It's time to say goodbye to one of the Sims (Sims 2)

  • Published: 02 August 2019
  • Someone dies this part, is this a spoiler, or is it not, you won't know until you watch!

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Comments • 373

  • MsBikasa
    MsBikasa  2 days back

    Oh loool in my game I adopted the ginger girl who played kicky bag with Beetle

    • dya1990
      dya1990  6 days back

      So, I was watching this and almost falling asleep, I turned around and closed my eyes, when James suddenly says "Are you going to bed now, is that what's happening?" :))) hilarious.

      • Kayla Millett
        Kayla Millett  3 weeks back

        Does James ever realize that the phone calls are so short because his social need is full? Since the mailbox cheat is on, he could just slide the social need to red and then the conversations would last so much longer.
        Also why does he still have the butler? He doesn't do anything anyway and there aren't anymore toddlers!

        • Tom McNab
          Tom McNab  3 weeks back

          The butler did it! The butler called the police!

          • Matthew Hickman
            Matthew Hickman  4 weeks back

            Why don't you just throw a party and invite those sims round? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️☺️

            • Jo PlayingTheSims
              Jo PlayingTheSims  4 weeks back

              The butler called the police about the Burglar being on the lot, they do that. I never use butlers, an absolute waste of money. They fire the other staff and stand around checking surfaces for non-existent dust and never cook when you want them too.

              • Meg
                Meg  4 weeks back

                Nina: *traps Russ in the pool to die*

                Russ: *dies*

                Nina: :O

                • sophie attwood x
                  sophie attwood x  4 weeks back

                  i actually love sned he’s so goofy so the thought of him dying bought me so much terror

                  • Sayori
                    Sayori  1 months back

                    27:11 The Butler called the police after noticing that the family he serves has trapped a man in the pool! Oh god that's too good XDDD

                    • Deveus03
                      Deveus03  1 months back

                      How did you get so many FPS in The Sims 2? Please, tell me how...

                      • JackSawyerIsTheBest
                        JackSawyerIsTheBest  1 months back

                        James, in Sims 2 the friends needed for work promotions counts ALL the household sims friends, that's why it's great to have a sim stays at home and make a ton of friends for your working sims. kids friends count too, even if they're toddlers!

                        • Sav Dennison
                          Sav Dennison  1 months back

                          Loooove this series so muchhh

                          • JoanaRose
                            JoanaRose  1 months back

                            *pretends to care*
                            Noooooo not sned!

                            • Helen Lenta
                              Helen Lenta  1 months back

                              I'm watching this series late but I'm honestly hoping James comes out with another video

                              • Jimin-ssi
                                Jimin-ssi  1 months back

                                I love how I haven't watched this series for like 2 months and their house is still sh*tty lmao

                                • Simmer Gurl
                                  Simmer Gurl  1 months back

                                  Omg the butler called the police why!😂

                                  • Victoria Lucas
                                    Victoria Lucas  1 months back

                                    31:39 best friends but not being friends is totally a thing 😂😂😭 I have a best friend who I've known since elementary school but we're not friends. Like we don't talk...except maybe once every blue moon. But he always like "that's my best friend blah blah blah" but dude has like a new 'best' friend every hour 🙄🙄 he messaged me like a week ago talking about "I miss you best friend" I just said lmao miss you too

                                    • Sarah Baptiste
                                      Sarah Baptiste  1 months back

                                      James: "Maybe Grumpert should die... Hes had a tough life...He looks like a jerk..."
                                      He looks like you James

                                      • Jillian
                                        Jillian  1 months back

                                        James you need to delete your old homes and whatever CC you ended up putting in your game when you downloaded them. That’s why you keep having all these problems with your game.
                                        ETA you should also clear out your cache and check your .ini & userstartupcheats to make sure nothing’s changed

                                        • Chloe Wyborn
                                          Chloe Wyborn  1 months back

                                          Hi James, so I’ve played the sims 3 for years and now play the sims 4. I’ve recently purchased the sims 2 and was wondering how you installed it and all the expansions, I’ve tried and it failed to install Nightlife. Many thanks!!

                                          • xxxcaitiebearxxx
                                            xxxcaitiebearxxx  1 months back

                                            I think i read somewhere that you have to have windows 7 or lower for it to work right. Also at one time ea gave away all of the sims 2 for free before they stopped making it, so thats how he has it all.

                                        • Nicole
                                          Nicole  1 months back

                                          Nina: *murders someone*
                                          James: The butler doesn’t like me. Why doesn’t he like me?? 😂

                                          • HurricaneDeclan
                                            HurricaneDeclan  1 months back

                                            How do you get the sims 2

                                            • COOL PANDA
                                              COOL PANDA  1 months back

                                              Almost no youtuber plays sims 2, but you do, and thats so cool!

                                              • iceteeize
                                                iceteeize  1 months back

                                                You need to get the pets jobs because that was the best part of sims 2 pets

                                                • Irene
                                                  Irene  1 months back

                                                  - have Nina and Eggton go on a date just in the house and all their wants will change to things about each other. Then you can get Nina's aspiration up quickly so she can drink the elixir before she turns into an elder!
                                                  - they keep sleeping in the kids' beds because they're nice expensive beds. Buy the parents an upgrade!
                                                  - your sims aren't saluting, they're shielding their eyes from the sun. They do it whenever they walk outside in the day time
                                                  - don't forget to sell the car in the garage for money!!!
                                                  - also delete the tiny pool in the backyard for money

                                                  • BannedFromZoos
                                                    BannedFromZoos  1 months back

                                                    I'm not sure, but I believe your Sims need to all be asleep for a better chance to have the ghost spawn.

                                                    • Hanna Øverlie
                                                      Hanna Øverlie  1 months back

                                                      You have to line up several phonecalls so she keeps calling and thus building a relationship fast

                                                      • Felicia Santiago
                                                        Felicia Santiago  1 months back

                                                        Why is the butler in sims 2, so much better than sims 4? 😆

                                                        • Nina Tsenova
                                                          Nina Tsenova  1 months back

                                                          wHaT'S uP StRaNgEr

                                                          • Erica Di Dio
                                                            Erica Di Dio  1 months back


                                                            literally no one:

                                                            James: I think we should kill someone

                                                            • Shelly J
                                                              Shelly J  1 months back

                                                              The butler called the police lol u can just see it when notification comes up about Russ staying the night, must have triggered Butler that burglar was on lot.

                                                              • Just Savage
                                                                Just Savage  1 months back

                                                                Missed these! SIms 2 > Sims 4 any time.

                                                                • BooDotBoo
                                                                  BooDotBoo  1 months back

                                                                  These have really slowed down, so nice to see a new one. Is romance irl on the horizon? And, weirdly, my irl want is to see the ghost of Russ, but not the Russ in the game, lol.

                                                                  • P F
                                                                    P F  1 months back

                                                                    Nina will age up in just one day at 6 pm. Buy a birthday cake amd throw your sim a party

                                                                    • nancy pollard
                                                                      nancy pollard  1 months back

                                                                      I notice that you call it live mode. rhymes with shive. I call it live mode rhymes with arrive. I wonder how others say it.

                                                                      • Joseph V
                                                                        Joseph V  1 months back

                                                                        You should do a inside out challenge in sims 4 please sim supply I love your vids

                                                                        • docette2015
                                                                          docette2015  2 months back

                                                                          Cripes, everyone is getting so murdery in their Sims games lately. . .even Sims 2! I'm glad you found a better target for your desire to kill than Sned, though -- let's keep the main family alive as long as possible. Though I'm afraid Nina probably doesn't have much time left, what with a) having a SINGLE day until age-up and b) her aspiration in the toilet. I suspect Eggton is going to have the last laugh when it comes to their relationship -- yeah, she cheated on him multiple times, but he outlived her! By a pretty good margin too, considering the friend grind and all. Eggton finally living his best life! (And I'm pretty sure he's only one promotion away from his goal, so if you keep pestering everyone. . .or just have Nina renew her relationship with her sister. That should do the trick.)

                                                                          I know how the burglar was constantly like "you invited me to spend the night and then didn't even let me sleep! I'm leaving!" Yeah, uh, no, we invited you to play in our pool, and I'd like to see you try. XD And now we have a lovely gravestone on our lot! Hopefully the kids will get their wish of seeing the man who robbed them pay, and said ghost shan't cause too much trouble on the lot. But that's for later -- next time, What's His Face and You Know, Her! XD James, I think you need to start taking notes on your Sims.

                                                                          • P F
                                                                            P F  2 months back

                                                                            Thank God i didnt want him to kill Sned

                                                                            • Rachel Nolan
                                                                              Rachel Nolan  2 months back

                                                                              Im upset you didn't use a picture of the burglar dying in the pool for Nina's "masterpiece".

                                                                              • Eline
                                                                                Eline  2 months back

                                                                                The pets keep peeing inside, climbing on the counters and destroying the couch, it's driving me insane

                                                                                • Mary Pham
                                                                                  Mary Pham  2 months back

                                                                                  Omg Semaj you give me anxiety with the way you play the sims

                                                                                  • SimmerCharlie
                                                                                    SimmerCharlie  2 months back

                                                                                    Who do we kill? Sned ? No one likes him right?
                                                                                    His mum comes to the pool and cries "not my baby boy!"

                                                                                    • PandaMonika
                                                                                      PandaMonika  2 months back

                                                                                      "Oh, that's right! We just had a burglar come by."
                                                                                      20 seconds later: Hmmm, I wonder why everyone hates this random guy in burglar's clothes.

                                                                                      • Jennifer Valencia
                                                                                        Jennifer Valencia  2 months back

                                                                                        Can you play the sims 1? I miss that games couldn't load it on my PC.

                                                                                        • Jonathan Simpson
                                                                                          Jonathan Simpson  2 months back

                                                                                          If you send emails it becomes a much easier process to keep friendships.
                                                                                          Every once in awhile you’ll have to do mass emailing to everyone but it’ll automatically keep a conversation going when you check email.

                                                                                          • misslauranne
                                                                                            misslauranne  2 months back

                                                                                            This. Is. So. Stressful. To. Watch.

                                                                                            • lazar beam'
                                                                                              lazar beam'  2 months back

                                                                                              Luv it

                                                                                            • Darcy van Deer
                                                                                              Darcy van Deer  2 months back

                                                                                              Sned's dead, baby. Sned's dead.

                                                                                              also she keeps hanging up because sims only talk on the phone until their social is full unless you have mods.