THE SIMS 4 ISLAND LIVING - CAS & Build/Buy Items Overview

  • Published: 11 June 2019
  • Thanks again to #EAGameChangers for inviting me to participate in this event! #TS4IslandLiving


    Create a Sim Items: 00:06
    Build/Buy Items: 02:32

    The Sims 4 Island Living Gameplay Overview:

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Comments • 35

  • Peach Plays
    Peach Plays   3 months back

    I did an oopsie that slipped through the cracks while I was editing: I said the Island Living comes out on may 21st, it's JUNE 21st. Hope you enjoy the item overview and go check out the gameplay overview! It's short but sweet!

    • Sara B.
      Sara B.  3 months back

      thank you so much for posting this

      • Hanbam
        Hanbam  3 months back

        Everything is so preeeetty 😍

        • Mabinty Koroma
          Mabinty Koroma  3 months back

          LGR will be so happy about the chairs

          • Peach Plays
            Peach Plays   3 months back

            First thing I thought when I was pulling them out 😂

          THANOS GOSTOSAO  3 months back

          Show Volcano

          • K S.
            K S.  3 months back

            Are they new shoes for adult females ?

            Thank you for going throw all Objects & of course the cas😍👏🏻

            • Peach Plays
              Peach Plays   3 months back

              Yep, that's another thing I forgot. There's 4 shoes for women.

          • zolza stream
            zolza stream  3 months back

            Thank you very much for the video! I cant believe there are a lot of amazing furnitures!!!! cant wait *-*
            one q: if its an expansion pack does it mean comming (hope so) university will be only game pack?:C

            • Peach Plays
              Peach Plays   3 months back

              I have absolutely no idea, sorry. If you're referring to what they said a couple months back about getting one EP, one GP and one SP, the SP is a Moschino Stuff pack and they hinted that the GP was something about magic, probably witches. No signs of University yet.

          • Κωσταντινα Στεφ

            can you own 2 households?

          • LittlebellgirLau
            LittlebellgirLau  3 months back


            • Kefou Kefak
              Kefou Kefak  3 months back

              Finally someone showing a merman

              • Universe Artist
                Universe Artist  3 months back

                Is there a cute little mermaid crib like the vampires got? I guess not since it wasn't in the video, but doesn't hurt to ask. Loved the video, thanks for sharing it with us! Gonna go and check out the gameplay of yours now! <3

                • Peach Plays
                  Peach Plays   3 months back

                  I didn't see a crib but it could be hidden in the debug menu. Hey Harrie has a video where she checks out the debug menu items too, you might want to check her out 😊

              • Silver Nightingale
                Silver Nightingale  3 months back

                Wow. Those items are all so pretty. I'm really liking this pack so far.

                • Silver Nightingale
                  Silver Nightingale  3 months back

                  BTW, that fisher an career is promising. I always wanted to make a fish market commercial lot. And the clothes are so pretty! It will make summer more fun! And collectible seashells! I can finally decorate homes with shells! ♡

                • Peach Plays
                  Peach Plays   3 months back

                  They will go together wonderfully with the items from Jungle Adventure 😍

              • Sunnie Noone
                Sunnie Noone  3 months back

                Very cool! I'm so excited for this pack.

                • coconut blue
                  coconut blue  3 months back

                  Blown away😍😍😍

                  • No I don't think so
                    No I don't think so  3 months back

                    Can children be mermaids? i'm doubting it, but! You never know! Thank you... i was really bored and craving new content.

                    • No I don't think so
                      No I don't think so  3 months back

                      @Peach Plays Thank you!!! I will... Mermaids are forever so i'm very excited .... thank you :)

                    • Peach Plays
                      Peach Plays   3 months back

                      Ah! That's a tricky one because I didn't check that but I believe the gurus said children can be mermaids too. Check the E3 presentation from Saturday, I'm almost sure they talked about it.

                  • destron X
                    destron X  3 months back

                    I happy about this expansion looks amazing the cas and build mode.but i have a question: mermaids on ground have legs like normal sims or they commit the same issue like sims 3 when they go out of water have fish legs?will be cool if they have like a disguise style vampires and aliens.

                    • Peach Plays
                      Peach Plays   3 months back

                      On ground mermaids have normal legs, so you won't be able to tell who's a mermaid until they get in the water.

                  • Tamara Charles
                    Tamara Charles  3 months back

                    Oops.... you said Friday May 21st....

                    • Nic. John
                      Nic. John  3 months back

                      OMG!!!!😱 is that a new shower type?! Finally?!! Please tell me that I can finally build large showers without cc.🙏🏾🙏🏾

                      • Peach Plays
                        Peach Plays   3 months back

                        Sort of! It's the same size of a normal standing shower it just doesn't have any walls/glass 😊

                    • Lorena Nogueira
                      Lorena Nogueira  3 months back

                      cant wait to see what you'll build in the new world!

                      • Peach Plays
                        Peach Plays   3 months back

                        I can't wait to build more there! It's so pretty!

                    • Takács Balázs
                      Takács Balázs  3 months back

                      Thnx thnx thnx Peach😀
                      Btw I'M BLOWN AWAY JUST BY THE THINGS I SAW😮