How Thor Transforms in 'Avengers: Endgame' | Anatomy of a Scene

  • Published: 26 July 2019
  • “Avengers: Endgame” hit yet one more milestone, surpassing “Avatar” as the global box office winner. On July 30, the film arrives on digital. In this video, its directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, look back at one of their favorite scenes. It’s one involving Thor as you haven’t quite seen him before.

    Five years after Thanos’s “Snap” that eliminated half the population, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) gets a visit from Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and Rocket Raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper). What they find is a superhero drowning himself in beer and video games to mask the pain of the responsibility he feels for the massive loss of life.

    Hemsworth plays both the comedy and solemnity of the scene in intriguing ways, and the directors discuss the challenges he faced, performing in a 30-pound bodysuit and interacting with CG characters.

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  • Sharp Design
    Sharp Design  1 months back


    • Ethan Carron
      Ethan Carron  2 months back

      they blurred overwatch, lol

      • Jayden Marvel
        Jayden Marvel  3 months back

        Usually Anatomy of a Scene is done before the film releases, but of course Endgame had too many spoilers

        • Jayden Marvel
          Jayden Marvel  3 months back

          "James Gunn's brother" ooh that's harsh it's *Sean*

          • PIKU BISWAS
            PIKU BISWAS  3 months back

            Laughed at the start of the scene...

            ...cursed myself to death later.

            • Spencer M
              Spencer M  4 months back

              Idk it’s a little too goofy when he’s crying

              • CGM Show
                CGM Show  4 months back

                People who think Thor is just a joke are just very short sided to me idk how you don't see the tragedy beneath the comedy

                • Skyflakes Clarkers
                  Skyflakes Clarkers  4 months back

                  They blurred out fortnite because of potential copyright claims okay

                  • BSJ IN YO HOUSE
                    BSJ IN YO HOUSE  4 months back

                    Beer to Thor: You cannot live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.

                    • Robert Stokes
                      Robert Stokes  4 months back

                      Totally missed the IRN BRU when I watched this at the cinema (3 times)!

                      • Jayden Marvel
                        Jayden Marvel  4 months back

                        "James Gunn's brother" ooh that's harsh it's sean

                      • Christian Alonte
                        Christian Alonte  4 months back

                        Thor was brilliant in this movie. I know people say he was “turned into a joke”, but ever since Ragnarok he has been a guy who uses a comedic personality as a defense mechanism for pain and guilt. And as I rewatched Endgame I saw Thor less as a comedic character but more as someone so tortured by his guilt

                        • Harrison T
                          Harrison T  4 months back

                          Thank you, somebody gets it!

                      • MarshallValentino
                        MarshallValentino  4 months back

                        Chris Hemsworth's performance is really underrated. He's such a great actor

                        • Bryson Turner
                          Bryson Turner  4 months back

                          Anyone that says Thor's arc in Endgame is horrible can kindly talk to my Infinity Gauntlet.

                          • Adolfo Pena
                            Adolfo Pena  4 months back

                            It's funny that Thor is the only non-CGI character in the scene.

                            • Mistad852
                              Mistad852  4 months back

                              It’s a testament to how good their CG is cause you don’t really notice or think about it

                            • DANG3R DAN3
                              DANG3R DAN3  4 months back

                              Bryan JediKnight 97 Exactly. He’s the only NON-CGI character in this scene

                            • Bryan JediKnight 97
                              Bryan JediKnight 97  4 months back

                              Adolfo Pena Except it was never done with CGI

                          • Captain America
                            Captain America  4 months back

                            Im done with marvel.... ill watch the new deadpool. The master is dead so what next doesn't matter any more. RIP Mr. Lee

                            • R2D2 SL
                              R2D2 SL  4 months back

                              There is one small flaw, I don't think Thor would say "Oh my God!" Thats a very christian, occidental expresion. He is God from another galaxy...

                              • X Y
                                X Y  3 months back

                                No that's not a christian expression, people around the world regardless of race, religion and culture all say this, in slightly different forms, true, but same idea.

                              • Fat Shamer
                                Fat Shamer  4 months back

                                He converted to Christianity.

                              • Josh COOPER
                                Josh COOPER  4 months back

                                No.... the whole point of this “new” Thor in the mcu from ragnarok forward is he is changing from the “godlike” asgardian to being culturized and being on earth and around Tony, Clint and people like that he would naturally begin to say things like what they would say so it does make since.... jus like him being funny in ragnarok is because of his time around the avengers... it’s characters growth and evolution and btw it’s not a Christian expression it’s actually a secular sinful expression to use Gods name in vain like that

                              • Zaiah
                                Zaiah  4 months back

                                @Sabretooth Studios I see

                              • Sabretooth Studios
                                Sabretooth Studios  4 months back

                                Zaiah no, though I don’t see how that affects it

                            • Donna Leist
                              Donna Leist  4 months back

                              Since the makers insist that the next film include adult issues, I will not be following these films anymore. Hollywood needs to let children be children. Captain America actor spoke out politically, that's his right, but propaganda use on children is wrong!

                              • Akmal Danial
                                Akmal Danial  4 months back

                                No offence, but what propaganda are you talking about?

                              • Donna Leist
                                Donna Leist  4 months back

                                @skelletet123 You completely ignored my point!

                              • skelletet123
                                skelletet123  4 months back

                                Comic books have a fantastic depth, and so do movies based on them. Social commentary intermingled with cool hero moments and emotional dialogue has been a part of the genre for years. The depth is, in my opinion, a big reason why I enjoyed these movies as a kid, a teenager and an adult. Captain America: The Winter Soldier has interesting points on the corruptibility of man, a fantastic friendship between Captain America, Black Widow and the Falcon as well as some purely badass and thrilling action. Something for everyone.

                            • Justin Fencsak
                              Justin Fencsak  4 months back

                              Can't wait for the imax version

                              • Tezzy Laura
                                Tezzy Laura  4 months back

                                I WATCH THE LATEST FILM HERE 👉
                                👉 ➤➤

                                Votre état de santé
                                tout le monde les empêche
                                trop près
                                proches les uns des autres

                                • array s
                                  array s  4 months back

                                  This is how you nerfed your hero. Dumb & Dumber shouldve take note.

                                  • L W
                                    L W  4 months back

                                    Being fat, eating junk food and playing video games just makes him your average adult man these days...

                                    • X Y
                                      X Y  3 months back

                                      @Fat Shamer Username checks out.

                                    • Fat Shamer
                                      Fat Shamer  4 months back

                                      It's disgusting

                                  • Czach Galula
                                    Czach Galula  4 months back

                                    Avengers endgame video and blurring out fornite aswell

                                    *Perfectly balance*

                                  • Pablo Vargas
                                    Pablo Vargas  4 months back

                                    They created a awesome thor but killed hulk

                                    • Aodhán O’Corcora
                                      Aodhán O’Corcora  4 months back

                                      Pablo Vargas i didn’t mind the way hulk was portrayed in endgame i just think they should have given him a few fight scenes

                                  • KnowledgeisPower
                                    KnowledgeisPower  4 months back

                                    How Disney is destroying everything people loved about marvel...... title fixed.

                                    • Harrison T
                                      Harrison T  4 months back

                                      Right... I mean if you had an issue with Thor in this movie then fine I guess but I don’t see what that’s got to do with disney.

                                    • Noob YouTuber
                                      Noob YouTuber  4 months back

                                      No nothing was ruined

                                    • Agesilaus II
                                      Agesilaus II  4 months back

                                      When it's good, it's Marvel. When it's bad, it's Disney. You are funny!

                                    • KnowledgeisPower
                                      KnowledgeisPower  4 months back

                                      @Rjkz ,bkfy ooooo fallacies. They work so well.

                                    • Rjkz ,bkfy
                                      Rjkz ,bkfy  4 months back

                                      Now fix your brain.

                                  • Northern Brother
                                    Northern Brother  4 months back

                                    Is that some weird half Hulk???

                                    • Northern Brother
                                      Northern Brother  4 months back

                                      @Luka Yosef Reminds me of the scene in Young Frankenstein when the monster becomes a normal person.

                                    • Luka Yosef
                                      Luka Yosef  4 months back

                                      @Northern Brother its character progression. It's a good conclusion for mcu hulk, although their should have been more build up earlier in endgame

                                    • Northern Brother
                                      Northern Brother  4 months back

                                      Kinda defeats the purpose, doesn't it? No more "Hulk smash!"

                                    • M249MachineGun
                                      M249MachineGun  4 months back

                                      Yeah, kind of. The two personalities of Bruce banner and the Hulk learned to tolerate each other and merged into this "Professor Hulk" character. In the comics, there are many different hulk personas, like the gray colored, wisecracking Joe Fixit or the evil mastermind, Maestro from a dystopian future.

                                  • Unknown YouTube User
                                    Unknown YouTube User  4 months back

                                    When you spend years getting in shape for a movie but your directors still decide to cast you as a fat character

                                    • seaneihm
                                      seaneihm  4 months back

                                      it wasn't just the Russo brothers' choice. Hemsworth himself, in an interview, said it was his idea to have Thor stay fat throughout the movie, and had direct input into the script.

                                  • Russ W.
                                    Russ W.  4 months back

                                    Every scene in Endgame is my favorite scene.

                                    • Ben t. Matchstick
                                      Ben t. Matchstick  4 months back

                                      Thor is developing nicely as a character. Great job everyone.

                                      • Darth Maul
                                        Darth Maul  4 months back

                                        He eats to much turkey legs. Becomes thor god of food. Thor god of gluten. Thor god of trans fat. Thor god of every day is a cheat day. Thor looking more like a lazy mortal then a norse god

                                        • Angel c
                                          Angel c  4 months back

                                          Vain babbling

                                          • Z N
                                            Z N  4 months back

                                            In retrospect I think Thor in Endgame was really well done, but it’s hard to take it as the deep performance it was after Ragnarok turned into an over the top comedy despite tremendous tragedy. Maybe I’m the only one but I hated Ragnarok for that. It cheapened the feel of his story.

                                            • Z N
                                              Z N  4 months back

                                              MrAlternitive the comedy as a means of a mask in endgame was 👌 the comedy in Ragnarok wasnt. It was a dance while the world burns type of theme. It was Hilarious, and misplaced for the story of Hella and the destruction of Asgard. Endgame contrasted that with meaning and emotion.

                                            • MrAlternitive
                                              MrAlternitive  4 months back

                                              I see the comedy and tone of the film as part thor trying to mask his depression. That's why I kinda like it more now. In Ragnarok the mask is upheld, then in infinity wars, the mask is shattered.

                                            • Z N
                                              Z N  4 months back

                                              Harlina Indra yeah cheapened. They could’ve made a better Thor movie, but they pivoted to just adapting a guardians epic comedy. Objectively it’s an entertaining movie, but it doesn’t respect the original Thor theme. Iron man 2/3 and Winter soldier maintained their respective themes.

                                            • Harlina Indra
                                              Harlina Indra  4 months back

                                              Cheapened ? It is what it is... Tragedy happens but the world keep on turning. Sometimes there is no time to mourn... That is why the real mourning for Thor happened in Avengers Infinity War in his one-on-one scene with Rocket.

                                            • Z N
                                              Z N  4 months back

                                              Nije Bitno well all have our own opinions. I will agree the first one was a little flat, but I liked its unique direction a lot. The second I thought was generic and downhill, the villain kinda sucked. I think they should have kept to the first one’s theme in ragnarok. Same as Iron man 3 did.

                                          • Jonathan Stewart
                                            Jonathan Stewart  4 months back

                                            They film the commentary audio on a subway?

                                            • Banana Joe
                                              Banana Joe  4 months back

                                              Title should read, how Thor transformed into a Jewish woman.

                                              • Raheem Tauseef
                                                Raheem Tauseef  4 months back


                                                • Default Name
                                                  Default Name  4 months back

                                                  Thor is now the quintessential subjugated male, dominated by females at every turn.

                                                  • Kimberly Wildman
                                                    Kimberly Wildman  4 months back

                                                    I rocks licensing a great hydra national bank character hill company of
                                                    Hulk me you business Valkyrie superhero

                                                    • Not A Robot (Maybe)
                                                      Not A Robot (Maybe)  4 months back

                                                      thank you for blurring out fortnite.

                                                      • Ike Okereke
                                                        Ike Okereke  4 months back

                                                        Fortnite sucks.

                                                      • Cartoongrump
                                                        Cartoongrump  4 months back

                                                        Clay3613 you get over it, they’re obviously making a joke, nitwit

                                                      • Clay3613
                                                        Clay3613  4 months back

                                                        @E Get over it.

                                                      • E
                                                        E  4 months back

                                                        NYT has our back. Hopefully they release an edition of the film with fortnite blurred

                                                    • Nizar El Zarif
                                                      Nizar El Zarif  4 months back

                                                      my favorite scene in the movie was thor talking to his mother. Some few man tears were shed

                                                      • Unidentified Name
                                                        Unidentified Name  4 months back

                                                        First you ruin the guy then you replace him with his ex.... CRUEL!

                                                        • Viet N
                                                          Viet N  4 months back

                                                          we will see...remember the Dr. Strange's multiverse story happens before it, I have an idea how female thor comes about.

                                                      • #Zuhayr Roha#
                                                        #Zuhayr Roha#  4 months back

                                                        Many are saying Thor was made into a joke
                                                        Here are my thoughts
                                                        Because he is depressed from the inside but as in Thor Ragnarok,Thor is funny guy so he is following his funny arc in this movie.
                                                        Even in Infinity he cracked jokes but in one scene with rocket he broke and talked about losing his whole family and in the next scene he again jokes,this shows that he is hiding his pain with jokes just like most people do,having a smile in the face but deep inside broken and those broken behaviour can be seen to pop out once and a while when he lets lose himself(the scene with Thor's mother Frigga)

                                                        I think Hemsworth did a fantastic job of showing his inner pain with eyes and at the same time laughing and cracking jokes (it is subjective i know)

                                                        I think Thor not doing much in Endgame will play a big role in Thor becoming unworthy and Jane taking his title.Thor has to prove himself again of being worthy(just a fanfriction for Thor 4)

                                                        • X Y
                                                          X Y  3 months back

                                                          Also I don't think Thor will be unworthy (again), it already happened in the first Thor movie, was heavily hinted in Avenger, Infinity War and Endgame - it gets old.

                                                        • X Y
                                                          X Y  3 months back

                                                          I like the direction, but the jokes (especially after he met his mom in 2013) should have been toned down. They undermined his arc.

                                                        • Sabretooth Studios
                                                          Sabretooth Studios  4 months back

                                                          While I agree with most of what you said, the whole point of his arc in this movie is that despite his failure and self loathing, he is _still_ worthy, he’s _still_ a hero. For them to backtrack on that later would make no sense. In fact, we already had the unworthy arc in Thor 1. I’ll be honest, I was never a fan of the female Thor arc, as it seemed contrived, but I’ll wait and see how it pans out. It could be an alternate universe Thor, as Mjolnir is broken anyway.

                                                        • Jahvid Matthias
                                                          Jahvid Matthias  4 months back

                                                          Easily one of if not the best actor in the mcu

                                                      • Norm La Marche
                                                        Norm La Marche  4 months back

                                                        It's crap like this that's eating people's brains.

                                                        • JasonScott
                                                          JasonScott  4 months back

                                                          Its the in thing rite now to mock white straight males thats why he's fat and ridiculed through the entire move.

                                                          • Harrison T
                                                            Harrison T  4 months back

                                                            I don’t think they were mocking him at all...

                                                          • JasonScott
                                                            JasonScott  4 months back

                                                            @Clay3613 How so explain and by altenative you mean main stream. Im not insincere im just stating facts witch i can back up if you like

                                                          • Clay3613
                                                            Clay3613  4 months back

                                                            No, it's your insecurities and warped mind by alternative media.

                                                          • Ebay Stuff509
                                                            Ebay Stuff509  4 months back


                                                        • Q & A
                                                          Q & A  4 months back

                                                          News or film section?

                                                          • Samuel Busch
                                                            Samuel Busch  4 months back

                                                            Nice to see superheroes struggle with depression as well.

                                                            • Loulizable
                                                              Loulizable  4 months back

                                                              @Billy Tessio but neither of them show the physical affects it can have on the body. The lack of interest in anything, the hopelessness, doing anything to distract from the cause. This showing of what many struggle with when depressed, the lack of self care, is incredibly important. Batman and Superman do go through mental health issues, but they stay physically healthy and determined, they fit into one of reactions to depression. Thor shows a very common reaction to depression that no one has every seen a superhero go through, and for those who have struggled in this way, this is very helpful to see. As Thor is seen to be worthy, even though he's struggling with his depression, plus he goes into battle as he is. This is inspiring, and for many more relatable to where they are and how they feel.

                                                            • Billy Tessio
                                                              Billy Tessio  4 months back

                                                              Why do people treat this as a new thing? The most compelling heroes are the ones battling inner demons as we've seen with The Dark Knight, Man of Steel, etc.

                                                            • Jradix
                                                              Jradix  4 months back

                                                              yeah and its nice because it shows how superheros can not be well super

                                                          • dub2459
                                                            dub2459  4 months back

                                                            Marvel completely ruined his character, poor guy has lost his ex even gets his name !!!

                                                            • ExpoXBL
                                                              ExpoXBL  4 months back

                                                              He went from not cutting off Thanos‘s head to cutting off thanos‘s head..... amazing

                                                              • Koa
                                                                Koa  4 months back