[Free Match] Penelope Ford & Joey Janela vs. Session Moth & Orange Cassidy (Intergender Wrestling)

  • Published: 15 September 2018
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    Match Listing:
    1. Matthew Riddle vs. Deonna Purrazzo
    2. Team PAWG (LuFisto & Jordynne Grace) vs. EYFBO (Mike Draztik & Angel Ortiz)
    3. Josh Briggs vs. Davienne
    4. Twisted Sisterz (Thunder Rosa & Holidead) vs. Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson & Jaka)
    5. Jonathan Gresham vs. Karen Q
    6. Rumblebees (Solo Darling & Travis Huckabee) vs. Joey Ryan & Laura James
    7. Powerbomb.TV Independent Wrestling Championship: Tracy Williams (c) vs. Kimber Lee
    8. Mia Yim vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Wheeler YUTA
    9. Jimmy Havoc vs. Jessicka Havok
    10. Session Moth Martina & Orange Cassidy vs. Janelope (Joey Janela & Penelope Ford)
    11. Timothy Thatcher vs. Toni Storm
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Comments • 55

  • George Page
    George Page  1 months back

    Penelope has the looks and the body. I'm surprised she has been snatched up by WWE or AEW.

    • MaMiMuMa
      MaMiMuMa  1 months back

      I LOVE in every single wrestling match the ref always seems SO serious. You know? LIke they're really living the character out, but we all know they ain't got any authority... It's one thing that's consistently funny to me. All of them just seem so confident and serious.

      • The Cheeseburger_666
        The Cheeseburger_666  3 months back

        Orange Cassidy's version of the Canadian Destroyer should be banned. Poor Joey Janela. His goddamn neck is broken in half, for gawd's sake!

        • South Side Comptown
          South Side Comptown  3 months back

          Penelope Ford 🔥

          • Tony Perez
            Tony Perez  3 months back

            Session Moth is sexy AF
            Damn 😍❤️

            • Queen Shay
              Queen Shay  3 months back


              • Shadow Hunter
                Shadow Hunter  4 months back

                Orange Cassidy is me in class

                • James Rawlins
                  James Rawlins  4 months back

                  Wow that was some of the laziest wrestling I've seen. They definitely have entertaining personalities - not boring - but this is pathetic. Session Moth can actually wrestle (she was a former world's champ) but she's like a lazy version of ODB

                  • Ronald Mack
                    Ronald Mack  5 months back

                    She just drank another womans beer shouldve been disqualified

                    • J R
                      J R  5 months back

                      That Canadian destroyer!

                      • Kevin G
                        Kevin G  5 months back

                        Highly disgusting... is what some people might say I however find it funny and entertaining

                        • MasterChiefSamus
                          MasterChiefSamus  2 months back

                          I find it disgusting how they allow such gore and brutality. Those strikes and Canadian Destroyer should have that orange juice guy DQ'd!

                      • Elmo The Lady Killer
                        Elmo The Lady Killer  5 months back

                        I didn't know that Orange Cassidy is from Alabama

                        • playinragz
                          playinragz  6 months back

                          Wtf is this gay ass shit!

                          • Roderick Steel
                            Roderick Steel  6 months back

                            Orange Cassidy, AND Ref Aubrey. This is so cool.

                            • Alan Haynes
                              Alan Haynes  6 months back

                              This is fucking stupif

                            • kenny the playstation guy

                              This is wrestling and entertainment

                              • amir mohammad
                                amir mohammad  6 months back

                                best canadian destroyer

                                • Wolfspartan 48
                                  Wolfspartan 48  6 months back

                                  Orange Cassidy: drink orange juice and be strong
                                  Session Moth: Drink beer and don’t do cardio

                                  • George Page
                                    George Page  1 months back

                                    It's like watching your cool friend with one of your slutty aunts.

                                • Keith Langman
                                  Keith Langman  6 months back

                                  Beyond wrestling is an Indie show....and that's where it should stay, that was so bad. If you don't agree just look at the 90% empty arena.

                                • JosephDiEgidioIII
                                  JosephDiEgidioIII  6 months back

                                  Better then WWE!

                                • Jason Alvis
                                  Jason Alvis  6 months back

                                  Love Orange and Martina !

                                  • Saurabh Sharma
                                    Saurabh Sharma  6 months back

                                    Penelope and Moth. Mama Mia.

                                    • whylekat
                                      whylekat  6 months back

                                      This is just a match with the 4 hottest humans in wrestling today 😍😍😍😍 no big deal!

                                      • GnomeDraws
                                        GnomeDraws  6 months back

                                        Wow. So many marks taking this way too seriously in the comments.

                                        • siddhi shelar
                                          siddhi shelar  6 months back

                                          Penelope ❤️

                                          • dexterdog62
                                            dexterdog62  7 months back

                                            What is this comedy shit? Fuck off.

                                            • Creep from outer-space
                                              Creep from outer-space  7 months back

                                              Bruiser Brody used to do this... look at it now...

                                              • Michael Ross
                                                Michael Ross  11 months back

                                                Penelope ford I love you 😘😘❤❤❤💜💜💜💙💛💛 mommy

                                                • GJ Gallie
                                                  GJ Gallie  12 months back

                                                  What the hell was this thing that they called "Pro Wrestling?" This was not it.

                                                  • ThatGuyChristo
                                                    ThatGuyChristo  12 months back

                                                    If I've said it once I'll say it a thousand times:

                                                    We don't deserve Orange Cassidy.

                                                    • Schrödingers Katze
                                                      Schrödingers Katze  2 months back

                                                      Orange Cassidy rules with his hands in his pockets.

                                                    • oCorrupts
                                                      oCorrupts  6 months back

                                                      We don't deserve half the people in the world bc of how despicable the other half is

                                                  • daniella 822
                                                    daniella 822  1 years back

                                                    All I gotta say is, what the fuck. And I mean that in a good way

                                                    • Taj7
                                                      Taj7  1 years back

                                                      What type of garbage is this. After 5 mins of them acting like 10 years-old I had to go find some wrestling that I thought this video was supposed to be

                                                      • Yaaradi Waar
                                                        Yaaradi Waar  1 years back

                                                        Joker🃏 and fukre

                                                        • Louis Jost
                                                          Louis Jost  1 years back

                                                          Dear God, Orange Cassidy is such a lazy lazy bum in the ring. Same with Session Moth Martina. I would obliterate those 2 alone in under 6 seconds if I wanted too.

                                                          • JNath Mart
                                                            JNath Mart  6 months back

                                                            Just like how you obliterate 10 cheeseburgers in 2 minutes. BTW you suck at giving head. Next time you use teeth you are gonna get them knocked down your throat. You peice of shit with corn that won't flush.

                                                        • Ganesh Prajapat
                                                          Ganesh Prajapat  1 years back


                                                          • The1AndOnlyGoldenboy
                                                            The1AndOnlyGoldenboy  1 years back

                                                            But... WTF is a "session moth" anyway?

                                                            • xW1LLIS
                                                              xW1LLIS  6 months back

                                                              Session is UK slang for party, her name basically means she loves to party

                                                            • David Saffels
                                                              David Saffels  6 months back

                                                              The 48 kids at home is part of the joke in the name.

                                                          • 1114maniacmike
                                                            1114maniacmike  1 years back

                                                            Someone please send this to Cornette

                                                            • Mike Enyart
                                                              Mike Enyart  1 years back

                                                              I guess that Penelope needs a hard spanking on her bare butt

                                                              • Taylor Alison Swift Is Sexy

                                                                Penelope Ford And Joey Janela Win. Awful Match. Penelope Ford Is A Hot Sexy Blonde.

                                                                • vvstreetfightervv
                                                                  vvstreetfightervv  1 years back

                                                                  Well, that sure was.... somethin'....

                                                                  • Ahmad Silver
                                                                    Ahmad Silver  1 years back

                                                                    اوف شايف من اكض هاي الي لبسه فيزون جلد النمر اله اشك طيزه شك ومااعوف اله اجيب بطيزه على الاقل 4 رؤوس اخخخخخخخ

                                                                    ماكو عراقيه تجيني هيج طيزه 😍😍🔞🔞

                                                                    • Zain IQ
                                                                      Zain IQ  6 months back


                                                                  • Joel The New Punisher Hartman

                                                                    I wish I was Joey Janela right now with that Special Bad Bad Girl Penelope Ford 🖤😍🖤😍🖤 #Lit #BeyondWrestling

                                                                    • Jordan Frost
                                                                      Jordan Frost  1 years back

                                                                      Martina 😍😍