Kawhi Leonard CRAZY GAME-WINNER - Game 7 | Raptors vs 76ers | 2019 NBA Playoffs

  • Published: 13 May 2019
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  • Arturo Arreola
    Arturo Arreola  18 less than a minute back

    Beat Phil-ly! Beat Phil-ly!

    • Jason Armstrong
      Jason Armstrong  28 minutes back

      Look like he traveled before he started the dribble.

      • Ethanal Spencer
        Ethanal Spencer  41 minutes back

        One day we'll get a deep rewind on this play, 'The Dagger'

        • TAO CHEN
          TAO CHEN  2 hours back

          Now ,Raptor get into Final.

          • Chris Surjoo
            Chris Surjoo  7 hours back

            Who is here after the conference finals!?! The shot that made it possible!

            • W.T.C 1990
              W.T.C 1990  8 hours back

              it's off to Leonard.......defended by Simmons......is this the dagger..........ohhhhhh !!!!!!

              that commentary was beautiful

              if he wins them a championship and leaves he'll still be considered a legend by the Raptors fans

              but it's a tall order to beat my Warriors, it will be a good series

              • SAR - Neon & Santa
                SAR - Neon & Santa  9 hours back


                • Kelvin Birch
                  Kelvin Birch  10 hours back

                  Kevin Harlan Best calls

                  • Benny Love
                    Benny Love  12 hours back

                    Claw talk. 76ers can't beat the Raptors even if it was a game 8

                    • ValorOni
                      ValorOni  13 hours back

                      And so the fans of Philadelphia, destroy their city again....

                      • Cyclus_ Senpai
                        Cyclus_ Senpai  14 hours back

                        Wait is that travelling right after he got the ball? Or I just don’t know how to count lol

                        • Cyclus_ Senpai
                          Cyclus_ Senpai  3 hours back

                          Probably even 5?

                        • Andrew Fuehring
                          Andrew Fuehring  14 hours back

                          100% travel he took 4 steps after gaining possession before his dribble, but that will never get called.

                      • Some Dude
                        Some Dude  15 hours back

                        And to think, if that shot doesn’t go in, they don’t make the finals, amazing

                        • 6kasımDERİNYARA
                          6kasımDERİNYARA  15 hours back

                          Türk yok mu mk

                          • Daniel Ratajczyk
                            Daniel Ratajczyk  15 hours back


                          • Eck KD
                            Eck KD  16 hours back

                            Had to come back to watch this after they just finished off the Bucks to get to their 1st ever finals. Go Raptors!

                            • Shadow The Ghost
                              Shadow The Ghost  15 hours back

                              +Mick Funny raptors in 7

                            • Mick Funny
                              Mick Funny  16 hours back

                              Eck KD they’ll be slaughtered by the Dubs, Draymond will shut Kawhi down

                          • Hussein Belhaj
                            Hussein Belhaj  17 hours back

                            anyone here when they beat the bucks?

                          • Ty Cardwell
                            Ty Cardwell  17 hours back

                            Kawhi is the best player in the world hands down. You can still debate it between him and KD but if he finds a way to beat GS in the finals he’ll be the best player in the league.

                            I hope he stays in Toronto, or goes to the Clippers. If he goes to the Lakers I’m going to be pisssssssed

                            • Ty Cardwell
                              Ty Cardwell  14 hours back

                              Mick Funny

                              The likely thing is the Lakers get nobody next offseason. Absolutely Nobody and Lebron plays out the rest of his contract then retires. Then the Lakers become a crapshoot until they get new ownership

                            • Ty Cardwell
                              Ty Cardwell  15 hours back

                              Mick Funny

                              Dude you’re dreaming. It’s a nice dream sure. But the Pelicans GM has made it abundantly clear they are not trading AD to the Lakers. The Lakers already offered everyone for AD and the Pelicans turned it down. And Kawhi going to the Lakers is almost non existent anymore. With the disfunction in the front office and LeBron out as the best player in the world he’s way more likely to choose the Clippers or the Raptors then the Lakers

                            • Mick Funny
                              Mick Funny  16 hours back

                              Ty Cardwell Lakers will trade the whole damn franchise to get Anthony Davis with LeBron. Not sure they would have the cap space to add Kawhi. Can you imagine a LeBron, AD, and Kawhi Big 3🤔🤔

                          • Austiny Fengy Stupid
                            Austiny Fengy Stupid  17 hours back

                            And the Raptors end up making the Finals.
                            Historic run.

                            • Flying V
                              Flying V  16 hours back

                              Austiny Fengy Stupid hope they do it

                          • Star Platinum
                            Star Platinum  17 hours back

                            *And Kawhi Did It Again!!!*

                            • Jaylon Foster
                              Jaylon Foster  18 hours back

                              Travel you clowns

                              • tatt oo sticker
                                tatt oo sticker  18 hours back

                                I remember seeing it live shit was insane

                                • SuperMario49 Gaming
                                  SuperMario49 Gaming  20 hours back

                                  Imagine if the Finals was decided like this????

                                  • SuperMario49 Gaming
                                    SuperMario49 Gaming  14 hours back

                                    Mick Funny but Toronto has home court advantage, so Game 7 of the finals would be in Toronto

                                  • Mick Funny
                                    Mick Funny  16 hours back

                                    Flying V crowd wouldn’t be loud since this would be a Game 7 and take place in Oakland

                                  • Flying V
                                    Flying V  16 hours back

                                    SuperMario49 Gaming the crowd would be twice as loud, and you’d probably hear cheering all throughout Toronto.

                                • Malaya Canchela
                                  Malaya Canchela  22 hours back

                                  Tonight is our chance to win the Series and play Golden State. #WeTheNorth

                                  • Cantteactobe GREAT
                                    Cantteactobe GREAT  1 days back

                                    I feel bad for the security that didnt get to see that shot went in. Smh

                                    • raj mataj
                                      raj mataj  1 days back

                                      IT IS HOT UP IN THE 6 RIGHT NOW GO RAPS

                                      • The AMU
                                        The AMU  1 days back

                                        I watch this right before sex so I can get rock hard

                                        • Jose Bustillo
                                          Jose Bustillo  1 days back

                                          Like a scene straight out of a movie.

                                          • 王竣禾
                                            王竣禾  2 days back

                                            Best shot ever in Leonard’s career

                                            • Craig Conley
                                              Craig Conley  2 days back

                                              WE THE NORTH!!!!!

                                              • Faizool Mohammed
                                                Faizool Mohammed  2 days back

                                                ALL YOU PEOPLE SO FREAKING BLIND THE MAN SHOT A 2 POINTER AS
                                                FOR THE REFF 'S THEY ALL NEED TO BE SACKED ALL OF THEM

                                                • Faizool Mohammed
                                                  Faizool Mohammed  2 days back

                                                  ALL YOU PEOPLE SO FREAKING BLIND THE MAN SHOT A 2 POINTER AS
                                                  FOR THE REFF 'S THEY ALL NEED TO BE SACKED ALL OF THEM

                                                  • catch tone
                                                    catch tone  2 days back

                                                    Good fuck embiid

                                                    • albcev1511
                                                      albcev1511  2 days back

                                                      He's a fun guy

                                                      • Eddie
                                                        Eddie  2 days back

                                                        *Kawhi Leonard laugh*

                                                        • Jon Jon
                                                          Jon Jon  2 days back

                                                          This is the fun guy side of Kawhi he was talking about

                                                          • George Lowery
                                                            George Lowery  2 days back

                                                            Kawhi Leonard is a bad boy!!! Do you know the soft touch & arch you need to have on a jump shot to get that kind of shooter’s bounce? Amazing & Unbelievable.

                                                            • djordje roganovic
                                                              djordje roganovic  2 days back

                                                              Long live Africa

                                                              • PAXX PLAYS
                                                                PAXX PLAYS  2 days back

                                                                All the dislikes are salty Philly fans saying he traveled

                                                                • Geron Fletcher
                                                                  Geron Fletcher  2 days back

                                                                  Y’all see kawhis uncle down there after he hit the shot? Lol

                                                                  • Hells Angels
                                                                    Hells Angels  2 days back

                                                                    Drake's writing a new Song, about this moment, rigt now! 😱

                                                                    • Deadpool Gaming
                                                                      Deadpool Gaming  3 days back

                                                                      I remember seeing it live shit was insane

                                                                      • Rich Ə Wrych
                                                                        Rich Ə Wrych  3 days back

                                                                        King of the north

                                                                        • CanadaMMA
                                                                          CanadaMMA  3 days back

                                                                          I loved how you could hear every bounce on the rim.

                                                                          Everyone was holding their breath...

                                                                          • News page for rappers
                                                                            News page for rappers  3 days back

                                                                            the shot was grest but damion lillard shot was better

                                                                            • GD McK
                                                                              GD McK  3 days back

                                                                              Top 5 Buzzer Beaters of All Time

                                                                              • Xperienced GAM3R
                                                                                Xperienced GAM3R  3 days back

                                                                                Joel Embiid don’t cry Hulu still got live sports.........

                                                                                • Big boi Jinny
                                                                                  Big boi Jinny  3 days back

                                                                                  Who’s here when the raptors are one win away from the finals?

                                                                                  • K Wright
                                                                                    K Wright  3 days back

                                                                                    Notice the "end of regulation" that was the game to be at this year