Doing This Will Make Your Transmission Last Twice as Long

  • Published: 09 January 2019
  • Doing This Will Make Your Transmission Last Twice as Long, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. How to make automatic transmission last longer. How to fix transmission shifting problems. How to tell if your automatic transmission is going bad. How to tell if your automatic transmission needs to be rebuilt. Automatic transmission trouble signs. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years.

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  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer   9 months back

    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:
    1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:
    2. Cheap Scan Tool:
    3. Professional Socket Set:
    4. Wrench Set:
    5. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter:
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    ⬇️ Things used in this video:
    1. Common Sense
    2. 4k Camera:
    3. Camera Microphone:
    4. Camera Tripod:
    5. My computer for editing / uploading:
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    • dead president
      dead president  5 months back

      Imma gonna take your advise on the Japanese motor

    • Dicky Ball
      Dicky Ball  8 months back

      Scotty, LEDS output many more linens and, therefore, are about 3 times brighter. LEDS are a vast improvement over the dated halogens. Especially, useful in suburban and rural areas.

    • Desi Slayer
      Desi Slayer  9 months back

      Hey scotty, to change my auto transmission to a manual , do i have to get a new engine?

    • jw van liere
      jw van liere  9 months back

      try led now its a stronger licht try to find a good bulb and be amazed of the vieuw u have but do some testing with difrent models

    • B 2 Da Ry
      B 2 Da Ry  9 months back

      @Al Grayson Yeah he's in Houston NOW, but I'll bet money he's not originally FROM Texas.

  • ivan gonzalez marin
    ivan gonzalez marin  1 weeks back

    I have a small problem i think. when i break are slow donw ( down shift to 2 to 1 ) automitic transmission its like it.hit no hard but u i feel like its stock and releas what can be the problem it only happen 2 to 1 slowing down to completly stop are to take under way the car os a 2014 kia forte (cerato) it.only have 42km thank you guys let me know

    • J W 220
      J W 220  2 weeks back


      • stuna101a
        stuna101a  2 weeks back

        You haven't experienced weight reduction until you put helium in your tires.

        • Beinrich Bimmler
          Beinrich Bimmler  2 weeks back

          The problem with the used japanese engines - most of them are slightly different than their American counterparts! Oval manifold ports when your engine has square ditto, or vice versa; a different angle on the thermostat housing hose-etc. wtc! You MUST carefully compare that new-to-you engine sitting in the crate on the shop floor, to your engine coming out, otherwise you might be letting yourself in for nasty surprises so caveat emptor and etc..

          • DAN CIOCO
            DAN CIOCO  3 weeks back

            hello, I am having this 1.6, 16v renault car with a dp0 automatic transmission that is having some sort of a very strong boom when changing gear, while standing, from P to a shock inside and the car is lifting like ..really hard anyway..changed solenoid pressure and a very dirty black transmission oil which treated with a flash solution finally cleaned it up, now even with these changes the transmission still doing the same...I've put in the transmission once some very expensive oil and some little change occured but still..While driving slow on cruise control, most of 200 k not really bothered the bad shifting and all, but when trying to drive normally with the pedal, then especially when I need engine break, the transmission is like some empty bottles hitting one to another...maybe the noise coming from the hydraulic part..
            probably the transmission is going down ..but ..worth a tell..?!
            nice watching your videos !

            • DOC
              DOC  2 months back

              Entertaining scooty

              • phillyhippie
                phillyhippie  2 months back

                When replacing an engine is there any way to tell how many miles there is on it?

                • Paul V
                  Paul V  2 months back

                  When my moms automatic tranny went out in her crappy Saturn Ion, it went from perfect one day to kinda slipping the next day, and on day 2 completely would barely move the car no matter how you babied it lol!

                  • john ratcliff
                    john ratcliff  3 months back

                    The old 235 Trailmaster inline 6. Built by GM for the Army during WW2. Toyota bought the templates and all rights to this engine in the 80's.

                    • GP
                      GP  3 months back

                      I ask you to try to replace your normal air in tires to Nitrogen gas. I used to believe that will not any improvement but I changed my mind after I've tried.

                      • Mike Schiavoni
                        Mike Schiavoni  3 months back

                        Tons of wrecks in Japan. They do not rebuild them if mechanically damaged at all.

                        • Vdnd Dndndnnd
                          Vdnd Dndndnnd  4 months back

                          Scotty I have a 2500 duramax 2019 and it wobbles a lot

                          • David Murphy
                            David Murphy  4 months back

                            Below I.mention a 92 econo. bucking engine bucking tranny. ZMAXed it and bingo running like a top. Sold it for $2700 profit within hours. That was exactly 20 years ago . A band bought it and it has 380, 682 on it today and strangely enough we all feel it may well may make another 380k's just built well. American ingenuity. The age of the car is over and fading fast. We have anti gravity in physical therapy. I know an India Princess. An Indian from India not the woo woo Indian the mediatTing Indian. She is a paraplegic at our meditation center and is a peach. She is so beautiful. I'm 64 and she's like 19 now and is a goddess. And she flies. Really they have an anti grav chamber at her doctors and she flies. I was with a nasa group 45 years ago and we had anti grav engines and our ceo was murdered MIB twice and then the unthinkable ..Murder most. foul . I come from a very high masonic family and was groomed for top office. So I know a few things. We are just the ground crew... And dino-fart tech is what we've been allowed because we are temporary. Wait till you see what five G does to you if you think gasoline is stupid.

                            • David Murphy
                              David Murphy  4 months back

                              ZMAX ZMAX ZMAX ZMAX ZMAX I'm here to tell you this stuff has an FAA rating ...I'm not only a mechanic I'm a pilot ! And my family are cia pilots and carrier pilots was a VA nurse and married 8 of these alcoholic heros and one was a carrier pilot raised on the Rez and came up with the navajo code. The other was a billionaire owns a big California coastal town ...and he not only has one plane he has two. In case one breaks or something he simply has to be there or somebody dies see what I mean preflight inspection right down to voltages for bombs or sabotage . You would have to bolt the bomb inside something for us to miss it and we have never had an incident . My X was racing to the airport to pull the governor off a private plane for a huge meeting and sent a jr. deputy and it blew up on takeoff. My family are all feds we get the good training and that would never happen on our flights. But when you lose yer oil you can make it to a strip with ZMAX... That's why we use it. It is the ultimate for peeling carbon and it literally soaks into metal Smaller molecules than oil. Bought a $400 Econoline 92 six. Auto
                              .it was bucking the tranny was bucking and the owner had a long mechanic said internal regulator on the alternator. I was looking straight at it on the headlight wall. All the lights blew out. So I bought the lights the regulator and I t still bucked that night I knew I needed a valve job and rebuild the tranny quick and zoom. Lot of work. Most transmissions go bad because if age and lack of care primarily sludge build up to a hardened layer and metal shavings recirculating and the O rings crack and the pump clogs and bingo ! So the tranny shops won't even change the oil cuz the fresh will crack up the rest of what's working and finish it quicker so they advise drive it till you sell it or it dies. So remove 1/2 pint and put in the ZMAX and drive it a day or two let it set in there long enough put it in gas and oil and all that carbon under the pistons caked on for years making yer car diesel when you turn it off. Well that stuff is over after couple days flush it all out and then maybe run another load of ZMAX and check it every day see if it's still getting darker for a few days or a week Change it again ! Now you have an engine that is as internally clean as the day you bought it. Use it Everytime . For new vehicles let the engine break in a month or two then always keep ZMAX. In the oil. And tranny. Cleans injectors and ports real good I mean it. When I sold a car I would always change fluids after a ZMAX is in. I would advertise a power train warranty and hand them a written ZMAX Warranty as they will repair anything breaks that this stuff touches. In the air it's yer life cuz we aren't always flying over freeways and cities where help can be had fast. Thousands of hours over water wilderness and mountains and wicked weather and we've always brought her home safe with ZMAX that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

                              • Kenneth Davila
                                Kenneth Davila  4 months back

                                S cotty my AC blows cold for about an hour then stops. It still blows but not cold. If I turn it off then on again it will blow cold again. But it will do the same thing again. 2004 volvo xc70. 250000 miles.

                                • Shockwave 2
                                  Shockwave 2  4 months back

                                  How to tell a Potiac was going to go bad? It came off the assembly line...

                                  • googoo gjoob
                                    googoo gjoob  4 months back

                                    the main benefit of using nitrogen was shown in the pic at 1:34 tho not discussed.
                                    nitrogen molecules are LARGER so they wont leak out as easily...potentially eliminating the loss of tire pressure.

                                    • Derrick Balloqui-Smith
                                      Derrick Balloqui-Smith  5 months back

                                      “If you can get one of those Japanese models go ahead and do it!” Brilliant advice and nice pop up window!

                                      • donna vaughn
                                        donna vaughn  5 months back

                                        Scotty, my 2006 Tahoe gets a shudder at around 50mph that lasts about a month everytime i run through a foot of water (flash floods in FL). This has happened twice in the last few years. Someone told me its the transmission?? Why does the shudder go away after it dries out?

                                        • Daniel Williams
                                          Daniel Williams  5 months back

                                          The answer is at 0:01. Ur welcome.

                                          • BlackCanvas
                                            BlackCanvas  5 months back

                                            Hey scotty, we all know heat, moisture and dirt are the Automatic trans worse enemies. Running clean synthetic ATF is ideal, but what operating temperature do you consider ideal for getting the max life out of a trans? Some trans guys say that 140 f is the perfect # and the coolest you should run... so the ATF can clean and work properly (evaporate moisture). I am Interested in your opinion kind Sir.

                                            • Billy Lopez
                                              Billy Lopez  5 months back

                                              Its in a 95 lexus ls400 with 218 thousand plus miles on it and its automatic transmission

                                              • Billy Lopez
                                                Billy Lopez  5 months back

                                                Whats happens if my car drives in netrual and won't move at all in reverse it will go into the gear but tries to move forward when in reverse slightly then stops

                                                • rick couture
                                                  rick couture  6 months back

                                                  why did the dodge 225 go away, slant 6, went forever

                                                  • jam12588
                                                    jam12588  5 months back

                                                    My slant 6 in my 4 door Volare is still running great.I got it in 2003 with 47000 miles and it now has 104.000.

                                                • Sean Allen
                                                  Sean Allen  6 months back

                                                  90% of your videos are helpful, this was not one of them

                                                  • Joseph Tischer
                                                    Joseph Tischer  6 months back

                                                    Don't forget LED's also have a far longer lifespan and can take shock much better than Halogen bulbs. Make sure to get LED's designed for your vehicle since many cars have reflectors designed for the path of halogens.

                                                    • patricia holiield
                                                      patricia holiield  6 months back

                                                      I find a man that’s knowledgeable sooo sexy

                                                      • ki jssn
                                                        ki jssn  6 months back

                                                        Lol japanese always use train eventhough they have cars

                                                        • Steve Walther
                                                          Steve Walther  6 months back

                                                          I bought a used engine from a guy who "claimed" it was from Japan with only 20,000 miles....wrong!!!#

                                                          • P. Spit
                                                            P. Spit  6 months back

                                                            you gotta research the parts and cars you wanna buy a lot before you buy them. I was lookin' at a Hyundai Elantra with only 60K miles on it and when I did a Carfax on it, it turns out it had 85K miles on it and was a salvage title. Be careful out there.

                                                        • Eric Glover
                                                          Eric Glover  6 months back

                                                          Scotty, I got a 2004 Ford Focus Station Wagon and every time I have changed out the trunk lid fuses I keeped blowing what that could be the problem?

                                                          • l92375
                                                            l92375  6 months back

                                                            A friend of mine had a 1971 Toyota Landcruiser with a bad engine.He tried to put a 235 Chevy engine int it.The difference was everything was 1/2 bolt hole off.But like you said they look like a Chevy 6 cylinder.

                                                            • Jeff Guidry
                                                              Jeff Guidry  6 months back

                                                              Something I learned a long time ago was...when shifting from Park to Drive or Reverse, or from Drive to Reverse...always wait until you feel the car kick in to gear, and THEN release the brake. I was told that if you make the car move before the transmission finishes switching the gears, you can cause excess pressure in the pump and excess wear on the plates.

                                                              • f22 mass
                                                                f22 mass  7 months back

                                                                😂😂 Scotty's making cars great again great video

                                                                • William Crawford
                                                                  William Crawford  7 months back

                                                                  Nitrogen is dry, air (oxygen) holds moisture, very hard on tire pressure monitor sensors , electronics . So, go with nitrogen.

                                                                  • NoBs
                                                                    NoBs  7 months back

                                                                    Guess I either missed the twice as long advice or the " trick " is what we used to do 50 years ago.. as Scotty said take your foot off the gas pedal, let it shift and slowly re apply the gas. Thing is I never got twice as long with my Mom's 58 chevy 2 speed automatic.

                                                                    • Boniface Thattil
                                                                      Boniface Thattil  7 months back

                                                                      Scotty, Land Cruisers had V8s in them

                                                                      • Charlie Rothwill
                                                                        Charlie Rothwill  7 months back

                                                                        He ment a hilux

                                                                        • John Ponce
                                                                          John Ponce  7 months back

                                                                          My car is fine with leds,then again my leds do have the low beam guard on as well.and i have it on a reflective housing and doesn't bother drivers

                                                                          • Clifford Hodge
                                                                            Clifford Hodge  7 months back

                                                                            I am nearly blinded when LED headlights are coming from the other direction on the highway at night. I think they are a safety hazard.

                                                                            • Noforgiving Rebecca
                                                                              Noforgiving Rebecca  7 months back

                                                                              where was the transmission information here .... the bad pontiac ?

                                                                              • Tommy Cecchini
                                                                                Tommy Cecchini  7 months back


                                                                                • Dr Johnson Hungwell
                                                                                  Dr Johnson Hungwell  7 months back

                                                                                  A good tip for fixing the transmission is rev it up to 8,000 drop it in drive then drop it in reverse then drop it in drive then drop it in reverse usually fixes them.

                                                                                • gusgiesel
                                                                                  gusgiesel  7 months back

                                                                                  Based on the title, I was expecting to see information on a healthy automatic transmission... like a specific way of driving, a different way to shift it, or perhaps a maintenance tip. This video should be called "how to nurse a worn transmission for a while longer." C'mon Scotty!

                                                                                  • David Smith
                                                                                    David Smith  7 months back

                                                                                    Used to fancy a Mercedes c class after watching Scotty now I fancy a Honda accord

                                                                                    • Keathy Sanders
                                                                                      Keathy Sanders  7 months back

                                                                                      How bad is a 3400 motor

                                                                                      • Gregory Sell
                                                                                        Gregory Sell  7 months back

                                                                                        Decaf coffee is made now.

                                                                                        • catirerubio
                                                                                          catirerubio  7 months back

                                                                                          How would one know the condition of a used motor imported from Japan? Especially if one is not a mechanic?