hear the fluctuation of air not the sound of the motor. Smh i think im supposed to be between the ages of 50-80 (32) to not only pick up on that, but to also care enough to rewind it multiple times and what's even worse is the fact that im writong a damn comment about it. And lastly i took the time to care about analysing the sound to the point i broke down the individual sounds of other equipment and the motor sounds as well as application of the acceleration. And fyi i first thought it was the wife using a vaccume. That hypothesis lasted only to the second rewind and was quickly eliminated once a fluxuating motor speed was esablushed. Id say it would be eliminated due to it being a non electric motor but the leaf blower can very well be plugged into and extension cord and be electric and sound like that. Another 5 or so more playback i can establish that by listening for a possible idle sound. But from this point of useless analysis of something having nothing to do with the video info and a complete waiste of time and life and even more waist of time if u read this and even more waiste of time if u read this, play the video back at the listed time stamp and give a critical analysis of my analysis. So if u enjoy being a crotchety old man to point out useless information about backround noise as well as a pointless explanarion of the useless infotmation and reply to this extremely retarted comment. U then can be added into the mentally challenged video commentors of youtube club. U get a brown play button made out of human shit. Sometimes its green shit cuz we dont eat right and tend to live off ice cream and fruit snacks so some play buttons are green. And blue play buttons during xmas due to eating 100s pf blue candy canes. I think so much better and extremely more interesting variety of play buttons than a stupid gold or silver one. Fuggin stoopid. O wait im sstoopid so im the same as a gold play button "BONER" MORE TONS OF SHIT and ur still reading so more wasted time and wasted life. 😘😘😘 finally the fact that i chose to explain my stupidity aandbd the fact u are stupidly continuing to read this shows the lack of i.i.i.intellectual appplication of time well spent. Even tho we probably couldnt find the cure for cancer if we spent the 10_1% minites we just did watching and replaying that snippet, reading this comment as well as myself craating it, onto the replaying of snippet by the additoonal mental misfits, and creating an educated guess to show how uneducated we are analyzing pointlesseas infornation with zero value to too or two the world this video, this channel or chanel, and the creators creative creation (winning) was just put into question if they/them Themselves read this and replyed. Which would be amazong that we all chimed in to show the fact we actual relate on total diffwrent wavelengths other than that of cars ✈✈✈🎢🚢⛵🚤💺🛳🚆🚄🚈🚇🚝🚋 and that we just all seek out pointless things to analyze and come up with possible possibilitiesitiwa. And hopefully find ut that im a complete idiot abd should be locked up for life for making people dumber by listening, just like those who listened to billy madisons explanation of "how the industrial revolution changed the face of the modern novel forever, discuss citing specific examples". (Which i still dont understand the question nor do i know the answer in any way shape or form to this very day) thank you and your welcome for successfully waistinh time in your life if u chose to read any of this and a special dedication to those that read all tye way to right here..... Ur now dumber and already were a complete fucking idiot. Ur welcone and i love u. Muah!!!
                                                      Your Boner
                                                      Go to xhamsterlive and Beat thw living shit out of me please. Only 30 seconds tho. I take a beating pretty fast

                                                      • s michael
                                                        s michael  3 months back

                                                        IMa ne mad of its. Was rwally a high powered dildo. Mine sounds just like that now that i think bout it 🍆🍆🍆🍆

                                                    • Alex Hendel
                                                      Alex Hendel  3 months back

                                                      so, Mr.Ed, when are you going to go on hot ones & run the Hot-Wings gauntlet??!??!?!!?!!

                                                      • Alex Hendel
                                                        Alex Hendel  3 months back

                                                        "im not a save the environment type person" so basically what you're saying is, you're not like EVERY average human being & don't bother becoming more and more environmentally conscientious? ;)

                                                        jk, i know what you meant to say but by god, was that a poor way of phrasing it!!!....... roflmao, lol, lmao, lmfao, keklelz, et cetera xD

                                                        but in all seriousness though, roflmao will forever be my favourite text-speak phrase ever & I'm very sad to have lived to be young enough to have experienced the "rofl/roflmao" days AND to have lived to be old enough to have to of mourned its death... #LebigBIGsad#momentofsilence#RIPtotherealestofones

                                                        • Tre'von Cowen
                                                          Tre'von Cowen  3 months back

                                                          Alex Hendel the average human don’t care and the average car guy doesn’t like electric

                                                      • NatetheAceOfficial
                                                        NatetheAceOfficial  3 months back

                                                        HA! He hit 465 at the totally wrong days! With 65 shutdown, EVERYONE had to go on to 465 to get to the other side of Indy!

                                                        • Matthew Swan
                                                          Matthew Swan  3 months back

                                                          I live in an environment and like to procreate but doesn’t want to save the environment

                                                          • Chaz Brammer
                                                            Chaz Brammer  3 months back

                                                            My first run will be within 2yrs
                                                            Hope to be at 35hrs

                                                            • Yousuf Uqaili
                                                              Yousuf Uqaili  3 months back

                                                              I’m just waiting on the 2020 roadster to obliterate that record

                                                              • MotoTaco
                                                                MotoTaco  3 months back

                                                                the way he says "it was a big bird" kills me

                                                                • Cristian Puhlovsky
                                                                  Cristian Puhlovsky  3 months back

                                                                  Just wait for the roadster to come out

                                                                  • 25aspooner
                                                                    25aspooner  3 months back

                                                                    Is there a separate cannonball record for pickup trucks?

                                                                    • Tha Hoova
                                                                      Tha Hoova  3 months back

                                                                      I was on the beach in the Dominican Republic when i decided to beat the people...smdh

                                                                      • xpl
                                                                        xpl  3 months back

                                                                        "not into saving environment" yep smart guy

                                                                        • Kelly's Cars
                                                                          Kelly's Cars  3 months back

                                                                          "The Fraternity of Lunatics"!!! 🤣🤣🤣

                                                                          • Doublevanoz
                                                                            Doublevanoz  3 months back

                                                                            No, we all haven't seen the movie.. YOU FUCKING TOOL BAG

                                                                            • Rebel8ball 832
                                                                              Rebel8ball 832  3 months back

                                                                              Not burn fossil fuels. ...except when charging

                                                                              • TheSaturdayNights
                                                                                TheSaturdayNights  3 months back

                                                                                No monster energy drink or holes in the set dry wall? ..... and you call yourself a Kyle. Also an EV and a good relationship with your father? C'mon bro, cannonball on your dirt bike. You bring shame to my name

                                                                                • Melody -Mellybyte-
                                                                                  Melody -Mellybyte-  3 months back

                                                                                  get covered in poop "Vin Wiki Music Plays"

                                                                                  • IHCheese
                                                                                    IHCheese  3 months back

                                                                                    Indianapolis is fucked up from all the construction on the loop highway 465

                                                                                    • Gegecat Smith
                                                                                      Gegecat Smith  3 months back

                                                                                      Who is this soy boy Clinton lover lib tart

                                                                                      • chad adams
                                                                                        chad adams  3 months back

                                                                                        10:07 - Who's doing a burnout in the background?

                                                                                        • Steel Titan
                                                                                          Steel Titan  3 months back

                                                                                          "we've all seen the cannonball run movie..." No... not all of us. I don't watch movies.