Eric Weinstein on Antifa and Andy Ngo | Joe Rogan

  • Published: 04 July 2019
  • Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1320 w/Eric Weinstein:

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  • Edgar Traverso
    Edgar Traverso  2 days back

    I think when a bunch of men invade your town armed and armored, people are gonna continue to overreact. Bullying? Come into my town armed and people may react the same.

    • Imani Malaika
      Imani Malaika  4 days back

      Neither the cowardly middle nor the radical fringe are doing anything that matters. Violence in the streets is not going to affect Wall Street and the "financiers" involved in the Panama Papers. Corruption that siphons wealth in "trickle-up" corporate welfare that avoids taxes is never addressed in any substantial way. Oligarchs use plutocracy to make the populace believe that their vote counts in a two-party system heavily influenced by lobbyists. The real problem is that government has become the puppet of the corporations. Here is a good break down of what happened:

      • Luke T
        Luke T  2 weeks back

        The extreme left and right of politics are such fucking cancer. neo nazies and antifa are demons that only wish harm on the world.

        • RedGrobo
          RedGrobo  2 weeks back


          • TheSilverPhoenix100
            TheSilverPhoenix100  3 weeks back

            7:38 I agree with Eric 100% as a centrist. The center isnt pulling its weight to try and stop this nonsense and instead are letting at most 20% of the population drive the car straight towards a cliff. The simple fact moderates havent voted out idealogs who are actively advocating for taking away our rights in public for everyone to hear is nothing short of cowardly

            • Brian Urso
              Brian Urso  3 weeks back

              SOrry Disagree with Eric. THe Fringe on the right is barely there. And Moderate republicans like myself DENONUCE them Constantly as do most conservtaives.... RARELY do you see a person on the left DENOUNCING antifa....its rare.

              • daniel marson
                daniel marson  3 weeks back

                Im not scared of either wing of politics. However I see far more violence, attacks and news about Antifa and the far left.

                Antifa and proud boys? Both are idiots. Simply put.. One group loves the West, the other group hates the west. I love the West sooo yeah.. awkward,

                I hate to see Antifa burning national flags it instantly makes me dislike them, dressed in ball black hiding their faces, needing to use weapons, flying Soviet flags, how can anyone defend them.

                • Jakeymas
                  Jakeymas  3 weeks back

                  Violence is violence these leftists justify more on race than the right EVER will wake up my god and remember facts not feelings people

                  • Mike Jordan
                    Mike Jordan  3 weeks back

                    Why does Joe bitch out and agree with certain people? I go from liking him to completely losing respect for him every few videos I watch of his interviews

                    • davide andreazzini
                      davide andreazzini  3 weeks back

                      50 people killed by right wing terrorist movements
                      24 people killed by ICE
                      0 people killed by antifa
                      I don't condone violence but looking at the numbers the problem is somewhere else

                      • Mikhail369
                        Mikhail369  3 weeks back

                        The American people have been easily ruled through their propaganda that the pen is mightier than the sword. They virtually get away with murder, and all we do is to talk about it, which is ineffective since the masters of propaganda, always publish a contradicting account. If we would review history and apply those lessons of the past, then the pen will be thrown down in disgust and the sword wielded in the heat of passion. A recurrence to history would edify our minds and show us that the European countries solved their problems only by use of force. So far, they have escaped the sword, when the only reprisal is some periodical of no repute, or some pamphlet with limited circulation. Our pen is no match for theirs, but their constant fear is that we may open our eyes and learn that no change was ever brought about with a pen. History has been written in blood, not with ink. No letter, editorial or book has ever rallied the people or stopped tyranny. They understand this principle and are continually propagandizing the people to write letters to the President, to Congress and to their local media. They are safe to continually exploit, intimidate and disenfranchise Americans as long as we are preoccupied with the illusion of educating the masses through printed material. Woe be unto them if we ever see the futility of it, lay down the pen and employ the sword. . . But I could be wrong. . .

                        • Michael Bartholomew
                          Michael Bartholomew  3 weeks back

                          Difference between far left and far right is christianity. Far left have no moral compass and have murdered over 100 million people in the 20th century. Far right may be better at violence but they stop short of genocide.

                          • D.R. Mikkelsen
                            D.R. Mikkelsen  3 weeks back

                            Joe ... 'the left' isn't doing anything, one or two people committed assault.

                            • c. Mor
                              c. Mor  3 weeks back

                              This guy and his brother helped open this box, they are just upset the poison came out loud enough for society to notice and want to close it rather then slowly trickle out ultimately leading to the same future minus the resistance .

                              • Scott Grissom
                                Scott Grissom  3 weeks back

                                I've never met a republican that laughed at a baby seal getting clubbed.

                                • Brian Urso
                                  Brian Urso  3 weeks back

                                  YEP im republican and i hate that bullshit. Eric Weinstein is smart but talking out of his ass here, I hope to GOD he isnt one of those "the parties switched sides" bullshit. No 5 Dixiecrats democrats became republcan... Thats it. One was Strom thurmand forget the other ones. The morals and values for the party remained the same.

                              • Danrich driving and more

                                Good explanation of the situation regarding extremism.

                                • indigosigh
                                  indigosigh  4 weeks back

                                  Good on you Eric, for trying to break this down fairly and really analyse what's going on. Rogan is just making guesses and assumptions with no evidence. I'm so sick of that, it doesn't help at all. Rogan just cut-off Weinstein coz he didn't want to see it clearly...he likes his own version better. "It's not Tiki torches we need to worry about"?!?! WTF, they ended up killing a girl with a car.....Do you forget that Rogan???? A little bit more violent than the Ngo issue, dontcha think?????!?!!??!?! Sheez.

                                  • The 0ne
                                    The 0ne  4 weeks back

                                    People defending the Antifa fake news narrative, must carefully "craft a context" and tiptoe around what they say. When you're going to state all the facts surrounding an incident, you can simply state them. You don't need to go ever-so-carefully tiptoeing around it. Joe Rogan stays conveniently dumb. By the way I have several relatives in Portland, and I've lived there personally. Never once did I encounter any "Antifa" protest downtown or anywhere, or any such disruption. This is all staged bullshit, designed to prop up a totally fake boogeyman. Joe even admits it (or let it slip 5:53). And then watch Rogan try skirt and flee the subject 11:11.

                                    • J B
                                      J B  4 weeks back

                                      Ooooooh what the phuk! antifa punks need to be met with equal opposition and that faggit-assed governor/police commisioner needs to step the phuk down and enable the system to work and regain order... I say, if it's wearing all black and/or dawns a facial covering, phukin shoot it before it causes harm... Would make a lot of parents very happy that their basement spaces are once again available for use (post extermination)....

                                      • Trae Alan
                                        Trae Alan  4 weeks back

                                        ANTIFA sucks Yak Balls!!

                                        • Micah Haley
                                          Micah Haley  4 weeks back

                                          Andy Ngo was doxing left wing activists on behalf of the Radical Right.
                                          This ain't really mysterious, man.

                                          • idn
                                            idn  4 weeks back

                                            Do you have proof of this? As far as I know he named someone who had already been named by the media only?

                                        • Simon Ginks
                                          Simon Ginks  4 weeks back

                                          ANTIFA is a real piece of shit

                                          • Anti Witch
                                            Anti Witch  4 weeks back

                                            Why are they retard?

                                            • Tame
                                              Tame  4 weeks back

                                              that seriously has me thinking on Eric's point. Our apathy has put off confrontation, and now our apathy has festered into these fringe movements who now do the dirty work of our....socio-political discourse? (not sure the phrase/term here) because we haven't dealt with it in a healthy way...gee that sounds awfully familiar for *other* reasons as well. Sorry humanity but I'm gonna sit this one out. Have fun everyone

                                              • mmzen
                                                mmzen  4 weeks back

                                                Antifa have committed 0 murders.

                                                Rightwing groups commit an average of 300 murders a year in the United States.

                                                FBI crime statistics (you know those same ones racists love to site about 54% of all murders in the USA being committed by black men) say that 73% of all domestic terrorism is rightwing in nature.

                                                • 4stronaut
                                                  4stronaut  4 weeks back

                                                  Hard to listen to this guy. He’s so full of himself, so cartoonishly biased, and uses every possible manipulation to blur reality. His only point of truth here was when he admitted to being an emotional reactionary.

                                                  • ElFederal01
                                                    ElFederal01  4 weeks back

                                                    Antifa is basically a reincarnation of the 1930s SA Brownshirt Nazis before Hitler got any power... its literally playing out the same way its freaky. They are turning into Hitler lol

                                                    • ill Drumatik
                                                      ill Drumatik  4 weeks back

                                                      "When Fascism Comes To America, It Will Be Wrapped in the Flag Carrying the Cross"

                                                      • Gud Boi
                                                        Gud Boi  4 weeks back

                                                        Zero shock that (((Weinstein))) blames the victims of communist violence.

                                                        • Russ Gaar Texas Training and Bodybuilding

                                                          Democrats haven’t had the moral high ground since the 60s and as much as people hate Trump, imagine a country where Hilary was President, utter chaos. She couldn’t even protect her people as Sec State when she had access to the full might of the IS military, you think riots in Portage are bad, the cities of the West and East coast would be burning and yes by the same people who are supposedly against Trump and facisim-show me a time where they truly showed up and defended the people from facisim as opposed to attacking lone defenseless people and destroying property. ANTIFA isn’t a result of Trump it’s the result of the West and NW USA’s desire to be PC gone awry. People in black with masks attacking anyone who they disagreed with and mind you this is a mostly white male violent group if they wore white they’d be seen as the KKK via their actions and violence THE DIFFERENCE is the state would crush that shit andinstead it’s done nothing. 2 years ago race meant nothing to me and most white people and now a fast growing number of people from all political views know that as middle class white Americans we now have a target and a slanted negative view towards us for no reason what so ever. If you said slavery you have already shown what a fool you are. And if that’s the case what does Rome owe the world in reparations or how many trillions would Egypt owe Israel and all Jews...!?!?

                                                          • RYAN HARRISON
                                                            RYAN HARRISON  4 weeks back

                                                            I wouldn't be surprised if somebody went to an antifa rally and shot everyone. Then the media could go "SEE! SEE! look at how violent the right is!" exactly what the media wants. More blood and violence.

                                                            • Robert Llamas
                                                              Robert Llamas  4 weeks back

                                                              This guy is a moron.

                                                              • barkebaat
                                                                barkebaat  4 weeks back

                                                                7:08 - Joe, shut up and listen

                                                                • Endo Alley
                                                                  Endo Alley  4 weeks back

                                                                  "Country Club Republicans" Hmm. Sounds like a demographic stereotype out of the seventies. Now-adays Republicans tend to be working class people who want to be left alone and earn a living as best they can. Right or wrong, working class Republicans tend to believe that adherence to the USA Bill of Rights offers the best foundation for them to thrive.

                                                                  • L B
                                                                    L B  4 weeks back

                                                                    This guy is confusing Left and Right. He's taking some of the people on the Left and placing them on the Right. All of the fringe lunatics are on the Left. ALL OF THEM!

                                                                    • Baron Saturday
                                                                      Baron Saturday  1 months back

                                                                      Eric Weinstein gets it. Truly. Antifa is a gift to the right. Chomsky said this also. We on the left do NOT want their help.

                                                                      • Baron Saturday
                                                                        Baron Saturday  4 weeks back

                                                                        @ill Drumatik Antifa will only embolden the right-wing nutters. The key to handling the Trump Crisis is voting him out in 2020 with a strong, populist candidate.

                                                                        Bernie/Tulsi 2020

                                                                      • ill Drumatik
                                                                        ill Drumatik  4 weeks back

                                                                        Until you have a ultra nationalist racist boot squishing your balls...Wake up.

                                                                    • Progressives Suck
                                                                      Progressives Suck  1 months back

                                                                      Weinstein: "We in the Democrats, we had most of the smart people."
                                                                      And there you have it. Smug, elitist, formerly educated, yet not an ounce of wisdom. Fuck you Weinstein.

                                                                      • Joshua Scott
                                                                        Joshua Scott  1 months back

                                                                        Eric is dillusional about concervatives.

                                                                        • Mindaugas
                                                                          Mindaugas  1 months back

                                                                          We are the smart ones what blocks you 😊 got off that ivory tower prick

                                                                          • Pete D
                                                                            Pete D  1 months back

                                                                            It's no mystery..the left is showing its true colors. This is the natural progression of their idealogy. Always has been..always will be.

                                                                            • Blatneyev
                                                                              Blatneyev  1 months back

                                                                              OMON would make short work of Antifa.

                                                                              • Dominic Giorgi
                                                                                Dominic Giorgi  1 months back

                                                                                they are all cowards picking on a little no threat guy they all need it done to them.

                                                                                • asmrCA
                                                                                  asmrCA  1 months back


                                                                                  • Larry Cahoone
                                                                                    Larry Cahoone  1 months back

                                                                                    Thank you, Eric. The Center.

                                                                                    • Chris Pfeifer
                                                                                      Chris Pfeifer  1 months back

                                                                                      These people are idiots, I lean left, but how does the average working American have time for this. I'm pro union, believe in live and let live. I don't want religion in the government. But, these idiots do not represent me or anyone I know. I'm not sympathetic to them. Take the cameras off of them

                                                                                      • 30jaybyrd
                                                                                        30jaybyrd  1 months back

                                                                                        Terrible analogy dumb fukc.

                                                                                        • StellaBean Purry
                                                                                          StellaBean Purry  1 months back

                                                                                          Joe Rogan needs to stop interrupting and let Professor Weinstein give his explanation. I like Joe a lot and enjoy hearing his take. He just needed to back up a bit.
                                                                                          He eventually did. He is a really good interviewer. I used to think he was funny on UFC.

                                                                                          • StellaBean Purry
                                                                                            StellaBean Purry  1 months back

                                                                                            It does define the left now. They have captured the left as a whole. When many support Antifa and their violence and won't call them out then they cosign on it all. It's like when the religious right captured the GOP back in the late 80's and 90's, only worse.