Why Kentucky Derby disqualification was the right move | NBC Sports

  • Published: 07 May 2019
  • Mike Tirico, Randy Moss and Jerry Bailey explain why the inquiry disqualifying Maximum Security was the correct call, what the jockey could have done differently and more on 'The Mike Tirico Podcast.' #NBCSports #KentuckyDerby #KentuckyDerby2019
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    Why Kentucky Derby disqualification was the right move | NBC Sports
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Comments • 548

  • Dave Ragoonanan
    Dave Ragoonanan  2 months back

    That was plan why contry house jockee object he sell allur out

    • Phynchen
      Phynchen  2 months back

      The derby is the ugliest part of the equestrian world. It’s horrible that this kind of abuse is still allowed.

      • Banks William
        Banks William  2 months back

        The truth about the whole scenario. Is that the horse was spook and lost momentum and still win by two length. Wrong judgement by the stewards. Great job to the jockey. That was the best in the field. Shame do cause the owner would of get. First and second place. The horse was jinx.

        • Lance Goy
          Lance Goy  3 months back

          It's about time something is done about this lane changing!

          • Chris Brand
            Chris Brand  3 months back

            Sorry to those who believe Maximum Security won fair and square but I've watched the video over and over. There is a point when Maximum Security is throwing his head which indicates to me he is fighting the rider. The jockey appears to have intentionally moved the horse in a blocking motion. This isn't NASCAR where pulling this kind of stunt wrecks a car or several. This COULD have been a tragedy, I firmly believe the Stewards were correct in their decision to disqualify, next time the jockey will think twice about such recklessness.

            • OTTBbuzz
              OTTBbuzz  3 months back

              Chris Brand time code please? Totally agree on his DQ tho

          • Albert Knowles
            Albert Knowles  3 months back

            I have been a fan of US Racing for over 40 years, and have seen much worse infringements where the winner was not taken down, simply because the interference did not affect the final outcome.. IN my opinion it was an inequitable unfair decision by unjudicial Stewards.

            • Mohammad Afsar
              Mohammad Afsar  4 months back

              Rong desison

              • Venckman
                Venckman  4 months back

                Good, thoughtful discussion. Thanks for posting!

                • Randy Greaves
                  Randy Greaves  4 months back

                  This horse lost the race because of the flash at 3 furlong pole or the puddle of water tough lost to maximum security

                  • Bram Scrogham
                    Bram Scrogham  4 months back

                    Probably had something to do with that muddy fucking track! Complete BS! MS is the winner of the people!

                    • Michael Pflug
                      Michael Pflug  4 months back

                      There is a video showing WOW definitely landed some shots into Max’s groin and idk about you but if a 1,000 lb animal kicked me there multiple times I’d probably veer a few lanes myself.

                      • haras ceu azul
                        haras ceu azul  4 months back

                        Trocou de faixa colocando 2 concorrentes em desvantagem é o pior , em perigo. Quase o cv vizinho bate as mãos nos pés do cv desclassificado. Fizerem muito bem desclassificar

                        • jeannine grant
                          jeannine grant  4 months back

                          Cause the horse spooked right interfered other horse

                          • kevin cosgrove
                            kevin cosgrove  5 months back

                            It definitely was NOT the right decision, it was probably fixed. Someone got paid. It stinks!

                            • Dave Ragoonanan
                              Dave Ragoonanan  5 months back

                              All done disp d horse y d f ck u all prolonge in it 4 it burning all ur heart ms will lash them any time he jump out

                              • Jake Bellinger
                                Jake Bellinger  5 months back

                                SpongeBob riding Patrick the horse was my portrayal of Kentucky in my United States Portrayed by Spongebob video.

                                • spencer brown
                                  spencer brown  5 months back

                                  War of will was robbed of win

                                  • Bill Brower
                                    Bill Brower  5 months back

                                    The biggest travesty since the commissioner over ruled the "PINE TAR BAT " !!!

                                    • Chris Scovitch
                                      Chris Scovitch  5 months back

                                      If any thing was committed it was the horses behind him who knew that the lead horse was swinging wide in the slop to lead the other horses out wider, but the jockey's behind him couldn't catch him so it just so happened they forced out the 2 and that horse was impeded and had to slow up. If there was any objection, it was with the 2nd place and the 3rd place horses who pinched out the 2 horse. I've seen this play done a lot of times with bad muddy condition. The horses who ran 2nd and 3rd those jockey's should have been suspended too. I would like to see Maximum risk run in the Belmont, just to prove that he a winner.

                                      • 100,000 Subscribers?
                                        100,000 Subscribers?  5 months back

                                        This whole race was a mess plain and simple and they should’ve kept him first place.

                                        • 02ctw
                                          02ctw  5 months back

                                          Country House is also guilty of severe interference to horse number 25 on his inner, in the red/yellow colours, yet that seems to be overlooked strangely.

                                          • ROCKERS 78
                                            ROCKERS 78  5 months back

                                            I thought he bumped #27 ?

                                        • American Pride
                                          American Pride  5 months back

                                          BS, Maximum Security won this race he was the best horse out there. You guy's forget why fans watch this sport, and it's definitely not due to the political correctness of the clowns who made the decision to DQ the winning horse.

                                          • American Pride
                                            American Pride  4 months back

                                            @slugg_y Oh really? Thanks for clearing that up.

                                          • slugg_y
                                            slugg_y  4 months back

                                            He got disqualified

                                          • American Pride
                                            American Pride  4 months back

                                            @Louis Graham I strongly disagree. The jockey definitely plays a role but he doesn't make the horse faster by simply sitting on it's back.

                                          • Louis Graham
                                            Louis Graham  4 months back

                                            The best horse doesnt win races. The best horse-jockey combo wins races. And this young inexperienced rider f-ed up. This was absolutely the right call

                                        • Pulpstars
                                          Pulpstars  5 months back

                                          Check to 3:05, interference started by War of Will I think.

                                        • Sasmson Douglas
                                          Sasmson Douglas  5 months back

                                          I feel like NBC has to defend it in order to protect the Kentucky Derby for years to come but it was a bad call

                                          • goutham jhamber
                                            goutham jhamber  5 months back

                                            Wrong call,, winner was clear winner...

                                            • Frosted Ice Pharoah
                                              Frosted Ice Pharoah  5 months back

                                              If you’ve ever watched horse racing, you know that it is so irregular to the point of dangerousness if a horse runs so far off course as Maximum Security did.

                                          • Luis Garcia
                                            Luis Garcia  5 months back

                                            No estoy de acuerdo con la bajada de este caballo

                                            • Sid Bowling
                                              Sid Bowling  5 months back

                                              In my 60 years punting and very closely to where it was my job, never have i seen greater crap as this disqualification, ever, someone was on the take!!!

                                              • เอกราช เสรีภาพ


                                                • Jason Haynie
                                                  Jason Haynie  5 months back

                                                  Maximum security was by far the winner, whatever happened didn't change out come, if he wouldn't have veered so far right then veered back left he would have put ran them even worse, he was interfered with by war of will, even after the incident the horses had plenty room to catch him and they couldn't, if the incident hadn't happened he would have left the pack even further, maximum security won the Kentucky Derby, it's a shame that these people ruined the rest of the racing season, and as far as I'm concerned ruined the derby forever.

                                                  • kuruji
                                                    kuruji  5 months back

                                                    No veteran jockey would have ever lodged an objection in a Derby, especially for this minor infraction..

                                                    • MrFinsforlife
                                                      MrFinsforlife  5 months back

                                                      Jerry Bailey and Randy Moss said when it happen there was nothing there. Then of course pandering Jerry Bailey who rode Bill Mott very frequently changed his mind. F him and all of these so called experts.

                                                      • Houston Brown
                                                        Houston Brown  5 months back

                                                        At 65 to 1 odds he got screwed

                                                        • Ava D
                                                          Ava D  5 months back

                                                          NBC is bootlickers

                                                          • mosiur rahman
                                                            mosiur rahman  5 months back

                                                            Might be some official had bet on 2nd horse. Racing incidents or USA mad

                                                            • William Morris
                                                              William Morris  5 months back

                                                              Looks like the maximum security's head was turned to the right like the jockey was getting him to go right and block a horse. A close call that might have caused a major pileup.

                                                              • marcos ponce
                                                                marcos ponce  3 months back

                                                                That's a supposition, with no way of verifying it, not evidence

                                                            • Ahmed Baig
                                                              Ahmed Baig  5 months back

                                                              Both horses are out of future race. One has won Florida Derby classically. The other was involved in a contraversy and got decision to be winner of the Kentuchy derby 2019. The owner of most favoured horse "Omaha Beach" should produce his horse in next race and try to win it. In case another horse emerged in the scene say Roadster then that would be the best horse. By bookies 65/1 was a far call for a horse which has performed well inntge race. Rs 9 million dollars should be returned. We should concentrate on Preekness Baltimore Derby scheduled on 14 th May 2019.

                                                              • EclecticHillbilly
                                                                EclecticHillbilly  5 months back

                                                                Omaha Beach was scratched for the Derby because of a medical problem and won't be ready for the Preakness. And once you get past the morning line, horse race odds are determined by the bettors.

                                                            • Miguel Rodriguez
                                                              Miguel Rodriguez  5 months back

                                                              Si está bien bajado para eso están los reglamentos se ve el foul antes girar la curva como cargo hacia afuera y luego vuelvo adentro de nuevo si no cargaba hacia afuera el final hubiese sido distinto vean bien el video

                                                              • Marcos Lepe
                                                                Marcos Lepe  5 months back

                                                                He veered because 1 hit his hind legs! It's that simple

                                                                • Mark Fawcett
                                                                  Mark Fawcett  5 months back

                                                                  Not Australia horses!

                                                                  • Mark Fawcett
                                                                    Mark Fawcett  5 months back

                                                                    Pigs would be happy i the mud!

                                                                    • Mark Fawcett
                                                                      Mark Fawcett  5 months back

                                                                      Its like racing pigs in the mud,

                                                                      • Mark Fawcett
                                                                        Mark Fawcett  5 months back

                                                                        Obviously U can't!

                                                                        • Mark Fawcett
                                                                          Mark Fawcett  5 months back

                                                                          You can't grow grass!?

                                                                          • Mark Fawcett
                                                                            Mark Fawcett  5 months back

                                                                            The only place i see this!?

                                                                            • Mark Fawcett
                                                                              Mark Fawcett  5 months back

                                                                              Why do they race in the mud,.!?

                                                                              • Connor Duke
                                                                                Connor Duke  5 months back

                                                                                I could tell MS has Secretariat blood in him the way he runs down low. And by the same token that CR didn't have Secretariat blood in him.

                                                                                • EclecticHillbilly
                                                                                  EclecticHillbilly  5 months back

                                                                                  @Connor Duke That's true but those people don't know the bloodlines. They forget that mare lines count, too.

                                                                                • Connor Duke
                                                                                  Connor Duke  5 months back

                                                                                  @EclecticHillbilly As were TC winners American Pharoah and Justify. But there are still those who suggest Secretariat was a failure at stud.

                                                                                • EclecticHillbilly
                                                                                  EclecticHillbilly  5 months back

                                                                                  Fourteen of the Derby horses are descendants of Secretariat

                                                                              • Robert Perone
                                                                                Robert Perone  5 months back

                                                                                Was not the correct decision. The number 1 horse rode up on him and hit into him causing him to sway out. Look at #1's front feet they almost go up his butt!! Come on look closer

                                                                                • Edward Coronel
                                                                                  Edward Coronel  5 months back

                                                                                  Congratulations.. The Kentucky Derby is now the laughing stock of horse racing history..