Forget the Tug of War! All Electric Trucks Have This Achilles Heel Including the Tesla Cybertruck!

  • Published: 28 November 2019
  • ( ) Forget the Tug of War! This Is The Real Achilles Heal of All Electric Trucks, Including the Cybertruck!

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Comments • 7 177

  • SquishBangBlow
    SquishBangBlow  1 weeks back

    *The Ike Gauntlet and off-road segments were great!*

    • Ryantube007
      Ryantube007  19 hours back

      robotec007 Apparently one company has already reached 1000wh/kg while also being more eco friendly. Innolith, a Swiss company. Obviously there are many other factors to consider, but this is a break through.

    • Ryantube007
      Ryantube007  19 hours back

      robotec007 fine, drive an f150 then.

    • Ryantube007
      Ryantube007  21 hours back

      Ancient Bear And that’s if you get the Avg fuel economy stated by Ford. Often it’s a little worse.

    • nick r
      nick r  2 days back

      This is NOT a Truck or even a SUV it's just a all wheel drive big electric car👎

    • Ancient Bear
      Ancient Bear  2 days back

      2019 Ford F-350 Super Duty MPG unladen 12.4 mpg. 250 miles = 20.16 Gallons = Ave US cost gallon = $2.50 = Trip cost of $50.
      CyberTruck Laden = 250 Miles. US Ave 12Cents a kilowatt. 150 kw per 500 mile unladen range = Trip cost of $18.

      So an Laden Tesla Cyber truck will be 3 times cheaper to run than an unladen F350.

      A Cybertruck with solar panel will give 15 miles per day of sun, making ave commuting close to being free on some days.

      Top 5 Off roading issues.
      1. Wheel Misalignment, 2. Tire Damage, 3. Body Damage, 4. Damage To The Undercarriage, 5. Transmission Problems

      2/5 Eliminated by the Cybertruck.

      Smart money goes to the Cybertruck. Old school will keep driving gas trucks as foreign countries keep jacking up the price to keep a dwindling demand profitable.

  • Conny Van den Bosch
    Conny Van den Bosch  1 hours back

    No problem, when Greta has finished her climate fight and we all obediently drive a battery car, her hidden plan will emerge, her parents are already investing in tow trucks.

    • J Curry
      J Curry  3 hours back

      Here's the deal-breaker for me... with a gasoline or diesel engine, if you run out of fuel, you grab a 2 gallon can and hike it to the closest gas station, fill up the can and hike the full can back to your empty vehicle.
      EVEN IF there were charging stations at every gas station, what are you going to do? Are you going to hike to the station with a giant battery pack or buy 1,000 "D" batteries to boost the charge in your EV?
      Until there is a solid solution to the "out of gas vs out of electricity" comparison, no EV's for me.

      • Esteban Palavicini
        Esteban Palavicini  3 hours back

        You have solar panales option. If you go offroad you work with your range and camp and let the panels recharge. Elon said with an average daily drive time the panels will recharge in a days drive.

        • Andrew D
          Andrew D  4 hours back

          I don't think this concept of electric cars running on batteries is realistic or as practical compared to what we're using now. Instead of batteries they should research some type of magnetic motor to power their electrical cars so the issue of range is resolved

          • Unknown kenny
            Unknown kenny  4 hours back

            ok so 1 im bias i love electrics but. adding A HORSE FLOAT behind a CAR not a truck and towing it around will drop the range. adding 2 tires of friction on the road and 50% more weight and a tone more drag lets say 50% to be generous cause idk aerodynamics. (1*1.5*1.5*1.5)=3.375%.... so yea eletrics that take longer to refuel will suffer alot with towing but theres no easy fix. if/as charging ports become privatized like gas stations there will be more of them and as battery's get better that will hopefully help close the gap. id like to see a side by side for a gas car of equal range put threw the same test (out of curiosity for an actual comparison) even if it does worse the infrastructure for gas is so big it probably wont matter

            • Perlito Cabauatan
              Perlito Cabauatan  4 hours back

              oopss, a bicycle hit me. wtf, it's a cybertrxxx.

              • Bradford Lunt
                Bradford Lunt  4 hours back

                This is not a deal breaker for all towing applications. If I only use my EV to tow 10 miles to the boat ramp. Or to home depot for a load of building supplies, I dont see a problem. You guys imply every time someone tows its some kind of marathon cross country adventure.

                • Pete Hans
                  Pete Hans  5 hours back

                  Here in the north-east we have water, mud, creek crossings. and then there is winter and salted roadways. Doesn't salt make water conductive? Not to mention the corrosive nature on electrical contacts. I haven't heard anyone bring up any of that.

                  • Bradford Lunt
                    Bradford Lunt  5 hours back

                    Why would you start a towing trip without a fully charged battery?

                    • Hooha888
                      Hooha888  5 hours back

                      Electric only vehicles are just not practical and not really environmentally friendly. Most power stations use coal and there's a lot of pollution produced from the manufacturing of lithium batteries. Biodiesel hybrids and hydrogen celled vehicles are the best option.
                      I know I'd be pretty pissed off running out of charge and being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

                      • justin Case
                        justin Case  7 hours back

                        This was fantastic really well done. I appreciate your very thoughtful and well articulated discussion of towing and offroading. There is a big difference between the small truck market with weekend trash haulers and full sized haulers though. I am the trash hauler and for the right person - me, I think electric will work in a truck. But that range anxiety...

                        • Richard Trent II
                          Richard Trent II  8 hours back

                          Excellent points! I've been saying these issues for a year now to people that want the trucks. They sound like great a to b, but once you use it as a truck you loose that.

                          I did see a trailer design that could incorporate a lot of solar panels and could put 2 motors on it to use with like the tesla today.

                          You would need a battery for the trailer to operate. And that might be the solution, a big 5th wheel can have a very large battery under/in it somewhere. Even a 30 foot could utilize that space. You could then either use the power to transfer to the truck motors or have its own drive or both.

                          • Rodger Hatfield
                            Rodger Hatfield  8 hours back

                            Hahahaha. The best bet would be to explain the pollution the factories that make the batteries give off outweigh any environmental savings from an electric car. Where do you think the energy comes from that they plug in to at these Tesla stations? Free electrons??.? Hahahaha.

                            • Danilushka Ozera
                              Danilushka Ozera  8 hours back

                              Wait until you find out that after 100 miles of towing (really costs charge) you have to charge up for 4 hours. Meanwhile, my fossil-fuel F-150 recharges in 10 minutes at a gas station...after 300 miles of towing (over 600 miles on a tank with no tow). Imagine the electric power gird feeds required for a "charge station" everywhere to enable less than 4-hour charges for hundreds of vehicles per hour. Can you say Nuclear Power, because that is the only way to make that much electricity fast and in volume. Wind and solar don't come close. Well, there is fossil fuel...

                              • C Renaud
                                C Renaud  8 hours back

                                I would not say that a car, any car is meant for that serious off roading. You are climbing a very rough trail with huge differences in height, severe obstacles like tree stumps and big rocks that can damage it. Try using a Truck or a Jeep or something that has the proper high clearance for this, but not a car.

                                • alexzanderarmstrong
                                  alexzanderarmstrong  8 hours back

                                  I like you guys but come on! It’s not what it’s for!
                                  -“This hammer is not great at brushing my teeth “

                                  • Dave Sherry
                                    Dave Sherry  8 hours back

                                    No, I'm not talking about them at all. Everyone who buys an EV is a crash Test dummy for Musk and co. Good on you for paying him his billions - he's not getting a penny off me.

                                    • Rick Schettino
                                      Rick Schettino  9 hours back

                                      Everyone who plans to haul two and a half tons up a hundred mile long mountain road raise your hand.

                                      • ray32245mv
                                        ray32245mv  9 hours back

                                        FACT: EV’s are less efficient than ICE’s, and BOTH require fossil fuels. The materials and production of windmills, solar panels, and lithium batteries require huge amounts of fossil fuels and leave behind tons of toxic waste. Molten Salt Reactors are the answer until we (hopefully) achieve fusion.

                                        • Masonman
                                          Masonman  10 hours back

                                          Looks like Tesla needs batteries as part of the trailer package. They'll have to design a trailer or trailers that have their own batteries to keep the car charged.

                                          • Matthew Alden
                                            Matthew Alden  10 hours back

                                            I mean Tesla Cybertruck is bullet-resistance towards 9mm...

                                            • David Petersen
                                              David Petersen  11 hours back

                                              Why EVs great til they gotta be great?

                                              • Hunter Clark
                                                Hunter Clark  11 hours back

                                                what is cool is that they will probably push a software update that has a mode optimized for towing. Will it be enough, no. But nonetheless how crazy is it that you can get a system update from tesla and possibly have like a 20-30% towing efficiency update overnight with nothing done to the vehicle. that would probably only work like once if at all. But these cars are like, the future man

                                                • Deya Tallman
                                                  Deya Tallman  11 hours back

                                                  model x is not the same as the cybertruck

                                                  • Deya Tallman
                                                    Deya Tallman  11 hours back

                                                    ur wrong

                                                    • Eric de Gaston
                                                      Eric de Gaston  12 hours back

                                                      The cult members are out in force once again. What motivates them so?

                                                      Pretty sad to watch :(

                                                      • Ryan B
                                                        Ryan B  13 hours back

                                                        Well done and very thorough. Wonder how the aerodynamics of the cybertruck will affect consumption in combination with the three motors. Also the off-road segment could be improved by using something other than radial tires. Cybertruck has ATs and also 16” of ground clearance. Obviously an issue that will need to be addressed in the EV community

                                                        • Anthony k
                                                          Anthony k  13 hours back

                                                          Im sure the trailer is empty and not being used. Which makes it worse.

                                                          • Paul FUN
                                                            Paul FUN  13 hours back

                                                            Not only do EV's suffer when towing but so do ICE. If you hook up 8000 lbs to an ICE pick up truck the milage drops 70%. You could take out the word "electric" in the title of this excellent video.

                                                            • Winterx69
                                                              Winterx69  14 hours back

                                                              Spot-on video! Keep up the good work! You guys are still the best car testers out there: Never regretted my VW CC purchase post having watched your vid on it!

                                                              • Detonate Klubstompers
                                                                Detonate Klubstompers  14 hours back

                                                                I know someone with the patent to fix the range while towing. He has worked with leading US car manufactures on electric vehicles, and others. The tech he has will not only allow longer towing ranges, but will actually allow the vehicle to tow for longer distances, than when not towing. This will also completely change future of semi trucks.

                                                                • John Fry
                                                                  John Fry  14 hours back

                                                                  They will come equiped with a camper trailer so when the battery runs out you will have a place to sleep , what a joke and we are going to be forced into this crap !

                                                                  • J Hill
                                                                    J Hill  15 hours back

                                                                    These companies need to standardize charging stations. It's like you have to go to separate gas stations to fill up your Toyota, Chevy or Ford.

                                                                    • pjf
                                                                      pjf  15 hours back

                                                                      Kindly stop the redundant speech and get to the point, already..!!!

                                                                      • Burnt Rubber Productions
                                                                        Burnt Rubber Productions  15 hours back

                                                                        Towing? I want the cybertruck for the memes

                                                                        • MrSkins45
                                                                          MrSkins45  15 hours back

                                                                          Remember the target market for the Tesla Cybertruck is not a single soul who actually needs the utility of a truck. It’s for wannabe rich kids who need to feel special and NEVER be bothered to tow or off-road. You’ve just proven that the Cybertruck - if it will ever actually exist - will be the horrifying evolution of those Jeep-people who have never been off pavement (ie. 90% Jeep owners).

                                                                          • DaveFromColorado
                                                                            DaveFromColorado  16 hours back

                                                                            I sent you a link to a patent for a Fusion electric generator on your Facebook Messenger.

                                                                            Imagine that generator in the back of a Tesla read trying to camper and having fun

                                                                            • Milton - Canada
                                                                              Milton - Canada  16 hours back

                                                                              Yes I always take my family car up a steep bolder filled dirt road every weekend to tear out my transmission, or differential or the oil pan out of my gas car🚗!!! How dumb are you guys!
                                                                              Maybe you should had tried to go up a 45 degree cliff face like they do with a lot of the huge wide tired jeeps to get you point across this Tesla is NOT A MOUNTAIN VEHICLE!
                                                                              I thought they invented trucks/jeeps🚙 to do just that, to go up motor bike trails/mountains. Maybe use a CyberTruck (2022) instead with the best clearance in trucks!

                                                                              • John Smitherson
                                                                                John Smitherson  16 hours back

                                                                                I guess we can say Tesla people are not off road people.

                                                                                • Devin Drysdale
                                                                                  Devin Drysdale  16 hours back

                                                                                  Great video!

                                                                                  • In Korea
                                                                                    In Korea  16 hours back

                                                                                    I've been bringing these issues up on all the Tesla cyber truck videos. It's OK for a city truck but nothing I'd feel safe with going to okay with

                                                                                    • Milt Canada
                                                                                      Milt Canada  16 hours back

                                                                                      Okay why do you not have a anti-sway bar for hauling such a large and heavy trailer? You would loose that extra movement the trailer is putting on the hitch and car, not a smart move without the anti-sway bar installed!!!

                                                                                      • Ken Conway
                                                                                        Ken Conway  16 hours back

                                                                                        You actually impressed me with the Tesla power. I would not have guessed it could have done that. You sold me on a Telsa Truck! What idiot would take a passenger car up a logging road? Try taking the CyberTruck up the same road?

                                                                                        • Hans Keesom
                                                                                          Hans Keesom  17 hours back

                                                                                          So you're driving 70 miles/h with a box shaped trailer and are surprised the energy usage is 3 times as high?

                                                                                          • Earl Wyss
                                                                                            Earl Wyss  17 hours back

                                                                                            These electric cars are for "yuppies". They're built to go no further from major metropolitan areas than the suburbs. They could be used to travel between the major cities east of the Mississippi or on the west coast.

                                                                                            • Laszlo Baranyai
                                                                                              Laszlo Baranyai  17 hours back

                                                                                              Why am i not surprised. Tesla isnt the save all it was meant to be. Issues and problems left right and center. U want to tow heavy electric isnt where it needs to be to be of any value. drive for an hour charge for a hour. Your weekend camping trip that should of took 2-3 days now takes 3-4 days and pray you can recharge somewhere. I'll stick with my HD Diesel that can tow 35000 lbs and i know that in all likelyhood i ever do run out of fuel That there is a station to get me going again. If you run out power in a Tesla the tow bill is more that what you will save in the lifetime of the car for fuel. Hope you dont ever run out in a remote campground or you'll be walking home.

                                                                                              • Doc Greybeard
                                                                                                Doc Greybeard  17 hours back

                                                                                                Ice vehicles face the same issues the mileage drops significantly. The model x wasn't really designed really for overlanding either. People take brand new Jeep's and the like and have to spend huge amounts of money to upgrade suspension,tires,wheels,brakes, and sometimes engines. So while I am surprised somewhat of the usage but in reality gas or electric fuel is fuel. The more you strain the vehicle the lower it performs. At least with ev's you have regen and electricity is widely available even produce able in the middle of no where. Can you manufacture gasoline in the wild? Anyway this video seemed to me just a views grabber.